Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear Kitchen Family,                                                                                      January 28, 2013
Yet another Monday. Sounds like things are going well. P-days sure a busy. Some people where say día de descanso which means day of rest, but they were right to call it preparation day haha. I really enjoy reading about the family every week, thanks for keeping me updated with whats goin on with you guys. Mom I don't think I've gotten that letter that you were talking about. I did get a letter from G&G Kitchen with the family picture/Christmas card in it. It takes a really long time for the letters to get to me out here, so maybe I'll get it next zone meeting or something.  Oh and you also asked about the hike over to Dolores house? Yeah it literally is a hike. We have to walk down from our side to the bottom and then back up to the Colonia side. It's not a really long distance, but it's really steep! It's cool though. We've gone over there early like 8 o'clock to help him with this project he was doing on his house. It's beautiful here. I would like to come back kind of like we did with Tyler and New Zealand the only thing is you guys wouldn't be able to understand anybody haha. Well sounds like everyone is doing good. It was good to hear more about what Tyler, Jami, and Kaylee have been up to. Sounds like the S.G. house is going well.

This week went really well here in Atexcac. We had quite a few less-active lessons, and actually a few investigator lessons too. We started to teach Ennis Torres Rdz. the 10 year old who lives with less-active members. This week we taught him the first and second lessons and he has a baptismal date for the 10th of Feb! We're hoping it will all work out for him. The only thing is that we hope he doesn't just go in-active right after because his family is. We want to work with their family as well so that they can all come back to church. We also had a family night with this less-active couple that lives with this other couple as well. They are all members except for a man named Alberto Gordillo who was there when we taught the first lesson. We have another appointment. set as well, so it should go well. Oh and you asked about Dolores...he is doing so good! He hasn't missed one day at church since the first time he came. He truly is a converted member of the Church. I also wanted to tell you a little more about Elder Olvera my companion. He is the youngest of 9 kids in his family of 11! He has a big family. His oldest brother is like 40 years old. His mom has been a member for a long time, but in-active until they were visited by the missionaries when Elder Olvera was 15. Elder Olvera and two of his siblings were baptized shortly after. So Elder Olvera is a convert who used to be an active Catholic. In San. Luis where he's from there is only a small branch. He said when he came to the mission he didn't even know who the prophet Nephi was haha. He had a lot to learn, but he is a great missionary now. He is SO good at soccer like I told you before. He was playing semi-pro soccer before he came out on his mission. He and I get along great he's really cool. 

Anyway I better go now. If I missed something that you wanted to know, just ask me next week. I love and pray for ya'll. Keep up the good work with school and work! ¡Echa le ganas! Está bien ya supe que le hiciera. Les amo familia. Ya he aprendido un buen en la misión. No me se preocupe estoy muy bien aquí en México. Yo encuentro aprendizaje, gozo, y satisfecho en la obra del Señor. Sé que la Iglesia es verdadera realmente no tengo ninguna duda que es la Iglesia de Jesucristo la que ha sido restaurado por un profeta José Smith. Hasta la próxima semana.

Con Amor,
Elder Kitchen

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