Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hey!!                                                                                                                            June 2, 2014
Big what's up from Tehuacán :) Things are going great over here. I loved your emails. That is so crazy that Jami graduated on Friday......wow...you're right dad everyone is growing up really fast. I still remember when I graduated and it doesn't seem too long ago. Thanks for sending the pictures and everything. You all look really good.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS! I just looked and you'll have you birthday on Sunday, so I have to congratulate you right now. I hope you have a really good day. And you're really not that old at all so don't worry. Mom thanks for telling me about your new school and everything. That's pretty cool that you get to go to the new school and that you'll have less students in the school. Are you going to get a nice classroom inside the building and everything? I'm sure you glad to get a break from work and enjoy the summer. Jami congrats on the graduation! Wow you're so grown up now. That's way cool that you graduated with honors. Nice work. I'm proud of you Jami. That's funny that Kaylee is now an official senior in high school...also hard to believe. Wow in about a year, mom and dad, you'll have two RM sons and everyone out of high school and going to college.

Well this week we baptized the two investigators that Elder Conrad and I found in the first week here!! It was awesome! Rosalba, who is about 50 years old or so, and Oliver, who is 11 years old. It was so cool with Oliver though because his mom and brother that were completely less active have come back to church and they have experienced a strong conversion as well. It was cool to teach a whole family again. The service was great too. They both shared their testimonies during the service and it was really motivating to see brand new converts share their testimonies and especially from 11 year old and how much he loves the Gospel. It was awesome!! Well other than that we didn't have an amazing week with finding and everything. We have some goals to improve and to find more people.

Well we are now in June. This is crazy. I'm glad to find you all happy and healthy. It's important to stay in the center of the Gospel. We need to always be checking ourselves to find that which can set us off course. What comes next is to change it. Humble yourself before God and realize that He knows best :) Scripture study and prayer is also super important. If you go throughout a whole day without any "spiritual bread" your soul will hunger and your spiritual progress will be hindered. Be who God wants you to be because at the end of the day...what else matters? Have a great week!!

con amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hey everyone.                                                                                                           May 26, 2014
 Here we are yet again in another P-day. It comes so fast sometimes. Well sounds like everyone is doing well. Mom sounds like you and your team had a good time in St. George. That's too bad that you are all now going to stay together though. Mom what school are you going to go to?? That's pretty cool...is it like a brand new school? Yeah mom I'm really excited to be here though in Tehuacán. It's awesome I love it. Elder Conrad is way cool we are getting along great. He is just about to complete a year on the mission actually so yeah I'm like way old to him right now haha. Jami congrats on the graduation from seminary! Good work. That's awesome. Hey you guys look really good in the seminary graduation picture, thanks for sending that :) Sounds like a cool system thing for Kit. Does that mean that she can roam around the yard, but when she tries to leave it gives her a little shock? So I individually sent happy birthday emails to everyone :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAY PEOPLE :) Congratulations.
Well this week here in our area was great. Mom you mentioned the investigator that was already here, but also Elder Conrad have found others since I've been here and they are progressing super well!! They've already gone to church several times. Two of the new ones, Oliver and Rosalba are going to be baptized on the 31st with the other one named Armando. It's going to be awesome. That means this week we've got to get everything ready to go and get their interviews and all that. Our goal is to do all that, but also find some new people to teach. I really want to teach a new family. I'll pray for it. This week was great though, we taught SO MUCH. We're having a lot of fun while doing it too. It's been good. Well...I'm closing in on the 22nd month mark and I can hardly believe it. It just really is driving me to find people and to do it NOW because the people I find now will be those I teach last. I don't think about it much...actually I feel exactly the same and sometimes I don't even remember. It's awesome and I know that I'm going to finish my mission well and strong. 

Well I hope you guys have a great week. I have a few pictures, but I forgot my cord for my camera, so I'll send it next week with some baptism photos. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I love you all to death. I'm nothing without you. It's awesome to see all that you're doing in your lives. Be the best you can be and do that which will uplift those around you so that they can feel the light of Christ that is so desperately needed in the world today. Don't settle for anything less than great. Les amo muchísimo...son todo para mí. Los voy a ver pronto ;0

con amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen 

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