Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Faka Lofa Atu Family!

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to e mail you guys! I hope you weren't worried or whatever. We were extremely busy doing service and helping the people out we had no time to e mail yesterday so we decided to do it today. We had some problems with our Internet but we worked something out....that's why it taken so long.

I love to read your e mails each week and read what you all have been doing. Thanks so much for all the things you tell me and up dates on everything. I really enjoy reading them. How has our family been this week? It sounds like you've been doing really good. School and work are probably really busy and crazy still. Is snowboarding over yet? or is there still snow? So you've already had spring break so now your on your last leg of school and then you'll all have a break. I bet your really excited for summer and the nice weather. What are you guys doing this summer? Any fun vacations planned or cool things you've already planned for summer so far? It feels weird sometimes not being in Utah and seeing all my friends and especially you guys. I miss everything so much and sometimes I start thinking about memories from the past but I just stop myself and move on. That's only sometimes though. I love my mission and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Well my last week was alright. It wasn't that great. Some of our investigators are not progressing as well as I would want. Two of our investigators (Yoka and Elijah) set for this Saturday pushed their dates back. They are not ready and having some word of wisdom issues. Some of the things this week were really hard too....the islanders are just so laid back and chill people sometimes its hard to work with them. We found out Yoka has been lying to us and she still has word of wisdom issues. I got a little discouraged because some of the things that happened this week but I'm okay now. I just have to keep having faith, qualify for miracles, and trust in the Lord. I pray so much. I just want to help these amazing people so bad and its hard to see them not keep commitments. Satan is still definitely here on the island of Niue.

Last Monday was awesome. We got to go fishing in the ocean. It was so cool because the water was so clear and the fish were so beautiful. We were fishing in the reef, and the fish were so cool. You could see them eating your bait in the water and catching them. I never caught any fish because it was so hard. They would just eat my bait off but not get hooked. It was still really fun though. We saw a huge reef shark too! It was so cool. They tried to get it closer to the surface so we could take pictures. They used dead fish on a pole as bait. It was really cool to just relax and fish and look out into the beautiful ocean. Niue is so cool and there is some really breath taking sites you can see here.

Well this week we did a lot of service, taught lessons, and had some branch activities. We helped a member build his roof on his house. It felt like my building construction class from high school. It brought back good memories and they were surprised I knew so much about building a house. We also helped some other members move, cut some investigators grass, yard work, and a bunch of other service. Well not a whole lot happened this week. So that's pretty much all I can think of.

It was kinda bad weather yesterday. Don't worry or anything but I thought it was going to be a hurricane! HAHA, it wasn't that bad but the ocean was really rough, the coconut trees were blowing so hard in the wind, and there was so much rain. It is good weather today so I don't know why. I've heard a little about some of the natural disasters around the world. There has been a lot since I have been on my mission. Signs of the times huh?

I wish I had time to write some of my friends yesterday. We are only supposed to write friends and family on P day. That's why its so hard because we are usually busy doing other stuff. I really want hear from them. Thanks mom for putting some of the stuff you do hear from them. Its fun to read. That's also really cool about Amy and Bob and Esther and Lindsay going on a cruise. I'm glad they got to do something cool like that. Tell Grandpa and Grandma hello and I love them. Also tell Grandpa Ellsworth happy birthday for me!! :) I miss all our extended family so much. It feels like I haven't seen some of them in forever!

Well that's really cool about prom for Ryan. I wish I could be there to cheer him on and everything. I bet he'll have a lot of fun. Let me know what he did and stuff when you find out. We heard Elder Fanguna will be getting transferred next transfer. So he has 5 more weeks left and then I'll get a new companion. I'll be the senior companion, well at least of the area. I have eaten fish and chips and its really good here. I like fish a lot more now than I used to. Oh yeah and we didn't get to watch general conference yet...I guess they said we are watching it next Sunday. Oh yeah and mom I loved seeing those cool pictures of my friends from last week. I would love it if you could find more and send me some. I would love if you guys would send some of our family too. I am excited for you to all get my pictures also. I hope you all love them.

Yeah well I hope everything is going great with our family. I hope everyone is safe, healthy, and happy. I miss you all so much. I love you all more than anything. Your an incredible family. Mom and dad I love you both so much. Your amazing parents and you've raised me to become the person today. I know I wouldn't be on a mission if it wasn't for you. You've both changed my life and I couldn't ask for better parents. I wish I could be a part of your lives right now. Thank you again for everything. I really loved the Easter package and everything. Well I have to go....I'm sorry. I don't like having to stop emailing. If you can let me know anything about my friends, cousins, Ryan, Jami, Kaylee, and of course you two, I love to hear about everything. Well have a wonderful week. I love you.
Love your son, Elder Kitchen

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Faka Lofa Atu Family!!

Hello Family!!
I'm so glad I get to write you this e mail. This first email I'm going to answer your questions from last weeks email and finish telling about last weeks experiences then I'll send one on this week.

There was just a couple of things I wanted to tell you but I never had time last week.
My interview with President Porter went really good. It was a longer interview because he only sees us like once the whole time were here in Niue. He gave me a lot of good advice and encouragement. The next day we dropped their family off at the airport. Man the week President was here went really fast. They loved it here in Niue and I loved having them here. We said good bye and they got on the plane. Right after we dropped them off we headed over to Suta's house to have a lesson with him. When we got there he was trying to help his brother in law carry this huge mom pig into her cage. Well they couldn't do it alone so we decided to help! So we lifted this HUGE dirty muddy mother pig into her cage. We had our nice white shirt and ties on. It was hilarious, mud got everywhere and then we washed it off. It was just a funny experience.
The next day was Sunday and we had a really amazing fireside I didn't get to tell you about. It was a musical fireside all about Jesus Christ because it was Easter Sunday. Wow everyone sang so good and the spirit was so strong. There was a ton of members there and even a lot of non members. I sang a song with Eelder Fanguna, Ben, and Ofa. It went so well, but really the fireside left everyone in tears including the non members. Easter Sunday was just awesome and it'll be an Easter I will never forget.
The very next day (last p day) we went to the early morning branch Easter party. It was so cool. We had a testimony meeting early in the morning and then the kids had a really cool Easter egg hunt. We did some activities and then ate breakfast. It was a really good steak and egg breakfast. Man they cook amazing here...its probably because its so fattening. Well after we did a bunch of activities...we did this really cool group singing competition...it was funny. Then we all played islander music. Awe really it was so chill and relaxing. I laid down in the hammock and they played islander music. It was awesome. Then guess what dad, a member wanted us to play golf with him so we did. He didn't tell us it was a tournament!! So me and Elder Fanguna played in a Niue Golf Tournament! HAHAHA! We played a 4 man scramble. It was really really fun. I played alright and we used my ball some times. Our team got second place out of the whole tournament. We shot 5 under par...I know that score probably shouldn't be good enough to get second place! So last P day was awesome! We were so busy doing that we didn't have time to email much.

Now I will answer your questions from your last email.

Well you asked about General Conference. Here on the island because its so small it didn't play live. What happens is it plays live in New Zealand but then right after it finishes the mission office works really hard to put together DVDs and then they send it over to Niue so the members and us can watch it. We actually just received it today so we'll probably get to watch conference really soon. I'm really excited.

About our meals, most of the time we eat with members. Almost every dinner and a lot of times lunches and breakfasts. They are just amazing at feeding the missionaries here. We like never cook at our house.

Well that's an update on last week.

It sounds like you guys had a blast in St George. I'm so glad you guys could have a chance to go on a fun vacation and play in the nice warm weather. I bet it was really fun to ride bikes, hike, go golfing, and just enjoy family. I'm glad that you got to read my e mail last week with everyone...I bet they just loved it. Man I'm really having experiences I will never forget here. I love this island and the people here. I feel very blessed I get to serve here.

Well this past week has been an incredible week. Two weeks ago I had a extreme culture experience of a lifetime and this week I've had a spiritual week of a life time. I don't have a ton of time but I'll tell you some of the spiritual experiences I had. Ugh I cant remember if I told you but two Fridays ago we set Suta for baptism!! It was an incredible lesson and he is excited to get baptized on May 1st! Well this week on Tuesday we had an very spiritual experience. We got prompted to go see a previous investigator of Elder Fanguna and Elder Whits. Her name was Ane. We started teaching her and finding out what she remembered. She had remembered everything and was still reading the Book of Mormon. Long story short Elder Fanguna was prompted by the spirit to ask her if she wanted to be baptized. She got emotional and said she got an answer that was what she needed to do. So she is also set for May 1st!!
Then on Thursday we had a lesson with Elijah. We have taught him a lot and he has kept every commitment. We had an amazing lesson on the gospel and talked a lot about baptism. We didn't know if we were going to set him. But during the lesson I just got a really strong feeling to ask him, so I did and he said he got an answer that the church is true and whats to become a member!! So Elijah is set for April 24!! Can you believe that? Such incredible miracles the Lord has blessed us with. And it doesn't stop there.
Guess what, we had a lesson with Yoka Peta on Friday and we just started teaching the lesson like normal, and she interrupted us and said Elders...I prayed really hard on what I should do about the divorce with my husband and getting baptized. I got an answer...I want to be baptized by the end of this month!!! so we set her for April 24 as well!!! WOW it was just so amazing. I've felt the spirit so incredibly strong this past week its unreal.

So right now we have 4 people with baptism dates!! That is truly blessings from the Lord and miracles he was given us because of our exact obedience and faith. I really need your prayers especially for these 4 people. Please pray that they will be baptized and that they will overcome Satan's temptations. I would love it if you could.
This week really has been absolutely amazing. Its just so many miracles from our Heavenly Father. I wish I could go into more detail about them just know they were extremely incredible spiritual experiences.

Saturday I got to plant some Taro for the first time. It was cool we went out clear in the bush and did it. It was a cool experience. Sunday was a great day at church. I love blessing the sacrament every week here. Its a cool experience also to be in such a tiny branch compared to our huge ward back home. We did trade offs also. I went with Ofa. We had 3 really good lessons.

I sent the package to you guys with letters I wrote each of you and then two DVDs. It left Niue on Friday on the plane. So let me know as soon as you get it. There is a letter for each of you. And there is a DVD that has all my MTC pictures and New Zealand pictures. And then there's a DVD that has all of my Niue pictures so far. I bet your going to love it. Sorry it took so long...I feel bad you haven't gotten hardly any pictures from me. So your going to get a ton when the package arrives. I'm sure you'll love all the cool pictures.

Oh yeah HAHAHA I got that really funny Hamster Dance Song card you guys sent me. It was hilarious. I opened it and it kinda startled me when it started playing music. I was surprised and then I just laughed so hard. Elder Fanguna thought it was absolutely hilarious. Awe your just the best family ever! I loved the card so much. Thank you. I just love you guys for always thinking about me and sending me cool things like that. That is a hilarious song!!

I finally got the Easter Package today!! WOW!! Thank you so much!! I loved it! You really do send me the coolest packages and they always have so much good things in them. I truly am grateful you send me such cool packages. I loved it. Thanks for the bug spray too. Oh yeah the golden egg was awesome...how did you get New Zealand money?? Well just I love you so much and thanks for sending it. Mom you really made it look so cool and I just love your packages. Your the best.

Well I kinda have to go now....your really an incredible family. I love you all so much. Thanks for all the cool things you send me. I hope you like the letters and the DVD I sent you. I'm so excited to talk to you on mothers day! We have a phone but I don't know exactly how were going to call you. I have to go but I love you so much.
Have a great week. Be safe. And remember to pray for the people here.
Love Elder Kitchen

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elder Kitchen and his wild island adventures!

Happy Easter Family!!
I love you guys all so much and I hope you all had a great Easter! Mine was really good and I got a lot of candy from the members and Easter eggs too. I bet you all had a blast this past week and its good to hear you're all enjoying the sun down in St George. I sometimes wish the sun would go away for a day or two here, it's so hot here! I'm sun burnt right now and I'm getting really tan! Its so weird to have had Easter on a tropical island. I'm really glad your having fun down in St George! Tell everyone hi for me down there and that I love them all so much. I'm so glad to have read your emails today. Sorry I took so long to email...today has been a way crazy, fun, exciting day!! I have been waiting ALL week to send you guys this e mail!! THIS WEEK HAS BEEN EXTREMLY AWESOME!!! I've had some of the most exciting, unique and culturally shocking experiences this week. It's been an incredible week and I loved it so much. Last Monday was a great P-day but we didn't do that much. There was some really good lessons in the evening. Tuesday was a way sweet day, in the morning we did some service with Ben. He is 21 and he just got back from his mission in Cicitbus Islands (I spelt that wrong). Well guess what?!?! we went over to this place and there was a bunch of pig sties (pig pens)and there was all these pigs in them (there is a lot of pigs on the island). Well then they told me we were taking one. They pointed at one of the two pigs and they said "jump in Kitchen!! your going to grab the pig!!" I was like What? haha well so I jumped in. My feet sank in mud and I almost fell. I started walking over to the pigs and THEY FREAKED OUT!! They started screaming and running so fast away from me. Man I probably looked like an idiot running around this muddy pig pen trying to grab a pig. They were laughing at me so hard (mainly laughing with me not at me). It was an experience I've never had, I'll tell ya that. Well I finally grabbed the pigs back legs and pulled it up! It was really making noise at this point. Well I handed the freaking out pig to Elder Fanguna and he took it. We transported it to another pen. After that we went in the jungle and gathered coconuts off the ground. We got A TON of them. it was great. We went back had our studies and then had some lessons. Later that night Elder Fanguna got his fire stick out, lit it on fire and started to practice for tomorrow. Then he gave me it and told me to spin it!!! HAHA well I did! Man it was really hot, I almost burned myself. It was so cool to fire dance, well spin it. We practiced our Fijian dance that we were going to perform tomorrow and then went to bed, we had a big day ahead of us. O MY HECK if you think that was interesting and exciting wait to hear about Wednesday! It was the very best day of the whole week. I had more culture in this one day than in my whole life. It was the coolest experience and I have had so many experiences in my life. Well first off, we went and cut a members grass early in the morning. President Porter and his family came with us. We all were just cutting the grass with weed whackers when all of a sudden it started raining like CRAZY! but we all just kept cutting grass. Then it started to get harder, we were all ready soaked so we just kept going at it. Anyways by the end we were so soaked and just having a great time. We took pictures, and just stood under a rain gutter and got drenched. It was an awesome experience. Then right after President dropped us off at our flat Elder Fanguna said "lets go, we are going to kill the pig now for tonight!" So we hopped on our bikes (president and his family had our van that week) in the pouring rain. Wow it was crazy to ride our bikes in that much rain. Well we got to Ben's house then hopped in the back of his truck and headed up to the place. Well we all got out of the truck and then guess what?!?! THEY SAID I WAS GOING TO KILL THE PIG!!! hahahaha wow!!! They gave me a knife and said lets go your going to stab the pig. Don't worry family I video tapped the whole thing! Well we started to walk over and there was two pigs in the sty. They pointed at the one it was and was like okay Kitchen jump in and get the pig. Wow what an experience. I jumped in again and wrestled until I finally grabbed the pig. WOW it was screaming SO loud. I think it knew it was going to die. So I handed it to Elder Fanguna and he wrestled with it and held it down until I jumped out. Man it was freaking out and Elder Fanguna had trouble keeping a hold of it and not letting it run away. Well at this point my heart was beating So fast. They were both laughing and yelling at me Kitchen grab the knife and stab it!! Hurry Hurry. I felt bad because it didn't die right away. The whole time they were both just laughing so hard at me. It was such a crazy experience. Nothing like I've never had before. I wasn't good at it because I'm used to just shooting animals. Well Jami Kaylee and mom your probably horrified, but they made me do it. I wasn't that sad, it was pretty sweet. I just felt bad when it wouldn't die. Well they made me hold it up and we took pictures. They were all like Kitchen "that's awesome, your first pig." After that we took it over and cleaned it. They blow torched it with fire to burn the hair then they scrapped it off. Then guess what? they made me clean it. I cut it open and scrapped all its organs and insides out. Wow it was a unique experience. .........I'm kinda running out of time and there is so much to tell you so I'm not going to go into detail anymore. We finished cleaning the pig and then guess what. They cooked all its insides, like heart, lungs, liver, tongue, stomach and just everything...and they made me eat some of it!!! SO I ATE PIG ORGANS. I have no idea what I ate, it tasted so weird. Well i did a lot of cool things after, husked a coconut, cut it open, drank the juice, scrapped it out. We then made our customs for the party that night. We made them out of banana leaves and really cool plants. Wow seriously the Niuean Party was amazing. It was absolutely incredible. There was heaps of people, cool music, and a lot of exciting things going on. President Porter and his family loved it. You should have seen how much food there was there! IT was the biggest feast I've ever seen! SO MUCH FOOD. It was so good too. I ate the pig I killed too. Well after the huge feast I got ready to dance. Then guess what I Fijian danced. It was me, Elder Fanguan and two other guys. We were all dressed up in these cool islanders costumes and danced really good. It was an experience I'll never forget. There was tons of people watching me and I had so much fun, it was really cool. I wish you could have seen it but some one recorded it on my camera. It was this sweet Fijian war dance. We did a Hawaiian dance too. So I did TWO dances in front of everyone. They were all laughing and having a good time. Well afterward Elder Fanguna Fire Danced!! Man it was so awesome. coolest thing ever. He is as good as the pros at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. Then guess what!!! Everyone was calling my name to go up and a member pushed me up SO I FIRE DANCED!!! I just spinned it, and acted like I was about to eat it. I dropped it accidentally too. MAN you should have seen it everyone was laughing their heads off. I wish I could type forever about these experiences. That day was incredible. I wrote so much in my journal, took so many pictures, videos, and will always remember it. I have experienced so much culture here its unreal.
I love you all so much. You mean everything to me. Happy Easter, have a great week in St George, be safe. I love you so much and miss you. Until next week. Love your son and brother Elder Kitchen

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