Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!                                                                                   December 31, 2012
Es Año Nuevo already huh? I`m glad that the world didn`t end haha. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, and that you`re still enjoying the holiday break. Like Mom, my favorite thing about Christmas was getting to talk and see you guys on skype! That was so awesome. I say we skype every time cause I loved it.  I just had SO much to tell you guys about Mèxico, and it`s really difficult to describe things over email. Sounds like you guys enjoyed the call as well.  It was really good to see each of you and how well you are all doing. I really enjoyed hearing about what you`ve been up to, and it was fun to tell you everything I could about Mèxico and Atexcac. You both asked what I did for the rest of Christmas. Well by the time we got back to Atexcac, we went to the appointment we had made, and they weren`t there. We thought that they probably didn`t know we made it on Christmas or something. So we went to the Bishop`s house because they invited us to a really good dinner. After we visited others in the ward who were roasting marshmallows over a fire. We then visited another family who fed us some more, and they we headed home. Oh and the next day we did end up going to Nealtican to the dinner at the President of Nealtican`s mansion house. We told them we didn`t want to go at first, but our zone wanted us to, so we did. WOW it sounds really cold there! It`s still pretty warm here. I couldn`t believe how cold it was in Park City, Dad. I can`t belive you guys went pheasant hunting in that weather...you`re going to kill Kit! Looks like you had fun. Thats cool you`re headed up to Damon`s tonight, yeah tell them all hi for me! I hope you all enjoy New Years Eve! As for us...I`m not sure what we will do. It`s funny New Years Eve landed on a P-day. I think we are going to get a hair cut and then...well I don`t know listen to the millions of fireworks that will be going off haha! 

Anyway so as far as the work goes this week was pretty rough as well. Because of Christmas and the activity the next day, we had a really shortened week again. What we did do a lot of this week was service! So I`m happy about that. Everybody in town is bringing in their corn from their fields right now, so we have been going to various houses and helping them corn husk for a few hours. This week we helped a few different families multiple times. We are corn husking pros now! Other than that we had a few lessons with members trying to get them motivated to help us with the work and references. We committed a couple of families to work on a reference to be able to teach together with their family. Hopefully that works out. As for investigators...well it`s going slow. Adàn just gave us news that him, his wife, and kid are moving to Mèxico City to try and find work out there. That's a bummer. With Anita we still haven`t been able to teach her, but we did do service for her family twice this week. We will work on it this week.  Anyway it`s going good here and Spanish keeps on coming`.

Well I probably better wrap it up.  I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve tonight! I love and miss all of you. During the call you all made me feel really good about my Spanish. It was definitely a confidence builder. It helped me realize just how far I`ve come in 4 and a half months. When I don`t understand something or I say something wrong I just got to remember that. I want to thank each one of you for the continued support. I have so many opportunities and blessing because you your support. I am the person I am today because you your teachings and help. I said this in Spanish to you during the call, but obviously you didn`t understand haha! Also, I wanted to thank my grandparents Grandpa & Grandma Ellsworth/Kitchen because I was told you helped my parents with the Christmas Package, so Thank you so much! I was going to write letters, but I`m not sure when I`ll find time, so I thought I`d thank you now. Well I LOVE my mission already. I`ve already learned so many things, and have been humbled so much. I can`t even explain to you how blessed our family is. Our whole family. Be grateful for the things you have. Even the small and simple things. I love you family! Until next week.

¡Hecha le ganas! 
Con amor,
Elder Kitchen

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