Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hola Family                                                                                     September 7, 2012

Hey guys! Wow I can't believe a week has already come and gone. It's crazy how fast time is going out here. I'm sure all of you feel the same way with how busy you all are! It sounds like you are all having a good time. I'm sure Bryce Grand Canyon was a good time. I'll have to go check it out when I get home like Mom said. Oh and Dad the shoes are perfect size and I love them so no worries there. I'll try and find this Sister Belliston to give the other ones to. Is it the Sister Belliston that is in our ward? Anyway yeah I'm sure you are all excited to pick Kit up! I miss that dog already. And mom It's so good to hear that you are loving your class this year. I'm really glad that it all fell into place for you. I'm not surprised :) make sure to thank the Lord. Thanks Dad for the advice about writing in my journal. I have done an okay job so far, but I swear I was better at writing in it when I was at home ha I'm just so busy and when we get back to the room after a long day the last thing you wanna do is write, but I still do it. I'll do even better because, like you said, I want to remember this experience forever. Oh and Mom It's cool to hear about your calling as Sunday School teachers! It seems like its been a while since you've had callings. Its crazy because our ward is so big. Real quick I have just a couple things in mind that you could slip into the next package: My Gerber knife that Dad gave me (apparently you can have them as missionaries because everybody has one here) and that memory card reader that I bought so that I could put pictures onto the computer from our old camera. This would be great because that way no matter what computer I'm using out there in the field, I can plug that baby into a USB port, stick my memory card in, and attach pictures for ya'll throughout my whole mission! Sounds good right?

Anyway a little bit about me this week...if I can remember haha. The days seem to blend together I swear. The language is still coming along just fine. We're finally learning how to speak in past tense and future tense which makes it so much easier to talk and teach. I'm really glad that we're going through this at the MTC, because we're learning so much. Some hot news...me and my district have picked up 4 square at the gym...it gets pretty intense (suppose to be a joke, but at the same time its true). Anyway getting I'll tell you about a couple of experiences this week that are just now coming to my memory. For the Tuesday devotional a Elder from the 70 came with his wife. They are from Germany and they just moved here to the States. His wife have a really enthusiastic talk that was really funny because she couldn't speak English very well. Elder...I would give you his name, but honestly I can't remember because it was a weird German name. He gave an awesome talk and if was a good experience.
Another cool thing that happened this week happened after some of us had taught a "progressing investigator" (MTC style). We were all a little discouraged because this particular investigator is being really difficult for us I'm guessing so we can learn. Anyway we were all kind of frustrated with the language and stuff. So our teacher took us to a different room instead of normal class we watched some clips from Elder Holland and just talked about what we could do better. Afterward I gave the closing prayer, and again it was one of those times where I was speaking better than I thought I could. It was awesome!! I felt the spirit really strong. I am so happy out here. I love it!!

Well guys I got an elder sitting behind me that has been waiting to use the computer for a while now. I just want to let you know again how much I love each and every one of you. I am so grateful for all your love and support. Tell Grandma and Grandpa Kitchen and Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth thank you so much for your support and that I love them. All is well here with me so don't worry. I know I'm doing the Lord's work and that there are people out in Mexico that need to hear the message that I have. Remember how blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives. Well good luck with everything that is going on! May the Lord bless the Kitchen family :) Amo ustedes con todo mi corazon.


Elder Kitchen

P.S. "Adios" literally means "to God"

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