Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Family,                                                                                                            October 21, 2013
Hey! How is everything going? It was good to hear from you both Mom and Dad. Thank you for always writing and letting me know what's going on. I love hearing from you. That was cool news to hear who is in the world series. I hope to Tigers take it. Like you Dad, I'm shocked that it's already Halloween as well. It's weird to think that last year I was still in Mexico! Mom thank you for letting me know what you learned in conference and what you felt. It helped me remember some great talks that helped me as well. I haven't had time to re-read anything yet, but I want to. I'm glad Jamie has some fun at the dance. Kaylee wake up and go to the dances! They're fun if you make em fun. 

Alright so I'm sure you just read that section as fast as you could to that you could get to the exciting news part to find out where I am and what I'm doing. I still think it's nuts that I'm already in a different area. The pages just keep turning and I feel like my mission is going too fast. Transfers are always really awesome. I love the way President Reeves does it. We always gather together (everyone with transfers, their comps, and the leaders) and have a great meeting. It's awesome to get to see so many missionaries that I've served with. I have so many great friends out here. Before President announces the transfers, he has everybody stand up and move to the side. We all wait with anticipation wondering who are next comp, area, district leader, or zone leader is going to be. He started with the Nealtican Zone (which is where I started) and then made his way to the Mayorazgo zone. To my surprise he announced Elder Betts and I as the Zone Leaders! I didn't see that one coming. I'm really excited to be able to serve more missionaries and learn more as a Zone Leader. With one week I have already learned what it is like to be a Zone Leader. Super busy. I love it so much already! We have a great area and I love my comp Elder Betts. He was in my first district in Atexcac and now we're comps! We are already great friends. The best thing so far about being a ZL that we are able to teach a lot smoother. After 5 transfers of training it's kind of nice. Also I just feel a greater responsibility to look out for more missionaries and be the best example. Okay I'm sure you're wondering, where is Mayorazgo? It is the other zone here in Puebla, the city, but it's is a little further away from the center where I was in Agua Azul. It's a little more Ghetto, but I love it! We are in a great ward named 3 Cerritos. Funny thing is that Elder Knowlton, former comp, just finished his mission here, and now I'm here. President told me and Elder Betts that our zone is doing great right now. Our ward here in 3 Cerritos is on fire. President says that it is the best zone in the mission right now...I gotta step it up it sounds like! I'm really happy to be here and I've already learned a TON with Elder Betts this week. I love the mission! I agree with our mission Pres's counselor when he said: "In 2 years we learn 20 years worth of experience...it is the university of life."

3 our our investigators accepted to be baptized and accepted a date this week. I am so grateful to be here helping others come unto Christ. I thank each and every one of you, family, grandparents, everybody for allowing me to have this experience. More importantly, to be able to help others. You mean everything to me. Love you all. I hope that you have a great week, and that you can remember the Savior Jesus Christ and what he did for us each and every DAY. That is what we promise each Sunday...that we will ALWAYS remember Him. Apply the Atonement each day in prayer. Through the Savior we are saved and through nothing else. Read your scriptures! 

Also, just a fun little coincidence. On the 16th Elder Betts are I were at the mission home with some other Zone Leaders and we ate breakfast there. It dawned on me while I was there that exactly a year ago that day I had ate breakfast before the first transfer meeting...weird. I'm excited for what's in the future. 

Love you all!

Un fuerte abrazo, y con amor,

Elder Ryan Kitchen

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