Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hey Family!                                                                                                     December 9, 2013
Hola mis queridos how have ya'll been doing this week? I hope that school and work has gone well and that you haven't all frozen to death yet. WOW I can't believe it snowed so much in St. George! That's nuts. I'm sure they're all dying down there. Well here in Puebla thinks have warmed up quite a bit. It gets pretty dang hot during the day still and just right at night. It's honestly paradise here as far as the weather. So my Utah family hasn't gone skiing yet??? I'm down here where snow doesn't exist, so you guys better take advantage of it! hah

Well this week was pretty interesting. We had some great divisions with one of our district leaders. I went with the one who is just jr. comp and is having a hard time getting a hold of Spanish. I gave him so really good tips, and we had a good day as far as missionary work. Elder Rowe got kinda sick a few times this week. We had to make some trips to the Dr. to get him some meds and all that. He has problems with his stomach...Mexican food to blame. Because of that we didn't have a fantastic week, but we were able to get an okay week together. We found this awesome guy named Juan by contacting in the street. We were trying to find a part member family's address that we got and we were walking around in the hot sun after church trying to find it and we weren't having any luck. We decided not to give up. We started asking directions from various people contacting them at the same time. Ends up that we never found the house we were looking for, but because of being diligent, we were able to contact Juan. He was the last person we talked to as well. We've had two lessons, he went to church, and he already accepted baptism and a date and everything. It's a testimony that this is the Lord's work. Anyway to answer your questions...yes it has been tough being with two missionaries in a row going home. It's worse this time though because Elder Rowe is from Utah and likes a lot of things I like! But we are still doing great. We get along just fine and I'm glad I have a good companion during Christmas. Well lets face it I've never had a bad comp. on my mission. I've been really lucky. So today for P-day we went to the driving range that's right by our house. We are planning on golfing with the bishop on my birthday, so we had to go to the driving range to practice today. I hit the ball REALLY well actually. Funny thing is there was about 4 really rich golfers there too, and they were watching us hit our crappy rented clubs, so after we impressed them, they shared with us their brand new Callaway clubs!! We ended up making friends with them and he also invited us to play golf a different P day. We are going to share the Gospel with them because they aren't members. It's going to be a fun missionary experience. One guy was a rich Brazilian plastic surgeon, and the other two both from here in Mexico are also rich. It was fun. 

I had a great experience reading the Book of Mormon this week. Pres. Reeves challenged us to read it before Christmas. I've been reading really fast to be able to get it finished. He promised us that if we did this challenge that we would strengthen our testimony in the BOM. I found that strengthening in 2 Nephi 33 this week. Nephi gives his final testimony of the book and the things that he wrote. It is awesome!!! I loved it and I felt another conformation that it's true. I need to get to Alma 36 (where I was when pres. made the challenge) and I'm now in Mosiah 15. I'm going to make it. READ IT. All of you! It's a powerful testimony and evidence of the Restoration. Love you guys so much. I can't wait to see you on Christmas via internet! Love you!

P.S. the Beltran Leon family is getting baptized as a family this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy! It's the family me and the Elder I trained found! I'm so happy for them. I'm going to the baptism

fuerte abrazo
con amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

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