Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elder Kitchen and his wild island adventures!

Happy Easter Family!!
I love you guys all so much and I hope you all had a great Easter! Mine was really good and I got a lot of candy from the members and Easter eggs too. I bet you all had a blast this past week and its good to hear you're all enjoying the sun down in St George. I sometimes wish the sun would go away for a day or two here, it's so hot here! I'm sun burnt right now and I'm getting really tan! Its so weird to have had Easter on a tropical island. I'm really glad your having fun down in St George! Tell everyone hi for me down there and that I love them all so much. I'm so glad to have read your emails today. Sorry I took so long to email...today has been a way crazy, fun, exciting day!! I have been waiting ALL week to send you guys this e mail!! THIS WEEK HAS BEEN EXTREMLY AWESOME!!! I've had some of the most exciting, unique and culturally shocking experiences this week. It's been an incredible week and I loved it so much. Last Monday was a great P-day but we didn't do that much. There was some really good lessons in the evening. Tuesday was a way sweet day, in the morning we did some service with Ben. He is 21 and he just got back from his mission in Cicitbus Islands (I spelt that wrong). Well guess what?!?! we went over to this place and there was a bunch of pig sties (pig pens)and there was all these pigs in them (there is a lot of pigs on the island). Well then they told me we were taking one. They pointed at one of the two pigs and they said "jump in Kitchen!! your going to grab the pig!!" I was like What? haha well so I jumped in. My feet sank in mud and I almost fell. I started walking over to the pigs and THEY FREAKED OUT!! They started screaming and running so fast away from me. Man I probably looked like an idiot running around this muddy pig pen trying to grab a pig. They were laughing at me so hard (mainly laughing with me not at me). It was an experience I've never had, I'll tell ya that. Well I finally grabbed the pigs back legs and pulled it up! It was really making noise at this point. Well I handed the freaking out pig to Elder Fanguna and he took it. We transported it to another pen. After that we went in the jungle and gathered coconuts off the ground. We got A TON of them. it was great. We went back had our studies and then had some lessons. Later that night Elder Fanguna got his fire stick out, lit it on fire and started to practice for tomorrow. Then he gave me it and told me to spin it!!! HAHA well I did! Man it was really hot, I almost burned myself. It was so cool to fire dance, well spin it. We practiced our Fijian dance that we were going to perform tomorrow and then went to bed, we had a big day ahead of us. O MY HECK if you think that was interesting and exciting wait to hear about Wednesday! It was the very best day of the whole week. I had more culture in this one day than in my whole life. It was the coolest experience and I have had so many experiences in my life. Well first off, we went and cut a members grass early in the morning. President Porter and his family came with us. We all were just cutting the grass with weed whackers when all of a sudden it started raining like CRAZY! but we all just kept cutting grass. Then it started to get harder, we were all ready soaked so we just kept going at it. Anyways by the end we were so soaked and just having a great time. We took pictures, and just stood under a rain gutter and got drenched. It was an awesome experience. Then right after President dropped us off at our flat Elder Fanguna said "lets go, we are going to kill the pig now for tonight!" So we hopped on our bikes (president and his family had our van that week) in the pouring rain. Wow it was crazy to ride our bikes in that much rain. Well we got to Ben's house then hopped in the back of his truck and headed up to the place. Well we all got out of the truck and then guess what?!?! THEY SAID I WAS GOING TO KILL THE PIG!!! hahahaha wow!!! They gave me a knife and said lets go your going to stab the pig. Don't worry family I video tapped the whole thing! Well we started to walk over and there was two pigs in the sty. They pointed at the one it was and was like okay Kitchen jump in and get the pig. Wow what an experience. I jumped in again and wrestled until I finally grabbed the pig. WOW it was screaming SO loud. I think it knew it was going to die. So I handed it to Elder Fanguna and he wrestled with it and held it down until I jumped out. Man it was freaking out and Elder Fanguna had trouble keeping a hold of it and not letting it run away. Well at this point my heart was beating So fast. They were both laughing and yelling at me Kitchen grab the knife and stab it!! Hurry Hurry. I felt bad because it didn't die right away. The whole time they were both just laughing so hard at me. It was such a crazy experience. Nothing like I've never had before. I wasn't good at it because I'm used to just shooting animals. Well Jami Kaylee and mom your probably horrified, but they made me do it. I wasn't that sad, it was pretty sweet. I just felt bad when it wouldn't die. Well they made me hold it up and we took pictures. They were all like Kitchen "that's awesome, your first pig." After that we took it over and cleaned it. They blow torched it with fire to burn the hair then they scrapped it off. Then guess what? they made me clean it. I cut it open and scrapped all its organs and insides out. Wow it was a unique experience. .........I'm kinda running out of time and there is so much to tell you so I'm not going to go into detail anymore. We finished cleaning the pig and then guess what. They cooked all its insides, like heart, lungs, liver, tongue, stomach and just everything...and they made me eat some of it!!! SO I ATE PIG ORGANS. I have no idea what I ate, it tasted so weird. Well i did a lot of cool things after, husked a coconut, cut it open, drank the juice, scrapped it out. We then made our customs for the party that night. We made them out of banana leaves and really cool plants. Wow seriously the Niuean Party was amazing. It was absolutely incredible. There was heaps of people, cool music, and a lot of exciting things going on. President Porter and his family loved it. You should have seen how much food there was there! IT was the biggest feast I've ever seen! SO MUCH FOOD. It was so good too. I ate the pig I killed too. Well after the huge feast I got ready to dance. Then guess what I Fijian danced. It was me, Elder Fanguan and two other guys. We were all dressed up in these cool islanders costumes and danced really good. It was an experience I'll never forget. There was tons of people watching me and I had so much fun, it was really cool. I wish you could have seen it but some one recorded it on my camera. It was this sweet Fijian war dance. We did a Hawaiian dance too. So I did TWO dances in front of everyone. They were all laughing and having a good time. Well afterward Elder Fanguna Fire Danced!! Man it was so awesome. coolest thing ever. He is as good as the pros at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. Then guess what!!! Everyone was calling my name to go up and a member pushed me up SO I FIRE DANCED!!! I just spinned it, and acted like I was about to eat it. I dropped it accidentally too. MAN you should have seen it everyone was laughing their heads off. I wish I could type forever about these experiences. That day was incredible. I wrote so much in my journal, took so many pictures, videos, and will always remember it. I have experienced so much culture here its unreal.
I love you all so much. You mean everything to me. Happy Easter, have a great week in St George, be safe. I love you so much and miss you. Until next week. Love your son and brother Elder Kitchen

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