Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hey whats up family                                                                                           August 18, 2012
I'm writing so soon because we don't have real P-day until next Friday. Today is like a mini-P-day I guess. Anyway I'm really enjoying the MTC so far. The first couple of days were a handful! There was a lot to take in and I felt somewhat overwhelmed, but I'm doing awesome now, so no worries. My companion's name is Elder Astle and he is so awesome. We were meant to be companions I swear. We have a lot in common, and we get along really well. He is 20 turning 21 in October, and he is from North California. We both have committed each other to doing our very best, and trying to get the most out of our MTC experience. Oh I also love my district. There is a lot of really cool guys in the district. We have guys from New York, Texas, Cali, Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, and one more state I think. There is only like three of us from Utah. We all seem to get along so far and there is some funny guys as well!
Anyway, the language is actually really frustrating right now. I know this is only my fourth day, but being out here on a mission makes you just want to teach and speak and share my message, which I can't because I don't know Spanish. I need to be more patient though. Its humbling because I swear my companion has like a photographic memory, so when he looks up a Spanish word he'll pretty much remember it. I don't have that gift, so its frustrating. I know that I'll get it down though in no time.
Just a quick story about our very first lesson her in the MTC. We got here on Wednesday and on Friday we had to teach a lesson to an investigator in Spanish! It was stressful. The funny story is that we prepared something to say before we got in the room, but she just let us in right away so it was a quick change of plan. Because of this I just went straight to my seat and forgot to shake the investigator's hand as she had it outstretched toward me following me as I sat down ahahaha. My district was making fun of me. It was a good one. Well I just wanted to let you know that all is well here in the MTC and that I'm absolutely loving it out here. I have been blessed with a great companion. To be honest for being here only 4 days I already know quite a bit of Spanish like I can say a basic prayer and testimony already. Also I really enjoy my teacher Brother Clifford he is a good guy. Well guys I'll tell you more about whats going on my next P-day which is next Friday.
Love, Elder Cocina ;)

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