Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hey. Thanksgiving is this week right? On Thursday? That's cool that you're all going down to St. George as a family. I'm sure you'll all have a good time. Eat a bunch of turkey for me because I probably won't be doing anything on Thanksgiving, well unless someone invites us, but nobody celebrates it here. Don't worry though there is this kid named Adrian in the ward who turns 16 on the 16th of Dec. too so we're going to do something together like share a cake and eat some tacos or something. Also, I'm not sure if I told you all this, but our Bishop here lives in one of the nicest gated communities in all of Puebla. It's called La Vista. The mission Pres. of the North Puebla mission lives there. We've already gone to eat at the Bishop's house a few time...wow it's so nice. Anyway the Bishop already invited us to go there to his house on Christmas! Woo! Mom it's always cool to hear about everyone coming and leaving on their missions. It's nuts. I'll look out for Sister Seegmiller. One American girl has gotten here also from St. George. There are only 3 other American girls showing up in the next few days because not all of them got their visas.  Dad I just imagined you eating a ton of turkey and then falling asleep to football and it really isn't that hard to believe! Enjoy. Thanks for the zone leader tips pops and don't worry I miss ya too. Before you know it we'll be sinkin' them birdies on the 18th. 

Well right now I'm wondering who my next companion is going to be. Yesterday we had to go to the mission home because Elder Betts got his final interview from Pres. and he took an online English test. Later on me got all the news for the zone about transfers. Like we thought, I'm staying as Zone Leader in Tres Cerritos ward for at least another transfer. I'm just either going to get another zone leader from a different zone, or a new zone leader, who knows. The meeting is tomorrow. Today I'm still with Elder Betts. He doesn't leave until Wednesday morning, so we'll be together until I get my new companion at the meeting. We were going to visit an old area of his, but it's far away and he decided he just wanted to have a peaceful last P day. Dad I haven't done a zone conference yet. We just had interviews this month, so Zone Conference is coming up next month. There are 24 missionaries in the zone...yeah we get busy sometimes. Well this week was both awesome and kind of not so awesome. Awesome because we baptized a young man named Carlos Villegas! He is awesome. Elder Betts's birthday was on the 22nd and he baptized Carlos. Tyler was right when he said that this ward is on fire. We hope to keep finding new people to keep this going. This week was not so awesome because Elder Betts was starting to slow down. I don't understand yet what your last week would be like, but he had a hard time focusing, which affected the way we worked. It's okay though because this whole transfer we worked super hard and did a lot of great things. We had 6 baptisms this transfer and all of them were in 4 weeks and from 6 different families. It kept us SUPER BUSY. I loved it. It has been my favorite transfer of the mission. I love being zone leader too.

Well like I said before I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving. There needs to be a lot of thanks giving over there...you don't understand how blessed we really are. Out of all that turkey eating and football watching take time to recognize the many blessing in your life. Take time to write some things down and then thank God. I am grateful to have such a wonderful family that loves and supports me. THANK YOU. I am grateful to be here serving the people of Puebla. I love being here and I love the people. I am grateful for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that blesses my life each and every day. I am grateful for my Savior who gave his life for me. Through Him, I am.

Much Love!

Fuerte abrazo
con Amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

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