Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well hello family!! HOW is everyone doing over in Utah..??

I cant believe its almost been one whole year since I've seen any of you...wow crazy! Sometime it feels its gone so fast others its been forever since I've seen you. Well Sounds like you all loved Halloween and did some fun things. How is the holidays coming along. Over here in New Zealand they don't celebrate the holidays very much at all. They are pretty boring over here. For Halloween no kids went around trick or treating. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving because its an American holiday and Christmas isn't a huge deal over here. They do celebrate it but don't make as big as deal as we do.

Wow its weird to think its already snowing over in Utah. I cant believe snowboarding season is coming around the corner. You'll all have to tell me about your experiences. You should take some photos up at the mountain and send some to me. Oh by the way this e mail me a little shorter because I'm going to try and send some pictures over the computer to you guys. Then I'll hopefully get the pictures ready to send a CD or something home next week. I'm glad everyone is doing well and your all safe. So hows school going Ryan Jami and Kaylee...? Man soon Ryan you'll be all out of high school! Oh man Ryan your turning 18 this year!! Crazy! mom and dad you have another adult in our family now. Can you just imagine when we are all grown up and have our own families. Its going to be different for you guys. We'll have to do some really fun things when I get home and before Ryan leaves on his mission. So Ryan where do you wanna go on your mission. We should start making bets soon and see whose the closest. Well maybe its a little too soon for that haha.

Sounds like mom your still busy at school. Man by the time I get home you'll be a full teacher. Dad your work is going good it sounds like. Whats your guys callings in the ward again? I was just wondering. Well it was cool to hear about Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth's mission. I'm sure they are going where the Lord needs them to go at this time. There really is no greater work than missionary work, I would never trade this experience for anything. Its weird to think the holidays are just around the corner. You'll all be getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Its always kinda a hard time being away from home. I think this year will be easier than last though. It seems like the more time I'm gone from home the less it hurts ...its not that I don't miss you guys its just its easier or something. I still miss you everyday. Man every P day I want to write some letters to some of my friends. Because only on Monday are we allowed to write letters. But we work so hard during the week and we have no time whatsoever to do anything else during the week so when Monday finally comes around I'm so tired and don't feel like writing. Have you heard anything from my friends lately? I miss them. I feel bad I haven't written them for a long time. Ugh man I just know I'm going to get even busier... now that I'm training Elder 'Afa I've noticed my time has even gotten tighter. I'm struggling to find time to write in my journal but no worries I'll catch up with that. Well anyways everything is wonderful on my mission.

Wow this week Elder Afa and I experienced miracles from the Lord. Yes Dion was baptized and confirmed a member of the church. It was so amazing to see the wonderful change in him. Aww its priceless. The Baptism was great. Elder Afa was the one that baptized him. It was his first baptism ever! Oh man it was funny though because Dion is a pretty big guy and Elder Afa is a small short guy. So we were kinda afraid he would have some difficulty baptizing him...and we were right. HAHA. I'm sorry but it was funny. I was the witness. So elder Afa raises his arm to the square and says the prayer right but when he goes down the baptize him he like dropped Dion in the water but half of Dion didn't even go under water. Oh it was sad...I felt bad for him. Then the second time he tries again but Dion is just to heavy for poor elder Afa. It didn't work....Then the third time he said the prayer wrong and didn't get him fully under water. By now everyone is trying to think of a way to do this. Elder Afa said he was like Heavenly Father helped me baptize Dion. A guy came over and thought of a way. Elder Afa said the prayer and than Dion got on his knees in the water and then elder Afa used all his strength to dip him fully in the water and after he did that he could barley lift him up and he slipped and then both of them slammed into the water. So Elder Afa baptized Dion and himself. Everyone clapped after he finally baptized him. That's the first baptism I've been to where people clapped afterwards. It was an experience I'll never forget. Dion said he was kind of embarrassed but he still felt incredible being baptized. Elder Afa and I had a big laugh about it that night at our house. Awww the experiences you have on your mission. Well yesterday I was able to confirm him a member in Sacrament Meeting.

Well I'm going to probably try and send some pictures now. Well this week was just great. Miracles and we have been working so hard. I love this work. The members are just awesome. Oh ya dad I'll answer some of your questions. Here in Rotorua I've seen and heard about a lot of cool things. Ive seen some of the hot pools and stuff. But we haven't been able to get in them. I've heard of the caves and stuff but never seen them. And the members feed us four times a week (like dinners) its a mission rule only 4 times a week. We cook the rest of the time. My suits are in pretty good condition. I just need to get them dry cleaned. I keep putting it off because its expensive but I will. All my clothes are good for now. Our area is pretty big and we have to ride our bikes everywhere. Man sometimes I get such a great workout because of all the hills. Its hard work sometimes. And dad I know what you mean about eating to much like your going to explode. Aww man sometimes the members just don't know when to stop feeding you. I eat so much...if I wasn't on a bike I would probably get so fat. You should tell me about some more experiences that you had on your mission...I like reading them.

Well I got to go now. I sure do love all of you so much. Mom your really the best mom ever. Thanks for everything you do. Dad your just so awesome and I love ya heaps. Your a wonderful family and a blessing from God. Please get better be safe and keep doing whats right. Love ya.

Love Elder Kitchen..
PS can you please have Nick and Kylie and some more of the family e mail me. I want to write them but I just don't have time. thanks love ya...I'll try to send some pictures but I don't know if I can send very much.

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