Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hey guys,                                                                                                            December 23, 2013
Christmas Eve is tomorrow...that's nuts. Mom, Dad sounds like you guys are excited for the Skype call haha it's just about all you talked about in your letters. Don't worry so am I. It's going to be really weird because it's been so long since mother's day. I hope you all have been enjoying the holiday season and that you have a great Christmas Eve and everything. Dad to answer your question, yes I did open all the presents and I love the watch you gave to me it's great. I just need to take out like one link so it will fit better. I can do that really easy though. I loved all that was in the package. I'm snacking on all the candy and everything. 

Well this week was interesting. We had our Christmas conference on the 17th with president. It was fun and uplifting. It was also Elder Rowe's birthday that day. After that we both ended up getting sick. Elder Rowe is almost always sick, but he felt worse, and I got sick too, but nothing too bad. We were still able to teach our progressing investigators and they all went to church, so next Sunday we will be baptizing 4 awesome people. Jose Juan, and then a family Salma, Miriam, and Eduardo. They're great. President Reeves has a friend he has made at Costco who checks the receipts and he lives in our area and has been practicing English with the Elders for a while. President invited him over to the mission home for dinner, and Elder Rowe and I also were invited and we invited Jose Juan our investigator. After eating we shared a message. It was a cool experience. 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Keep up the awesome tradition that we had our reading in Luke 2. I love that. I'm going to do it as well. Let us all keep the real spirit of Christmas in our hearts. I'm so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you guys for being so awesome!

love you,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hey everybody!!                                                                                             December 16, 2013
I know you're all probably wondering why I'm writing so late. We were able to do some fun things today, but the reason why it's so late is because President Reeves had us go into the North Mission quickly to talk to a referral/investigator from our area that he is friends with. Long story short, we weren't able to make it back this way on time. Anyway...wow I'm 21 years old right now!! Aren't you glad I'm a good kid and on a misión because if I wasn't maybe I'd be out drinking right now for my 21st hahaha just kidding. Thanks you all for all the birthday wishes!!! I won't be able to write you all back, but again I say THANK YOU. I really did have a great day. I met up with Victor after lunch yesterday so I already have my package. I didn't open it up yesterday, rather I waited until this morning and then I just couldn't wait any longer! WOW it's awesome!! You girls outdid yourselves! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. You put some many awesome things in there and so many cool ideas! I love it all. I'm actually wearing the pants right now. Mom basically everything I mentioned is in there haha there were just suggestions, not a list of what has to be in there! ha but thank you. I really enjoyed all the letters and the testimonies in the Book of Mormon. I wore the pajamas that Grandma gave me as well. They are great. I'm going to get studying again in that grammar book too.
So this week went awesome! I loved it.  We got to see all of our good investigators and we taught quite a bit. We were able to challenge the rest of Hermana Pilar's family to be baptized and they all accepted!! The rest of the family! We now have 4 more dates for the 29th of this month. We did our best to visit all of them and 8 investigators were in church this Sunday! It was great. We hope to find a lot more investigators this week. We are working with our Ward misión leader a lot more and he has given a bunch of references. SOOOOO the Beltran Leon family got baptized!!! All 4 of them as a family and also their grandma. Five people got baptized by 5 different people 4 of which were missionaries. I got the privilege to baptize Jessil the daughter. It was so cool. They are easily my favorite family I've taught on my misión and I got so close to them. It made me so happy to see them all baptized. The spirit was so strong and they all gave their strong testimonies after...wow it was such a great moment.
Well I probably got to go. Sorry for giving you a scare for writing so late. Today after washing and getting a breakfast with some members, we called up our newly made friends from the driving range (going with the bishop ended up not working out). They took up golfing! We were able to talk a Little about their beliefs and get down their addresses and all that, and they accepted visits from the missionaries. It was a fun birthday/golfing/missionary experience. The Brazilian Doctor drives a super cool sports car...yeah we felt pretty cool. After that we went and talked with Marco, that guy that works in the north misión and got a donut. It was fun. I love this work and I am having fun doing it. I love each of you and thank you for everything you do for me. Have a great week!
fuerte abrazo
con amor
Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hey Family!                                                                                                     December 9, 2013
Hola mis queridos how have ya'll been doing this week? I hope that school and work has gone well and that you haven't all frozen to death yet. WOW I can't believe it snowed so much in St. George! That's nuts. I'm sure they're all dying down there. Well here in Puebla thinks have warmed up quite a bit. It gets pretty dang hot during the day still and just right at night. It's honestly paradise here as far as the weather. So my Utah family hasn't gone skiing yet??? I'm down here where snow doesn't exist, so you guys better take advantage of it! hah

Well this week was pretty interesting. We had some great divisions with one of our district leaders. I went with the one who is just jr. comp and is having a hard time getting a hold of Spanish. I gave him so really good tips, and we had a good day as far as missionary work. Elder Rowe got kinda sick a few times this week. We had to make some trips to the Dr. to get him some meds and all that. He has problems with his stomach...Mexican food to blame. Because of that we didn't have a fantastic week, but we were able to get an okay week together. We found this awesome guy named Juan by contacting in the street. We were trying to find a part member family's address that we got and we were walking around in the hot sun after church trying to find it and we weren't having any luck. We decided not to give up. We started asking directions from various people contacting them at the same time. Ends up that we never found the house we were looking for, but because of being diligent, we were able to contact Juan. He was the last person we talked to as well. We've had two lessons, he went to church, and he already accepted baptism and a date and everything. It's a testimony that this is the Lord's work. Anyway to answer your questions...yes it has been tough being with two missionaries in a row going home. It's worse this time though because Elder Rowe is from Utah and likes a lot of things I like! But we are still doing great. We get along just fine and I'm glad I have a good companion during Christmas. Well lets face it I've never had a bad comp. on my mission. I've been really lucky. So today for P-day we went to the driving range that's right by our house. We are planning on golfing with the bishop on my birthday, so we had to go to the driving range to practice today. I hit the ball REALLY well actually. Funny thing is there was about 4 really rich golfers there too, and they were watching us hit our crappy rented clubs, so after we impressed them, they shared with us their brand new Callaway clubs!! We ended up making friends with them and he also invited us to play golf a different P day. We are going to share the Gospel with them because they aren't members. It's going to be a fun missionary experience. One guy was a rich Brazilian plastic surgeon, and the other two both from here in Mexico are also rich. It was fun. 

I had a great experience reading the Book of Mormon this week. Pres. Reeves challenged us to read it before Christmas. I've been reading really fast to be able to get it finished. He promised us that if we did this challenge that we would strengthen our testimony in the BOM. I found that strengthening in 2 Nephi 33 this week. Nephi gives his final testimony of the book and the things that he wrote. It is awesome!!! I loved it and I felt another conformation that it's true. I need to get to Alma 36 (where I was when pres. made the challenge) and I'm now in Mosiah 15. I'm going to make it. READ IT. All of you! It's a powerful testimony and evidence of the Restoration. Love you guys so much. I can't wait to see you on Christmas via internet! Love you!

P.S. the Beltran Leon family is getting baptized as a family this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy! It's the family me and the Elder I trained found! I'm so happy for them. I'm going to the baptism

fuerte abrazo
con amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hey!                                                                                                                December 2, 2013
Well a lot of changes have happened in the zone. It seems that about half of the missionaries that were here have been switched out with new ones. I'll get to who my new comp is and everything in the next paragraph...haha I'm sure you've figured out how I do my little pattern every letter. Well thanks guys for letting me know how the thanksgiving dinner went and everything. I really enjoyed hearing about it and seeing some of the pictures that you sent. I'm glad that everyone had a good time. It sounds like other than Thanksgiving dinner, you were all able to do some fun things as well. As for me and my comp, we decided at around 8 on thanksgiving night that we'd go get some pizza at Little Caesars haha. It was a different thanksgiving that's for sure. Our house is right by a Wal-mart, Sams club, Chedraui (Mexican grocery store), and like a little mall, so we have it good as far as the city life goes. Everyone kept saying that it was different and weird without me and Tyler ha I guess it feels nice to be missed. I feel like Tyler and I are the black sheep or something haha. I can't believe Christmas is coming so soon! Wow it's getting cold already up there huh? Here it is a little chilly at night too.

Well on Tuesday morning I helped Elder Betts get all of his stuff to the mission home. We had the fortune to be able to eat Sister Reeves awesome breakfast before the transfer meeting. It was something new knowing the whole transfer that I'd be getting a new companion for sure. We had a great transfer together and we really got along great. Well this time Pres. didn't call the Mayorazgo zone until the last, so I ended up knowing who my comp was before he announced it. I'm am now with Elder Rowe from SLC Utah. He is a great guy and we have a ton in common. He is my 7th comp total and my 3rd American comp. Our first day together was spent talking about golf haha because he played on the East High School golf team and he loves golf as well. We have a lot of the same hobbies. As for our week, it went a little bit slow because Elder Betts and I weren't able to find very much new investigators because of how busy we were. We still have 2 more baptismal dates for the future, and we are working on finding new investigators to teach. Funny thing is this is Elder Rowe's last transfer on his mission as well. He is going to be home on the 31st of Dec. which is a week early so that he can go to school. It's a little rough at times because he has been a bit sick for the past 6 months. He has ulcers in his stomach and a bug I think haha which makes it hard for him sometimes. We are still able to work and everything, just sometimes he has to sit down for a sec and stuff like that. There is a lot of exciting things that we are planning together though. With Christmas and all there is a lot that is happening. My birthday is on the 16th and his is on the 17th which is cool. My birthday lands on a P day so were are trying to work out with our bishop a round of golf together on his country club!! Hope it works out! We are also trying to plan a caroling in the center of Puebla as like a joint zone Christmas activity that would be big and missionary work because we'd be able to contact and everything. I'm excited for this transfer. We are still working with great investigators as well.

I love you guys! Thank you for everything. Keep in mind what the Christmas spirit is all about. I hope you don't get too cold up there in Utah. Keep that fire place running. I'm going to miss all of you over this Christmas holiday, but I know where I'm supposed to be. Next Christmas after this one I'll be with ya'll. Personally and as a companionship we have been praying to find a family to teach. Pray with us! Don't worry mama we bought a few Christmas decorations and everything. We are also going to buy a small natural tree. It's going to be a nice mission Christmas. Have a great week!

fuerte abrazo
con amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hey. Thanksgiving is this week right? On Thursday? That's cool that you're all going down to St. George as a family. I'm sure you'll all have a good time. Eat a bunch of turkey for me because I probably won't be doing anything on Thanksgiving, well unless someone invites us, but nobody celebrates it here. Don't worry though there is this kid named Adrian in the ward who turns 16 on the 16th of Dec. too so we're going to do something together like share a cake and eat some tacos or something. Also, I'm not sure if I told you all this, but our Bishop here lives in one of the nicest gated communities in all of Puebla. It's called La Vista. The mission Pres. of the North Puebla mission lives there. We've already gone to eat at the Bishop's house a few time...wow it's so nice. Anyway the Bishop already invited us to go there to his house on Christmas! Woo! Mom it's always cool to hear about everyone coming and leaving on their missions. It's nuts. I'll look out for Sister Seegmiller. One American girl has gotten here also from St. George. There are only 3 other American girls showing up in the next few days because not all of them got their visas.  Dad I just imagined you eating a ton of turkey and then falling asleep to football and it really isn't that hard to believe! Enjoy. Thanks for the zone leader tips pops and don't worry I miss ya too. Before you know it we'll be sinkin' them birdies on the 18th. 

Well right now I'm wondering who my next companion is going to be. Yesterday we had to go to the mission home because Elder Betts got his final interview from Pres. and he took an online English test. Later on me got all the news for the zone about transfers. Like we thought, I'm staying as Zone Leader in Tres Cerritos ward for at least another transfer. I'm just either going to get another zone leader from a different zone, or a new zone leader, who knows. The meeting is tomorrow. Today I'm still with Elder Betts. He doesn't leave until Wednesday morning, so we'll be together until I get my new companion at the meeting. We were going to visit an old area of his, but it's far away and he decided he just wanted to have a peaceful last P day. Dad I haven't done a zone conference yet. We just had interviews this month, so Zone Conference is coming up next month. There are 24 missionaries in the zone...yeah we get busy sometimes. Well this week was both awesome and kind of not so awesome. Awesome because we baptized a young man named Carlos Villegas! He is awesome. Elder Betts's birthday was on the 22nd and he baptized Carlos. Tyler was right when he said that this ward is on fire. We hope to keep finding new people to keep this going. This week was not so awesome because Elder Betts was starting to slow down. I don't understand yet what your last week would be like, but he had a hard time focusing, which affected the way we worked. It's okay though because this whole transfer we worked super hard and did a lot of great things. We had 6 baptisms this transfer and all of them were in 4 weeks and from 6 different families. It kept us SUPER BUSY. I loved it. It has been my favorite transfer of the mission. I love being zone leader too.

Well like I said before I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving. There needs to be a lot of thanks giving over there...you don't understand how blessed we really are. Out of all that turkey eating and football watching take time to recognize the many blessing in your life. Take time to write some things down and then thank God. I am grateful to have such a wonderful family that loves and supports me. THANK YOU. I am grateful to be here serving the people of Puebla. I love being here and I love the people. I am grateful for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that blesses my life each and every day. I am grateful for my Savior who gave his life for me. Through Him, I am.

Much Love!

Fuerte abrazo
con Amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What's up everybody?!                                                                                    November 18, 2013
Well how are things going up there in Utah? Sounds like everything seems to be going good. Dad I'm glad you had fun hunting again. Sounds like you're going to be going hunting this year just as much as you all went to St. George last year haha. Are you all planning on going to St. George a lot again? I'm pretty excited to see the house. Mom you asked if all these are our baptisms or if they are from the whole zone. These have all been just in the area of my comp and I. The ward is called Tres Cerritos. There are other baptisms in the zone, but we don't have time to go to all of them. We do have to do quite a few of their interviews though. Wow the missionaries in our Ward just keep coming and leaving. It feels like every kid in our ward is going out including girls. That's pretty cool. I got a email from Bryce Bishop and it looks like Alex Ross and Cameron Laycock are coming home already. Quite a few of the first ones from my age are already heading home. I'm glad I still have quite a bit of time left. I'm not done yet :) Still got a lot to learn, people to meet, teach, and baptize. Dad you asked if they celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico. No some hardly even know what it is. It's an all American holiday. Thanks for the football update. That's pretty cool that Alex Smith from Utah is doing so well.
This transfer has been the most successful and fastest transfer on my mission so far. We were blessed and privileged to baptize a young man who is 18 years old named Daniel Palma Dávila. He is so awesome!! I love him. We have been teaching him since the first week I got here and have been helping him to get to church and learn the truth. He has been so willing and accepting. He has a great member friend in the ward named Jorge (George) who has been helping him so much. I gave Daniel one of my ties after I signed it with my name. He gave me a hug right after he got baptized and it got me all wet :) haha He already has a great testimony. Well this week he have planned to baptized another younger kid named Carlos Villegas. He has been taught by other missionaries, but lives in our area. We are going to start teaching him tomorrow, but he already wants to be baptized. A little bit about Pilar (the middle aged woman we baptized last week). She is great. She had been taught a few times before I got here by my comp and Elder Knowlton. As I started teaching her with Elder Betts we got to see her really change her life. She has had it rough. She has had marriage problems and problems with the word of wisdom as well in her life. She was scared at first, but she accepted baptism because she felt the spirit and she knew she needed to change her life for good. After more lessons and blessings and everything she was baptized! It was awesome to see how coming unto Christ changed her. She also read the Book of Mormon a lot. Well this area is awesome and I'm loving it here. I know that I'm going to get a new comp after this week because Elder Betts is going home. Next P-day I'm probably going to visit one of his old areas with him. It's something that Pres. lets the leaving missionaries do. I'm hoping I stay here in the Mayorazgo zone and the 3 Cerritos Ward. We'll see what happens.
I know that the Savior lives. This is His work. I feel happiness as I see people coming unto Christ and changing their lives. I often express to them how I was able to change my life before the mission. I love being to bear my personal witness that Jesus is the Christ and that ONLY through His Atonement we can be saved. He cleanses and washes away sins and wrongdoings. I know that he is the Mediator with our Father. Let us all live lives that reflect our personal beliefs in Christ and our determination to return home with our Heavenly Father. It's our divine potential and right. Being good is worth it. I love each and every one of you. You're in my prayers and in my heart. The impact that you've had in my life reflects the way I live and teach and serve others. Thank you for all of your sacrifices to let me be here trying to make a difference in the lives of these people. I love the people and I love the culture and language. Keep up all the good work!
Un fuerte Abrazo
Con Amor
Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hey guys!                                                                                                          November 11, 2013
Well here we are again. Can you believe it?! I have 15 months on my mission...weird. I'm starting to get sad thinking about how it's winding down. Of course I still have a lot more time, but it's just going by fast. Thanks for sending me your emails I've read them all. They always make me happy. I'm going to have to respond to Jami and Tyler next week because we have a lesson in 40 minutes and I've basically got to go soon. Dad looks like the hunt is going really awesome! I bet you and Kit have done a real good job out here. I'm glad that you've had fun. Mom I hope you and Jami had fun in St. George. I can't believe it's already getting cold again there. It's a little bit cold here too, but nothing compared to Utah. We're closing in on Christmas again! My second on in the mission. Mom that's great you read Alma 32. Keep reading everyday all of you. President Reeves challenged the mission last zone conference to read the Book of Mormon from start to finish. I'm a little behind because of how busy we are, but it's going okay. KRISSY IS GETTING MARRIED??? What in the  world is going on over there. That's crazy, but awesome as well. I'm happy for her. Tell her congrats for me. Thanks for the pics Dad and WOW my little sisters are getting super pretty. Makes me worried. 

As far as numbers go this has been my best week on the mission. We baptized 3 different people from different families this week. It has been a crazy week that's for sure. We have 2 more baptisms coming up this next Sunday too. I love this area and this zone. Being a zone leader is nuts,  but I love it as well. We are going to keep working hard out here. If you want to know more, ask me but right now I don't have time. Oh on Sunday I got permission to go back to Atlixco in my old area because Salvador got baptized!! The one that my old comp and I were teaching for so long! He is chosen. He is going to be a great member of the church. It was such a powerful service and the spirit was felt so strong. 

I love you guys. Thank you for everything, for this opportunity. I learn and grow each and every day. It's not easy and sometimes there are trials, but it's the best. Well I gotta go. 

Fuerte Abrazo
con amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hey guys,                                                                                                         November 4, 2013
Sounds like everything is going great. Thanks for the cool pictures Dad, I really enjoyed them. Looks like Kit is doing good and everything. Man I can't believe it's already that time of year for the hunt and everything. I swear you guys were just barely telling me how cold it was and everything, and now it's going to be winter again. Mom that's cool that you girls went to St. George. How was it? Did you have any fun? Let me know how it went for you. Mom you asked if Elder Betts had already been here for a while, and yes he was in a different ward in this same zone, and then in this ward for a transfer so far. Thanks for sharing with me some things about the great testimony meeting you had. It's true, the Lord puts a lot a trust in the youth. Dad that's cool that the Sox took it. Good for them. They seem to be winning quite a bit in the last few years...ever since they finally broke that long win less streak. Wow I didn't know you where a ZL for 8 months. If I finish my mission as a ZL, I'll have been one for 10 months. It's a great experience. I love it.

Well this week was awesome! It was filled with awesome experience. I have a cool story to tell you! So I'm not sure if you remember, but Elder Ortega (the second one I trained) and I started teaching a niece of one of the members in Atlixco named Brenda Ashley. She was studying in Puebla, but she came to live with her aunt every weekend. We taught her like 3 or 4 lessons and she came to church about 3 or 4 times. She told us in the beginning that she really wasn't sure about it all. She said that she couldn't leave her other religion behind. We got to see a huge change in her as she read and prayed. She started to receive a testimony. Then what happened was that she was able to get a place in Puebla, and we weren't able to see her anymore. We ended up having to pass the referral to other missionaries. Turns out that as I got transfers, I happened (work of the Lord) to end up in the same ward as where she lived! We started teaching again and we extended an invitation to be baptized on Nov. 3rd which ended up being here 18 birthday! As we kept teaching her, things got a bit complicated because her Dad is paying for her school and everything and he wasn't okay with it all. We fasted together and talked about faith. She said "there is no way my dad will ever say yes." About building her faith, she talked to him and the Lord softened her heart. This Sunday she was baptized!! She is awesome! I got the privilege to baptize her. My comp Elder Betts can play the guitar really good and so we sang a special musical number in the service. It was a great week. We have two baptisms set for this week and I'm super excited!

I know this is the Lord's work. I got the chance to have an exchange with the assistant Elder Turley which went really well. He is a great guy. I love the people her and I love the Gospel. Living it gives me purpose in this life. I feel confident that I am doing God's will. The Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ is everything. If it wasn't for Him, this life would be hopeless. We have to apply it daily! We all make mistakes, but as we fight to overcome trails and problems, we are strengthened. Have a fantastic week!

Con amor,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hey everybody!                                                                                                   October 28, 2013
It was great to hear from everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays...well the start of them anyway. It really is interesting to think that I've been here in Mexico for over a year now. Oh my Halloween package came!! Thank you so much! I loved it. That card was great I laughed so hard with my companion and I loved the candy and jerky and stuff. Those leaves were cool too. I remember that Mom wanted to put real leaves in one of Tyler's packages, but they won't let you. Oh well, it's the thought that counts. I also liked the pumpkin decoration, it's on my desk right now. I wanted to wish my Grandma Kitchen and Grandma Ellsworth a very happy birthday! I hope it goes great and I want to personally thank you for the example and support that you have both given me. WOW thanks for the pictures Dad! I'm glad to see that everything turned out well with Aunt Paulette. Tell her: felicidades de tu sobrino Elder Kitchen! So dad how did you guess that I was going to be called as a Zone Leader?? I didn't even see it coming! Fatherly instinct I guess :) Thanks for the advice.  Tell Kit happy birthday too haha. Cool to hear about the homecomings and farewells Mom. Me and Steve have sent a couple of emails to each other in Spanish recently. He seems to have loved his mission. So you guys seem to think that here in Mexico they celebrate Halloween. Down here in the South they kind of think about Halloween, but the main day is on November 2nd. It's called the Day of the Dead and it comes from Catholic roots. Basically they believe that if they make offerings for their dead that they'll visit them. The most common thing is when they put a trail of orange flowers from outside into their house where their offering is. Some go all out and their offering is pretty wild. Others put out beer or things like that hahaha. On Nov. 2nd kids do dress up and go around for candy or money. They don't say "trick or treat" instead they say "calaveritas" which means little skulls. Basically to me it's kind of  mix between Halloween their crazy day of the dead tradition. 

So you guys wanted to know a bit more about my area and companion. Elder Betts is from Mexi-cali Baja California, Mexico (super close to California). He doesn't really look too Mexican, and his name isn't very Mexican either, but he is Mexican. He is on his very last transfer here on the mission. He'll be headed home on the 27th of Nov. He has worked hard to learn English on his mission, and he has had pure American companions of his mission, ending with me. It is really cool to be with a missionary so experienced. I'm learning a lot from him. Well our area is basically apartment buildings...there is a million of them and they all look exactly the same! haha. It's way cool though because they're full of families! We have a few other neighborhoods as well that I haven't got to know yet. We actually have some really rich places too. It's a variety. We had a SUPER BUSY week. We taught more lessons this week then any other week on my mission. It's awesome. So with these past two weeks here we have had two baptismal services, but zero baptisms. Both times fell through with last minute problems :( But we are still working hard with them. We have 4 other baptisms planned as well. I'm excited. Being Zone Leader is a lot of work, and I think with a new area, new assignment, new ward, new people, new zone, and so much that happened this week I got a little overwhelmed at the end of the week. I'll get used to it though with time. 

Well let me know if you have any more questions or if I didn't answer all of them in past letters. Jami I read your letter, but I'll have to write you back next week. May God continue to bless and protect our Family. I love you all! You're great. Thank you for everything you do for me, really. Keep working hard. Set goals and try to look at the future the way that the Lord would. We all have divine potential!!! Dream what you want to become and then make it happen with faith. Read Alma 32 and the parable of the seed. Ponder and pray about what it can mean for you in YOUR life. Moving forward! Be disciples of Jesus Christ and let His Light shine through the life that you live.

fuerte abrazo
con amor,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Family,                                                                                                            October 21, 2013
Hey! How is everything going? It was good to hear from you both Mom and Dad. Thank you for always writing and letting me know what's going on. I love hearing from you. That was cool news to hear who is in the world series. I hope to Tigers take it. Like you Dad, I'm shocked that it's already Halloween as well. It's weird to think that last year I was still in Mexico! Mom thank you for letting me know what you learned in conference and what you felt. It helped me remember some great talks that helped me as well. I haven't had time to re-read anything yet, but I want to. I'm glad Jamie has some fun at the dance. Kaylee wake up and go to the dances! They're fun if you make em fun. 

Alright so I'm sure you just read that section as fast as you could to that you could get to the exciting news part to find out where I am and what I'm doing. I still think it's nuts that I'm already in a different area. The pages just keep turning and I feel like my mission is going too fast. Transfers are always really awesome. I love the way President Reeves does it. We always gather together (everyone with transfers, their comps, and the leaders) and have a great meeting. It's awesome to get to see so many missionaries that I've served with. I have so many great friends out here. Before President announces the transfers, he has everybody stand up and move to the side. We all wait with anticipation wondering who are next comp, area, district leader, or zone leader is going to be. He started with the Nealtican Zone (which is where I started) and then made his way to the Mayorazgo zone. To my surprise he announced Elder Betts and I as the Zone Leaders! I didn't see that one coming. I'm really excited to be able to serve more missionaries and learn more as a Zone Leader. With one week I have already learned what it is like to be a Zone Leader. Super busy. I love it so much already! We have a great area and I love my comp Elder Betts. He was in my first district in Atexcac and now we're comps! We are already great friends. The best thing so far about being a ZL that we are able to teach a lot smoother. After 5 transfers of training it's kind of nice. Also I just feel a greater responsibility to look out for more missionaries and be the best example. Okay I'm sure you're wondering, where is Mayorazgo? It is the other zone here in Puebla, the city, but it's is a little further away from the center where I was in Agua Azul. It's a little more Ghetto, but I love it! We are in a great ward named 3 Cerritos. Funny thing is that Elder Knowlton, former comp, just finished his mission here, and now I'm here. President told me and Elder Betts that our zone is doing great right now. Our ward here in 3 Cerritos is on fire. President says that it is the best zone in the mission right now...I gotta step it up it sounds like! I'm really happy to be here and I've already learned a TON with Elder Betts this week. I love the mission! I agree with our mission Pres's counselor when he said: "In 2 years we learn 20 years worth of experience...it is the university of life."

3 our our investigators accepted to be baptized and accepted a date this week. I am so grateful to be here helping others come unto Christ. I thank each and every one of you, family, grandparents, everybody for allowing me to have this experience. More importantly, to be able to help others. You mean everything to me. Love you all. I hope that you have a great week, and that you can remember the Savior Jesus Christ and what he did for us each and every DAY. That is what we promise each Sunday...that we will ALWAYS remember Him. Apply the Atonement each day in prayer. Through the Savior we are saved and through nothing else. Read your scriptures! 

Also, just a fun little coincidence. On the 16th Elder Betts are I were at the mission home with some other Zone Leaders and we ate breakfast there. It dawned on me while I was there that exactly a year ago that day I had ate breakfast before the first transfer meeting...weird. I'm excited for what's in the future. 

Love you all!

Un fuerte abrazo, y con amor,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dear Family,                                                                                                            October 13, 2013
First off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMILYN!!! I felt bad that I couldn't wish you a happy birthday on your birthday, but on the 12th I remembered and I thought about you and how you're 18 years old already!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Weird. Tell me how your day went Jamster. I love ya. Big shout out from you big Mexi brother. Wow. I am shocked. Last night I was informed that me, and two other Elders from my district have transfers! I'm already leaving Atlixco! It literally feels like I just got here. The time has gone by so fast. In my first area I was there for 3 transfers, my second 4, and here only 2. I am anxious to know where I'll be going and who my new companion will be. Elder Ortega (my 2nd son) is staying here in Atlixco and will be getting a new companion. Sorry but this email is going to be a little short because as you know transfer P-days are crazy. On top of everything that you have to do on normal P days, you have to say goodbye to everyone. Tomorrow is the meeting in Puebla at 12:30. Thanks for writing me Mom and Dad I really do enjoy reading your letters every week and seeing how things are going. Like Mom was saying to me, it helps me to feel connected to everybody. I can really just see my mission flying by. Everybody is right, the last year goes fast. I can't believe that I'm already leaving Atlixco. Mom, you were asking about conference. Yes I can understand just fine. I have to pay more attention, but it's better that way right? haha. I guess there are a few words here and there that I didn't understand, but the Apostles use words in English that I don't understand sometimes! When we watch it in English we (English speaking missionaries) go into another room and get it on the internet or satellite on a TV. 

Well on Sunday we invited a new investigator to be baptized and she accepted with a date and everything. That was cool. I was happy for her. I wont be here to teach her, but hopefully I'll be able to visit her in my other area. The couple Salvador and Cristina, and Ricardo have been progressing really well and they LOVED conference. I know they'll be baptized as well. Too bad it wasn't when I was here, but I can come for their baptism. I feel good about what we've been able to accomplish here. I feel like I've learned a lot and that my Spanish has gotten that much better. I hope to improve more in my next area. I love the mission it's great!

Love each and every one of you. I send a big hug all the way from Mexico. Choose the Right!!

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Qué pasa?                                                                                                                 October 7, 2013
Hey guys how is everything going? Sounds like from the letters that everything is going smooth and normal. Yeah the pyramids were pretty cool last week we had a lot of fun. Yeah mom there are parts that look like ancient classic pyramids, but others that are covered by plants and stuff. It must have been from the Mayans and stuff that lived here anciently. There actually think that most of the Book of Mormon took place around here. I don't doubt it. General Conference was GREAT right? I loved it. I watched the first two Sat. sessions in Spanish, and then the Priesthood and Sunday sessions in English. 3 of our investigators came to the Sunday morning session, which was great. Tell we what you thought about conference and some of the things that you learned. 

This week went really well actually. We were able to see our good investigators twice this week, and also see other investigators. We did a lot of contacting referrals and trying to find new investigators. We were able to find 4 new ones this week. 1 is from New York and he is awesome. He wanted to talk with us because he feels like life doesn't have purpose and he wants to learn. He doesn't trust a lot of churches and he is searching. Golden. Well I can't believe that we are in October. In about ten days or so I hit my year anniversary living here in Mexico. It's weird to think that my first day in Mexico was a year ago. I've learned a lot since then. Elder Ortega and I are in our very last week of the 12 week training program. The transfers are coming up and we will know the news next P-day. I have no idea what is going to happen. I'll let you know. 

I learned a lot in General Conference. Some of the talks that I listened to were perfect for me. I wrote down doubts and questions that I had and basically everything was answered. I feel strengthened and renewed. It is a privilege to hear from living prophets. I love you family! Tell everyone hi for me. Until next week,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Monday, October 7, 2013

Aló!                                                                                                              September 30, 2013

Hey guys how's everything going? I don't have hardly any time to write, just to warn you...sorry. It's because we asked and received permission as a district to go to Cholula and see the pyramids. It was awesome! My first area was kind of close to Cholula I don't know if you remember. This time we went into the caves and saw the ruins and everything. I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be going normal. It's that time of year with a bunch of homework and work. It's still crazy to think that Paulette is going to have a baby! That's cool Dad that you and grandpa played a Alpine. I miss playing there. Have you guys gone swimming a lot there yet? Or not really? Mom to answer your question, there is only one stake here in our mission that are experimenting with Facebook as far as doing things with investigators. Other than that we haven't really seen anything new yet. I figure it's going to take a while for things to really get rollin' down here with all of that. Good luck on your parent teacher conferences mom! Dad I'm going to really miss the hunt as well. And I miss Kit a bunch too. Grandpa told me in one of his letters that he has a shotgun waiting for me when I get home haha that's pretty cool. Oh... and what happened with Jazzi? Still kickin'? 

Well this week was a weird one. On Tuesday we had back to back meetings in Puebla. One for the trainers and trainees, and then after that a really long leadership meeting. It went well, and I learned a lot. Then on Wednesday we did divisions with the Zone Leaders. I went to their area in the center of Atlixco. After that we had an okay time here in our area for the rest of the week. We really need to keep finding, because a lot of the new ones we've found lately really aren't progressing and some aren't too interested. Sometimes it's hard to keep the faith high and keep the motivation out here. They never said it would be easy. We are going to keep going strong. So I recently talked to the Elders that are in Agua Azul 2. Not only are the Beltran Leon family progressing and Hector Luis going to be baptized, but there is another investigator that me and Elder found and started teaching that is also going to be baptized! Wow! It's a testimony to me that no effort goes to waste. Sometimes that is how it goes. Planting seeds and others harvesting. It's all the same work.

Well I love each and every one of you. Big HI to everyone back home, all the friends and family. Thank you so much for everything. My family means everything to me. Keep working hard and doing what matters most. God gives is trials so we can grow! :) As we make good decisions, we are always blessed. 

Un fuerte abrazo
Con amor,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Alò mis queridos!                                                                                             September 23, 2013

Time keeps on rollin' by. That's cool that you guys got to go to St. George for the weekend. I'm glad you all had fun. Dad do you golf at that course a lot, or not really that much? It seems like a nice course, and I'm excited to check it out someday. I not sure if I mentioned it last week, but Grandpa's other letter came already! I really enjoyed it. Thanks Gramps! Oh and don't worry we are all doing just fine up there in Puebla. We are really fortunate to not have any problems at all. The weather was really gloomy for a while, but nothing out of the ordinary, so don't worry all is well. Hah Dad don't worry when I get home I'm gonna work my butt off at school and work hard to learn as much as I can. The mission has given me an even deeper drive to learn as much as I can in this life. There is so much to learn!! With hard work and drive I know that I can be successful in anything I set my hands to. Utah won huh? I'm not too upset..I'm thinking about going there...sorry I know that's like going against the family! We'll see what happens right? 

This week was a little rough. We had a hard time putting appointments and finding our investigators this week. It was probably the slowest week here in Atlixco so far. It's okay though, because not every day or week is going to be perfect. I could see that some of our investigators weren't really progressing like they should be. They were kind of getting comfortable...so we went to town throwin' it down the way it is. Preach my Gospel Missionaries! I actually ended up dropping one of our investigators because she just wasn't doing anything we asked. That's how it is sometimes...we gotta have time to find the CHOSEN. I had a super cool experience yesterday on Sunday. We finally saw one of our great investigators named Brenda. She is really sincere and she started sharing some of her doubts and concerns with us. She said she has felt that our message is true and that she should be baptized, but she said that she has also had unforgettable experiences with the Catholic Church too. She started asking some really difficult questions after sharing some deep experiences. Literally..I didn't know what to say. I sat thinking for a moment and said a prayer in my heart. Then...I opened my mouth. Totally by the Spirit. Then I opened the Book of Mormon not knowing where we were going to read at all. Blank. As I flipped through it's pages I was just depending on the Spirit 100%. I received a prompting to go to 1 Nephi 32 and read the chapter...it was perfect. Great experience. 

We had a class this Sunday in principles of the Gospel about how we should develop our talents in this life. That along with many other things I have learned out here has motivated me to do just that. I have a vision of what I what to do and how I want to do it. That's why I was talking bout how this is much to learn. If you put you mind and heart into something, nothing is impossible. Even if you think that it is something that you think you cannot do. God has given us so many talents and opportunities. Today is the day to be who you've always wanted to be. Love you all so much. I send all the love that I got to everyone back there in Utah town. Thank you for everything. Que tenga una semana llena de sonrisas y felicidad!

Un fuerte abrazo
Con Amor,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, September 22, 2013

16 de Septiembre

Hey family!! How is everyone doing? Well today is the 16th of September which is the same as the 4th of July in the states. There has been parties, fireworks, and parades here in Atlixco. It has been a cool experience. There is a hurricane in Vera Cruz (far away) and so the weather has been really rainy and kind of cold all week long. It just won't stop raining! Sounds like everyone is busy again with school and work. It's a good thing. Jami good job on your talk, everyone has said that you did a great job and that you prepared it yourself. Nice work. 

Well this week went pretty well. Salvador and Cristina continue to progress. We just need to help them with the little things like reading and praying, because they aren't doing that very well. We also found 4 other new investigators that are from a small town far away. We have taught them twice and they went to the branch that we have!!! We were in the ward, but the members told us that they went. I see good things for them. They are really simple and humble people. They are so nice and offer everything that they have. I really do love this area. It has been really fun opening a new area with Elder Ortega here in Atlixco. Oh, one of the members from my old area in Agua Azul emailed me and told me that the Beltran Leon family is progressing like never before!! Even the Dad who never went once is now going and they all went to stake conference this weekend! Makes me so happy. If they get baptized I'm going for sure. 

Well I don't have much time left, and I really got to go to the bathroom. Something that I learned this week is that God will always answer your prayers now matter what. I have received a lot of strength through prayer this week. We always have to apply to the Atonement each and every day. It cleans and cleanses up from wrong doings,temptations, and sin. I'm so grateful for what the Savior did for me, and I know he did it for you as well. Until next week,

Un fuerte abrazo
Con amor,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hey family!!                                                                                                         September 9, 2013
It was great to hear from so many of you today! Thanks for taking the time to write me. I have read all of the letters, but I'm not going to have time to personally respond to each of you this week. I'll work on it for next week. Sounds like everyone is doing great. I loved the pictures that Kaylee sent me from Zion's! It totally reminds me of that hike. I'm glad to hear that Tyler got the package safe and sound and that it was a surprise. Benjamin is a really great guy. I'll tell Tyler more about it when I write him back.  Thanks for telling me about the Stake Conference! Sounds like it was great and that there was inspired messages especially for our Stake.

Well Salvador and Cristina are still progressing super great! I know that they'll be baptized. I have faith. They are great people and so faithful. I know that the Lord helps and guides us in our lessons with them. We've had some really great lessons. We were able to find 5 more new investigators this week!! We now have 2 new full families that we are teaching. Mom to answer your questions, we find basically through members. One of the families came from the Area Book. They listened to the missionaries about a year ago, but now they are listening again! The others came from our own efforts to get to know this inactive member who got baptized when he was young and then went inactive. His whole family are not members. We hope to teach them a lot. We are going to do a service project this week with them. Their name is De La Rosa which is rose and they plant and sell roses. It will great. 

I love my family so much! You guys mean everything to me. Thank you for being who you are each and everyday. You are all an example to the world. It's true. Not everybody lives the way we do. Also, something else to be grateful for is really strong wards and stakes in Utah. Sometimes there are things that go on in wards and stakes here that weaken unity and things like that. Nothing huge, but it's just a different culture and sometimes the church is still really new for people and for this country. Be grateful :) I love you guys. Miss you tons. I'm glad you're working hard and having fun. I'm almost done reading the New Testament in English. It's awesome. If you haven't read it....give it a shot! It's awesome. May the Lord continue blessing our family and each one of our friends and loved ones. Let us be true Disciples of Christ!!

Un fuerte Abrazo
Con Amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dear Familia,                                                                                                            September 2, 2013
August has come and gone. Weird. Well thanks for the pictures and all the cool news about what you all are doing in life! It's awesome. I remember really well going to Zion's and going on that crazy hike. Yeah sounds like Kaylee has taken my spot as the one who thinks with the lopsided part of the brain and just goes for it haha. That's how I've always been. I'm glad that you guys are having a great time in St. George. You all look really good in those pictures. I'm not going to lie, I'm excited to see the St. George house when I get home. Seems like a really cool place. Yep sounds like Ty and Cam are off to paridise. That's cool to hear about all that cool stuff Tyler won. Nice work bro. They're planning a trip to New Zealand too?? That's way cool. We're coming in on 2 years since we went on that trip. So Tyler should be flying right now huh? Tell him that he's in my prayers and that I hope it adjusts well in Hawaii and everything. Dad you were saying how Tyler needs to find a wife, but being out here on the mission I feel like I don't want to get married until I'm about 25 at least haha. Oh and now that I have more than a year on my mission Tyler HAS to wait for me before he gets married. It's the law.
Well this week went great. Salvador and Cristina continue to learn and progress. They are great investigators. Every time we go to teach them I see the nice golf course, it makes me miss golf a lot. We had a great lesson with them teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reading 2 Nephi 31. I love teaching the truth! We also were able to find 6 new investigators this week! It was great. The transfer news came in this weekend, and like I thought, Elder Ortega and I are staying here finishing the training, and so are the two elders in my district. Nothing changed. It's going to be a fun transfer. The work is tough sometimes. These people are really closed here in Puebla due to their Catholic background and deep traditions. We search and find the honest in heart. The chosen. 

I love you family to death!! There are times when I really do miss you a lot. I appreciate your love, prayers, and support. I love each and every one of you. Tell all the family hi and that I love them. Tell every friend and loved one the same. I hope that you all have a great week. Never forget who you are! 

Un fuerte abrazo
Con amor,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hi family,                                                                                                              August 26,  2013

Here we are again on another P-day. I don't know about you, but Monday seems to come around faster and faster as the time goes by. Oh the letter from Grandpa Kitchen got here! Tell him that I really enjoyed hearing from him, and that I loved the story that he shared with me. I'll have to write him back next week. Sounds like it was good to see Tyler and everything. Did his team win all that cool stuff? That's too bad that he'll only be there for a little bit, but sounds like you've got some fun things planned. I still think it's way awesome that Tyler and Cam are going to BYU Hawaii. Do they plan on going there for the rest of their college experience, or for just a few semesters? Mom, you'll get the regular routine down in no time. Didn't Grandpa say that by the 3rd year things seems to smooth out? I hope that's how it'll start to feel for you mama. Yeah that view is way cool huh? It's beautiful out here. Dad I'll let you know if the Red Iguana is authentic or not, but just to let you know, we are going straight to JCW's from the airport for some good ol American burgers haha. Yeah you're right Dad...I should lay off them tortillas haha.

This week went pretty well. To answer you question, yes we do have a ton of little towns in our area. Where we live and spend most of the time is here closer to the city. Most of the members live here too. About once a week we take a trip out to some of the towns where we have a little branch. The town with the branch is called Cacaloxuchitl which is about 30 min away. There are other towns about an hour away too!! It's pretty cool to be able to experience both. Luckily, we were able to teach a few of our investigators. We had an awesome lesson with the rich couple (Salvador y Cristina). We taught the Plan of Salvation and it went great. They also went to a baptism of another ward and then to church. In church we had the Gospel Principals class on Charity and Love. It was super spiritulal and they felt the spirit really strong. We hope to be able to put a baptismal date with them. Things just keep on rollin' here. My second son and I are about to finish half of the training process. This is the last week of the transfer, and we have one more left after this. 

Tell Tyler to travel safe and that I hope that he arrives safe and sound. Have a great trip in St. George!! I love you guys so much. I miss you too. Keep up all the good work. Find way to uplift and inspire this week. I'll share this story that I heard a few weeks ago: There is an ancient sculpture of Jesus Christ that had been found many years ago. Upon finding it they could see that Christ's hands had been broken off and were no longer there. After much dispute as to weather or not they'd restore his hands before putting it on display, they came to the conclusion that they would leave it as it is....why? Because WE ARE HIS HANDS. Be true disciples of Christ. Love each and every one of you!! May God bless you this week. 

Un fuerte abrazo!!
Con Amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hey everybody!                                                                                                    August 19,  2013
Thanks for the emails it's always great to hear how everyone is doing. That's crazy that school is already starting and everything. Wow Jami is a senior. That's way cool that she is helping you in here class mom! Sounds like a good deal to me. Mom sounds like you're a little depressed that school has started again. You just partied too hard in St. George all summer long, that's why it seems so fast haha. I know you can do it mom. You're strong :) That's cool to hear about Kaylee getting a job at a snow shack. Good work Kaylee. YOU'RE A DRIVER. Weird. Mom and Dad you're super old now. All you kids are grown up and can drive. It feels like FOREVER since I've driven. I wonder if I even remember how? Taylor Hyde's homecoming sounds like it went well. Hmmm I don't know if I'm going to bear my testimony in Spanish mom...it would be weird because you can't understand me! I'll think about it...I got a year. No luck on Grandpa's letter. I'll let you know when I get it. WOW Tyler that's way cool that your team is so good at selling. You've won a bunch of cool stuff. You're going to have to let me crash at your fancy place when I get home all poor from the mission Ty. You killed it out there on the course Dad! Nice work. Maybe someday I'll be able to beat you. 

Well this week we started out really slow. We had lots of special things going on all week long. We had an important meeting with President and Elder Martinez (70). The meeting was great. We had a couple other days this week where we visited a TON of people, but nobody was there. It happens sometimes. This weekend ended really well. We were able to put 2 baptismal dates for the 7th of Sept. One is named Brenda and the other Paola from separate families. They are both super chosen and prepared. I continue enjoying the work out here in the field. It's the work of the Lord, and we're building the Kingdom of God!

This past week as I passed my year mark, one night I was thinking and reflecting on the countless things that I have learned this past year. It's incredible. I have learned more in this one year than any other year in my life. Learning a new culture and people is a life-changer. I am so grateful for this missionary experience. I love and pray for each one of you. Thank you for the love and support. I am now in Alma in the Book of Mormon reading for the second time in Spanish. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. It is personal strength that we all need each day. I just finished reading about Abinadi. BE like him. Never back down or deny your testimony, rather nourish it and help it grow. Love you guys!

Con Amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, August 18, 2013

                                                                                                                                   August 12, 2013
Hey guys how is it going? Mom I got a kick out of your stereotype comment haha. Yeah there are a lot of times where I don't think I'm in Mexico at all, but most of the time it feel and looks just like you'd imagine Mexico to be. That's too bad that everyone is just about headed back to school already! I can't believe Jami is already a senior and Kaylee is a junior!! Keep a close eye on Kaylee because junior year always seems to be the troubled one for most people. That was interesting to hear about Taylor Hyde and the ward picnic thing. Well here comes "hump day" and I can't believe it. Apparently they call it hump day because you climb the hump the first year and then the second just blows by. It feels like the first blew by. Mom I'm pretty sure I saw in the office one time that I have the 6th of August posted as my release date. I'm guessing that it could change, but who knows. Before I forget, dad no Grandpa's letter hasn't got here yet. I've expected other letters that never arrived too...I not sure what happens sometimes. You also wanted to know a bit about my comp. Well something crazy....he was born in Feb of 95!! The same year as Jami hahaha. He is really young. We get along pretty well. We have pretty different personalities, but it works out. He only has one sister and both his parents are Doctors.
Well this week we had a baptism (as you can see in the pic). What happened is we found a little girl who hasn't been baptized yet and is 8 years old. The problem was both her parents aren't members, only her brothers and sisters and grandma. So we had to teach her and baptize her and everything. We also found some other investigators that should be good. We are doing really well here already. We hope to baptize more this month. We had a pretty cool experience this week. We headed out in a combie to one of our little towns to visit a member who was going to invite their non member friend to listen to us. We finished around 8:30 and we waited about 30 minutes for the combie and it never came! We started to think that we were going to be stranded out there haha. I said a little prayer and so did my comp and about 10 minutes later a member comes driving by and offers us a ride. Sure enough the last combie had already left. We even made it home on time! Power of prayer!

Love you guys! Keep up all the hard work. Make everyday count. Try to make weaknesses strengths! 

Con Amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dear Kitchens,                                                                                                        August 5, 2013
Hey guys how are things going? Sounds like Dad is still suffering from all the estrogen in the house right now. Sorry for abandoning you Dad. Don't worry before you know it we'll be golfing and skiing together...that's if you're still a man after all that time with the girls. Mom to answer your question about my new area, it just depends. It's actually more farm-like than city. There is a city part here in Atlixco, but if you get out of town it's pure fields and stuff. We live closer to the edge of town, so we have a lot of members in more of a normal residential part, and then we also have a few pueblos in our area too. It's like a perfect mix between my two first areas. It's cool I like it.  Wow that's crazy to hear about Taylor Hyde!! He is already done. I do remember thinking that he had a year when I started.

Anyway I'll let you know a little bit about this week. We have been doing a lot of getting to know members and the area like you said Dad. That's what we have to get down well first, because we don't knock on doors. We have actually been receiving a lot of referrals from the members here. Like I said before we have some little towns kinda far away from where we live and everything, and so we also have made some visits there. We did some service in a little town called Castillotla and it reminded me so much of Atexcac!! We also have some really really rich gated areas in our area too. We have an investigator family in one of them really close to where we live and both the parents are Doctors, one already retired. They are great, and go to church a lot. We just need to help them with some doubts and they'll get baptized. Also, we went with President Lopez (our counselor to Pres. Reeves and also our neighbor here Atlixco) to the gated area called "El Cristo" which is super nice! Huge houses and a nice country club golf course and everything. We taught some friends of Pres. Lopez and they are GOLDEN! There is a lot of work to do and I'm excited. 

Just so you know, there really isn't any notable volcano issues. Nobody is really that uptight about it at all. Apparently they have a green, yellow, and red system to indicate how active the volcano is. Right now it's in yellow and has been since the 90's. So don't worry. I love you family. I was thinking about all of you during sacrament meeting this week, and I'll have to say, I really miss you guys. There are moments like that for sure, but it's normal. I love and miss each and every one of you. Do what matters most and stay strong in the Church and close to the Savior. Until next week,

Con Amor,
Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hi family,                                                                                                                      July 29, 2013
What's up guys how is everybody doing? Thanks for sending me some good pictures of your cousin camp! It's too bad some of us couldn't make it. Sounds like it was really fun and I enjoyed the pictures. Everybody is really growing up fast it's crazy. It rained the whole time huh? Well that makes two of us because it rains all the time here like everyday! Well at least in the city, but in this new area it hasn't rained much. I'm sure you're dying to know where I am huh? I'm glad to see that you all are safe and happy and having a good time. I'm still loving it out here in my mission. It's hard to get used to telling everybody I almost have a year on my mission. I sound like an old missionary already! It's weird how time goes by. I think about each area that I have had so far and the very different things that they taught me. I have learned so much, and I can't wait for the things I'll learn here. 

Okay fine I'll tell you all where I am right now. I'm in Atlixco, Puebla!! It's soo awesome up here! Atlixco is way up here close to the volcano, but on the oppostite side of Nealtican and Atexcac where I was before. It's about an hour and a half drive from Puebla to get up here. We took a big huge nice tour bus up here from Puebla. Looking around on the way up here I thought I was going into paradise! It's super green everywhere. After being in a city for so long it's nice to see so many green fields, hills, mountains and all that. Apparently this is the best time to be in a place like this, because it's the raining season and the green time of the year. Also, Atlixco is famous for it's flowers. I've heard about it all my mission. My companion is named Elder Ortega from Nayarit, Mexico. That's really close to Puerta Vallerta where we went zip-lining on our cruise line a long time ago. He is a great missionary fresh out of the new Mexico MTC. It's been nice speaking in pure Spanish again...I'll have to admit I missed it. It just comes faster and more fluent when you don't have to keep turning the switch off and on. We are working in the Madero ward here pretty close to the center of Atlixco. By the way, Atlixco is not a little town or anything, it's a pretty big place, just not as big as Puebla of course. We live on this street where the Familia Lopez lives. They are a big grown up family of a bunch of brothers and all their kids and wives and they are all members of the church. We live right next to this gated community too that has a bunch of members and the chapel. There are 3 area seventy Elders, a counselor to our mission, a mission president (not here right now) and a that all live close to us-haha we are really protected. Our little flat is great I really like it. It's owned by the Lopez family. I don't have time to tell you what has been going on this week, so I'll let you know next week.

Love you guys! Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything. Mom you've been asking if I need anything, and I thought about it for a minute and I don't think I need anything, thanks for asking. What I do need is more of those prayers on behalf of these people, because my companion and I are going to baptize a lot here!! Thanks for all the prayers. Please thank everybody for all the prayers too. I really appreciated hearing that and if means a lot. Take care, and we'll talk next week!

Con Amor,
Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hey Famz                                                                                                                        July 22, 2013
What's going on guys? Sounds like the recent vacations and trip to St. George has been fun. Dad I got a kick out of your 7 month old food baby comment! I'm starting the get a little food baby going on...geez these people just don't stop feeding us haha. Thanks for the pictures. Mom thanks for sending me that talk. I'll have to print it off sometime and read it when I've got more time. Sounds like the girls had some fun in girls camp. I'm glad to hear that Jami helped Lexi out. That's really nice Jami. Dad I was wondering if you could update me on some golf stuff in you email, just some fun information about who wins and stuff like that. That's cool that Tyler went to NYC! I'm sure he had fun. I still remember walking through Times Square on HT...it is an amazing place. I'm glad to hear all is well and that you're safe and sound. 

Well.....the news is in and looks like I'm headed for a new area! I'm getting transferred. Out of the 4 missionaries in the Agua Azul ward, Elder Burden, Elder Durffee, and I all have transfers. Lots of changes. I'm excited, but sad at the same time. You really get used to a ward and area getting to know everybody and stuff. Also, Elder Burden and I have babied out new little area from the very start. It has been such a growing period here. It's pretty interesting because I have almost a year on my mission and only 2 areas!! Well that's about to change. It does get a little old sometimes visited to same people and seeing the same things. It's time for a change. I'm really excited to see what my new area brings. I know that I'm going to learn a lot training and being a new DL all in a unknown area and zone. Today we've been packing and saying goodbye to as many as we can. It's always a crazy P-day when you have transfers. Anyway, this week was really slow. We've found and taught a lot of new investigators here, but most of them are either not progressing, or have a big obstacle whether it be being busy or lack of permission. The 2 members of the Beltran Leon family that we were going to get baptized on the 20th weren't baptized because the Father refused. He hasn't been to church, he listens, but he doesn't do any commitments. He is still giving it all a chance, but he's got to start reading the Book of Mormon and going to church. It was really hard for us to see them want to be baptized and not being able. I have faith that someday the whole family will be baptized. We've also been doing the best we can to leave the area all ready for the new missionaries to come in. That's what I always want to do: leave my area better than I found it. Anyway, the meeting is tomorrow at 12 and so next Monday I'll a lot to tell ya'll.

I want to take some time to thank you all yet again for all the love and support you provide me. It really means everything. Elder Durffee and I were talking one day just about how privileged we are to live in the United States and have so many blessing that we have. It's incredible how blessed we are. Living in a different country has opened my eyes and helped me to be more grateful for all the blessings and opportunities that I've always taken for granted before. Mom and Dad I wanted to thank you so much for always taking care and providing for me over the years. Thank you for all the hard work and for the example that you've been to me. I love you ma n pops. Sometimes I think of the way we live over there and I remember back home and it literally seems like a dream. That's exactly it. We live a dream life. BE grateful for it because not everybody lives the way you do. I'm not saying that everyone lives poor and miserable here either, because they don't. There is a lot of blessed people here too. Well anyway that's my lecture for the day. :) Love you guys tons. Keep it up! Do the most important things. Don't ever forget who you are and the divine potential that you have!

Con Amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

¡Feliz cuatro de Julio!                                                                                                 July 7, 2013
Here in Mexico nobody does anything at all for the 4th of July haha. Our ward missionary leader José Luis Coca studied in Canada and he knows a little English, so he signed up to feed us on the 4th. We had some steak n stuff and then finished with some apple pie! That's really all that happened special that day. Sounds like everybody is enjoying their summer vacation! Thanks guys for sending some pictures, I loved them. It was fun to see everybody haha. That Eden place you rented seemed really nice. I hope everybody had a good time. It looks like everybody is growing up really fast!! Some of the cousins seem bigger. Also, it's just nuts to think how old Jami and Kaylee are getting. Thanks ladies for sending me an email. I'm going to try and send you a personal email next week, but for this week I just added you in on the list. 

Well this week went a whole lot better for us. We were able to see a lot of people this week. We managed to get 5 new investigators as well! I hope that they can progress. This Sunday while talking to the daughter of the Beltran family, we put a baptismal date with her for the 20th of July. We are really excited for her. Her and her mom Silvia have gone to church around 13 times already! They are more active than some members, but because of the family situation they have been waiting. I hope everything works out. We've been working hard with the Bishop and the Ward  Mission Leader to try and get more ward missionaries to come with us in lessons. I'm trying to leave this area the best it can be. We've talked about baptism with our investigator Erika, but also because of family situation she isn't progressing very much. On Thursday we had a leadership training meeting with President and all the leaders in the mission. We learned some great things. I was reminded of some of the little things that really matter. I've realized that the mission is a constant learning process. There is always something that you can improve on. My district is also doing great. Dad you asked me how the language is doing and if it's second nature or not. Well it depends. Sometimes it comes better than other times, but I feel like I've got it down pretty good. I have about 7 different language books that I study everyday. I'm starting to feel like I know the ins and outs of Spanish grammar better than English hahaha. I really want to learn the language well. Elder Burden is doing alright. He has improved a lot, but I still feel he might be a little behind. He'll get it down sooner or later. 

Well we've already got a pretty good week planned out. I feel like it's going to be a busy one, which is great. I feel like I've made a ton of progress as a missionary, but I want to become better and do more. I know that I have to continue dedicating myself in every moment. It isn't easy, but I know it's worth it. It's worth it for these people, and I know along the way I can loose myself in the work. aHe that findeth his life shall blose it: and he that closeth hisdlife for my sake shall find it. Mathew 10:39 
I love this scripture! It's so true. May God continue to bless each and every one of you. Be true followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. I love and miss you!!

Con Amor
Elder Ryan Kitchen

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