Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kia Ora! and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow it is just weird its already almost Thanksgiving again. I remember last Thanksgiving I was in the MTC. It is really crazy how time just flies away when your serving the Lord. Sometimes the days just fly by so fast because I am so incredibly busy serving the Lord. I have to work really hard to find time even to write in my journal. I haven't done the best at that but I'm really trying to do better. I used to write about everyday...I am still going to try and catch up. I don't know if i ever told you about my day...like the schedule but here it is:

6:30a.m.-wake up, pray, and exercise
7:00-get in the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast
8:00-personal study
9:00-companion study
10:00-Leave flat and begin proselyting
9:00p.m.-Return home and plan for next day (30 min)
9:30-call elders in district and report to zone leaders
10:15-prepare for bed and pray
10:30 lights out and sleep

That is a usual schedule of my day out on the mission field. I am just really busy. When a missionary is exactly obedient and a leader like me there is like NO time to do anything. I have to work really hard to find little bits of time to fit in something else. It is a sacrifice and it really is tiring to be a hard working missionary but the Lord Jesus Christ has done so much for me and this is all he asks from me is to serve with all my heart might mind and strength for two years. Each and everyday I am truly trying my very hardest and am giving it everything I have.

Anyways it was really good to hear from you mom and dad. It really is something I look forward to every P-day. Sounds like everyone is doing great and your all just staying busy. I cant believe it is snowing there already. That's crazy!! Well I am so sorry about not saying anything about the Halloween Package. I was so happy to get it and I loved it. It just kinda spaced my mind that I never said anything to you guys. I'm sorry about that. But thank you so much. I really loved all the candy and snacks. I miss all the American Stuff haha. I also was glad to get the pumpkin letters and face wash and stuff. Unfortunately the New Zealand government took out leaves or something before I got it...so I don't know what leave thing was in there. But my absolute favorite part was the Books of Mormon with your testimonies all in them. Wow that was amazing and it really was very special for me to read. It meant a lot to me and I still have them so I can read your testimonies. I will save them for some really great investigators that are around each of your ages and I will give them to them so they can read all your testimonies. At first before I saw your testimonies in them I was like what the heck? Why would they send Books of Mormon to me??! I am a missionary and like have A TON of Books of Mormon everywhere! I thought you guys were a little crazy! hahaha....just kidding :) but then I saw the testimonies and understood. I felt the spirit as I read each of your testimonies and it was something I loved to read so thank you all.

So yeah these past couple of weeks have just been great. I am loving being District Leader and it is very rewarding. I have received a lot of blessings from the Lord. There are 6 great elders in my district including me. There's myself and my companion Elder Petty. Then there's Elder Eckery (from Wellington New Zealand) and his companion is Elder 'Afa (my last companion) and then there's Elder Saunders (from Riverton Utah) and his companion is a brand new missionary named Elder Naicker (from Fiji). They are all really great missionaries. It is crazy because we are in the country instead of the city (you know Auckland) so we travel a lot. Well I do because I have to go on trade offs with the elders in my district. So I go down to Tokoroa and Tapo and Tarangi a lot. They are all really beautiful little cities in NZ. A couple Thursdays ago I told you guys I went down to Tapo and stuff. Wow it was just amazing. It was a great Trade off and I learned a lot. The lake Tapo is a beautiful lake and the city is a really big touristy town. We need to go there someday. I was able to give my first couple of baptism interviews to some people. it was kinda scary but I know the Lord helped me know exactly what to say. Saturday (13th) Lydia was baptized. It really was a great experience for me because I have been with her every step of the way and then got to baptize her. It was a very spiritual and meaningful experience for me. Yeah and then the last weekend we got to head up to Auckland. It was funny because there was like 5 of the exact same type and color of cars heading up one behind the other in a caravan all the way up to Auckland. And all the cars were full of missionaries. I wonder what someone would have thought driving by haha. Wow the mission conference was just great. It was all day event. It was great to have 3 general authorities come speak to us about missionary work. They kept saying how pleased they were with this great mission. I took heaps of notes.

This past Wed i went on another trade off down south again. We worked a lot in Tokoroa and had a cool experience down there. Then I interviewed a kid named jerimiah for baptism. We drove down to Tarangi and I got to see the French family (French is there last name) get baptized and also I got to interview two other young adults for baptism. Wow the Baptism of the French family was amazing. They live in a little branch with no baptismal font so they got to be baptized in the Lake Tapo. It was just an incredible experience . It was amazing to see them get baptized in the beautiful lake. It was a great experience to watch Bro French get baptized and then to get confirmed right on the beach then get the priesthood then get to baptize his two kids. (they usually don't do it that way anymore). This week I also witnessed a miracles. We prayed specifically for a new investigator and we had faith the Lord would lead us to one. So we looked at the map on where to go. One area looked just stood out to me so we went there. Then a certain street stood out to my companion. I got a prompting that the Lord had prepared someone and they lived on that street. I knew we had to go down that one. So we did and started knocking on doors. We were a little apprehensive about that street because it was a lot of really rich houses. But we had faith. The first door we knocked on was just horrible. It was one of the worst rejections I have ever had. A lady started screaming so loud at us even before she opened the door. Then she looked at us and screamed so loud and said that we woke up her baby swore at us and slammed the door so hard. Ouch! That hurt a little. We wanted to leave the area but I knew we should keep going. So we did and a couple of houses later a miracle happened. A lady let us right in her home and we had a incredible lesson with her. She really wants us to come back, She is really prepared by the Lord.

Well I'm sorry but I got to go now. I will try and send some more next week. But an answer to your question about my Christmas package. I would love slip on shoes and even some more black slacks, if you think it would be better you can just send money and I can buy them here. Its up to you whatever it best. Maybe another cool tie too. And about the candy or whatever. I don't know if you can send any doughnuts, but I miss those. They would probably get moldy. I don't care really. Anything I'm really easy. But I just love you all so much. I'm sorry if I left out anything. If there's anything from the last two e mails I forgot to answer please just ask it again in the next e mail. Thanks for everything.

Love Elder Kitchen

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Family!

It was really great to get and read your e mails this week. I bet it was a little hard for you guys to wait a whole other day to get my e mails. ..I just love ya guys. Well over here in New Zealand it is getting pretty beautiful weather and so that is nice. I am driving now in a car so that's cool too. We have a restriction on the number of Kilometers (miles) we can use so we have to be careful. Well this last week was another great week. It is something else being the Distinct Leader. I have been blessed so much and it is helping me become more Christ-like. It is definitely hard though. I have been more busy and I have a lot of responsibility. But I love each elders in my district.

I'm sorry but I don't have a lot of time to e mail this week. Ugh so many things are going on and I used some time e mailing Kylie because I haven't really even written here since I left. So I will just go over my week pretty fast. We are just working really hard in Rotorua. We are experiencing a lot of miracles. We have a lot of investigators we are teaching. Right now we have 4 investigators set with a baptism date. The Lord has truly blessed us. On Thursday I was able to go on a trade off with some elders in my district. It was awesome. They are serving all the way down in Tapo and Turangi. So I got to see this huge lake in New Zealand. I think its the biggest lake in NZ. It was absolutely beautiful. We have to go there someday. Then because I'm now the District Leader I interviewed some people for baptism. Aw that was a very spiritual experience. On Saturday I was able to baptize Lydia! I don't know if I told you that she was getting baptized. She was in my last area but because I was just in the next area over I was able to baptize her! Aw I will have to tell you more about that. It was just amazing. Sunday was great. I was the one that drove the car all the way to Taranga and then up to Auckland. We stayed the night up there and then had our mission wide conference. Wow it was literally amazing. I have no time to tell you about it but it was great.

Well my companion is name Elder Petty. He is from Melbourne Austria. He a white Aussie with a accent. He has light brown hair and is just really funny. He is a great missionary. He has been on his mission for about 3 months now. His family is all members (well some of his extended aren't) We get a long very well.

Oh my. I'm so sorry but I forgot that I have to send in this thing to Sister Porter today. I'm sorry this e mail was so short. I know it makes you guys sad. But I really have to go now. I do love you all so much. I'm glad you all had a great week. I will make it up to you guys next week. I just am so busy I feel bad. Have a great week!

Love Elder Kitchen

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How is my favorite family doing over in good old Utah?? Man some one asked me where we got our name, a lot of people think our last name is really cool or weird over here in NZ. I guess it isn't a common name over here. Well another week as came and gone....sometimes the weeks just fly by here in the mission field. Its crazy! I loved your e mails this week and the pictures you sent were great too. It is so great to always hear from my family every week. I know some missionaries don't hear from their family like Elder Afa because they are catholic and aren't very happy he is on a mission. So it truly is a blessing from God. Well seriously I love my mission but really I miss you guys so much its crazy. A lot of time, my mind doesn't think about it but sometimes I just miss everyone back home. Because I'm such a loving person I just absolutely miss my family and friends.

I know its so crazy my year mark is this Thursday!! I don't want to think about it, because really I just love my mission and I don't want it to end right now. It really is such an incredible experience. I wish I could do another one after this one. No wonder why they only make it two years otherwise missionaries would want to spend a lot more time out on their missions. Well so much has happened since the last time I e mailed you guys. First though....man I loved your e mails and to hear from you.

It was good to hear that you started your school thing mom. I am praying that you will have a great experience and that everything will go well for you. Thanks for all the updates with my friends and everything. Man I'm really a horrible friend for not writing them. I really am going to try and do a lot better this year. But it really is really hard. I sometimes get letters from my friends so its good to hear from them. About Kylie and nick...I was really wondering if I could just e mail them. I know I can e mail cousins cuz they're family. I just wont really have time to write them a letter. Oh yeah mom you asked about what time it is here...well right now its 12:45 pm but I don't know what time it will be when I send it or what time it arrives but probably around 1 or so.

Dad wow I absolutely loved your experience you wrote me about that you had on your mission. That made my whole day...man I loved reading it so much. I'm going to print it off. That is truly a crazy incredible experience you had on your mission. You really never will forget that. See I loved hearing about your experiences you had on your mission especially because I'm on my mission right now. I would love it if you had any other cool experiences you could tell me about. I cant believe that you guys really dropped him off in the middle of the desert!! And then you got to baptize him in the river and the heavens opening thing was just amazing! Wow do you talk to him still? I wonder where he is now!! Thanks for sharing that experience with me. That truly does mean so much to me dad. I love you so much. Wow and I was really excited to read your going hunting. Man your lucky that sounds really fun. I am so excited to go a lot when I get back from my mission with my new gun! And it was cool to hear Ryan is going out on a dance. That's the high school life right there.

I'm glad all of you enjoyed my experience about Elder Afa baptizing Dion, it really was hilarious. I have experienced so many things I'll never forget and things that are just priceless. Well this past week was just incredible. We were double working the area for a while because some missionaries got switched up. Then it was transfers this week and a lot of new missionaries came in and got switched up. Okay guess what?! The mission combined the zones of Rotorua and Taranga so they made Rotorua a district. Elder Breeze went over to Taranga to be the Zone leader over there. AND GUESS WHAT?! President Porter called me to be the new DISTRICT LEADER for Rotorua!! Wow I was like really surprised. But I know this is a sacred blessing and experience from the Lord and from President Porter. I know they both trust me and I will be held accountable for how well I fulfill my responsibilities. Well so I got transferred but just to the other side of Rotorua. So I still go to the same chapel and everything but I'm in a different ward. Tarawera ward now. My companion is Elder Petty. (I already knew him really well because he has been here in Rotorua the same amount of time as me). And because I'm the District Leader I have a car now. There is 5 elders in my district (including my companion). Elder Afa is still in the area I just came from, so I see him all the time still. He is here with us as we e mail. Well I have a lot more responsibilities and have to do more now. I am trying to have more confidence in myself and trust in the Lord so I will be a great Christ-like leader. The area over here is just doing great. We have a lot of progressing investigators and the Lord has blessed this area also. I'm loving this ward also they're great. Its different doing missionary work in NZ with a car. You have to be more creative in the way to talk to people on the street. When we have bikes we just talked to everyone we saw on the street. Saturday we kinda had a hard day and we got a lot of rejection and a lot of appointments fell through. It was hard and the trails were a lot. But I know the Lord was qualifying us for Sunday, because we experienced a lot of miracles. Aww its just incredible to see people accept the gospel.

Well I'm sorry but I have to go now. We have had kind of a crazy day. Just so you know I wont e e mailing you guys until Tuesday next week, so not on Monday. The whole mission is going up to Auckland for a big mission conference, so they are making P day on Tuesday. The mission is breaking records. The NZAM (New Zealand Auckland Mission) baptized 186 people last month. Wow miracles! It was a wonderful experience to have been able to baptize 3 people last month.

I love all of you guys with all my heart. Tell everyone hello for me. I miss you all like crazy. Have a great week. Bye

Love Elder Kitchen

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well hello family!! HOW is everyone doing over in Utah..??

I cant believe its almost been one whole year since I've seen any of you...wow crazy! Sometime it feels its gone so fast others its been forever since I've seen you. Well Sounds like you all loved Halloween and did some fun things. How is the holidays coming along. Over here in New Zealand they don't celebrate the holidays very much at all. They are pretty boring over here. For Halloween no kids went around trick or treating. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving because its an American holiday and Christmas isn't a huge deal over here. They do celebrate it but don't make as big as deal as we do.

Wow its weird to think its already snowing over in Utah. I cant believe snowboarding season is coming around the corner. You'll all have to tell me about your experiences. You should take some photos up at the mountain and send some to me. Oh by the way this e mail me a little shorter because I'm going to try and send some pictures over the computer to you guys. Then I'll hopefully get the pictures ready to send a CD or something home next week. I'm glad everyone is doing well and your all safe. So hows school going Ryan Jami and Kaylee...? Man soon Ryan you'll be all out of high school! Oh man Ryan your turning 18 this year!! Crazy! mom and dad you have another adult in our family now. Can you just imagine when we are all grown up and have our own families. Its going to be different for you guys. We'll have to do some really fun things when I get home and before Ryan leaves on his mission. So Ryan where do you wanna go on your mission. We should start making bets soon and see whose the closest. Well maybe its a little too soon for that haha.

Sounds like mom your still busy at school. Man by the time I get home you'll be a full teacher. Dad your work is going good it sounds like. Whats your guys callings in the ward again? I was just wondering. Well it was cool to hear about Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth's mission. I'm sure they are going where the Lord needs them to go at this time. There really is no greater work than missionary work, I would never trade this experience for anything. Its weird to think the holidays are just around the corner. You'll all be getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Its always kinda a hard time being away from home. I think this year will be easier than last though. It seems like the more time I'm gone from home the less it hurts ...its not that I don't miss you guys its just its easier or something. I still miss you everyday. Man every P day I want to write some letters to some of my friends. Because only on Monday are we allowed to write letters. But we work so hard during the week and we have no time whatsoever to do anything else during the week so when Monday finally comes around I'm so tired and don't feel like writing. Have you heard anything from my friends lately? I miss them. I feel bad I haven't written them for a long time. Ugh man I just know I'm going to get even busier... now that I'm training Elder 'Afa I've noticed my time has even gotten tighter. I'm struggling to find time to write in my journal but no worries I'll catch up with that. Well anyways everything is wonderful on my mission.

Wow this week Elder Afa and I experienced miracles from the Lord. Yes Dion was baptized and confirmed a member of the church. It was so amazing to see the wonderful change in him. Aww its priceless. The Baptism was great. Elder Afa was the one that baptized him. It was his first baptism ever! Oh man it was funny though because Dion is a pretty big guy and Elder Afa is a small short guy. So we were kinda afraid he would have some difficulty baptizing him...and we were right. HAHA. I'm sorry but it was funny. I was the witness. So elder Afa raises his arm to the square and says the prayer right but when he goes down the baptize him he like dropped Dion in the water but half of Dion didn't even go under water. Oh it was sad...I felt bad for him. Then the second time he tries again but Dion is just to heavy for poor elder Afa. It didn't work....Then the third time he said the prayer wrong and didn't get him fully under water. By now everyone is trying to think of a way to do this. Elder Afa said he was like Heavenly Father helped me baptize Dion. A guy came over and thought of a way. Elder Afa said the prayer and than Dion got on his knees in the water and then elder Afa used all his strength to dip him fully in the water and after he did that he could barley lift him up and he slipped and then both of them slammed into the water. So Elder Afa baptized Dion and himself. Everyone clapped after he finally baptized him. That's the first baptism I've been to where people clapped afterwards. It was an experience I'll never forget. Dion said he was kind of embarrassed but he still felt incredible being baptized. Elder Afa and I had a big laugh about it that night at our house. Awww the experiences you have on your mission. Well yesterday I was able to confirm him a member in Sacrament Meeting.

Well I'm going to probably try and send some pictures now. Well this week was just great. Miracles and we have been working so hard. I love this work. The members are just awesome. Oh ya dad I'll answer some of your questions. Here in Rotorua I've seen and heard about a lot of cool things. Ive seen some of the hot pools and stuff. But we haven't been able to get in them. I've heard of the caves and stuff but never seen them. And the members feed us four times a week (like dinners) its a mission rule only 4 times a week. We cook the rest of the time. My suits are in pretty good condition. I just need to get them dry cleaned. I keep putting it off because its expensive but I will. All my clothes are good for now. Our area is pretty big and we have to ride our bikes everywhere. Man sometimes I get such a great workout because of all the hills. Its hard work sometimes. And dad I know what you mean about eating to much like your going to explode. Aww man sometimes the members just don't know when to stop feeding you. I eat so much...if I wasn't on a bike I would probably get so fat. You should tell me about some more experiences that you had on your mission...I like reading them.

Well I got to go now. I sure do love all of you so much. Mom your really the best mom ever. Thanks for everything you do. Dad your just so awesome and I love ya heaps. Your a wonderful family and a blessing from God. Please get better be safe and keep doing whats right. Love ya.

Love Elder Kitchen..
PS can you please have Nick and Kylie and some more of the family e mail me. I want to write them but I just don't have time. thanks love ya...I'll try to send some pictures but I don't know if I can send very much.

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