Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hey Family!                                                                                                   September 14, 2012
How's it going everybody?! Well I've now been here for a month, and it literally feels like a couple of weeks. First of all I wanted to thank you for sending me the candy, goodies, the knife, and the card reader. I got it all okay. Thank you :) I always enjoy getting a cool package. My next request would be some cool little super hero or other funny stickers so I can put them behind my tag, give them to Elders in my district, and put them on letters. Ha I know its a funny request. Also, if you could get creative with some dollar store kind of stuff...like bouncy balls silly putty kind of stuff (you have to get creative out here or you'll go crazy) (I know you are all busy, so time-permitting) Thanks! :)

So anyway wow sounds like everything is going great with everybody. Thanks Dad for sending those pictures. It was really fun to see Kit! I miss that dog already. Also, that fishing trip looked really fun, I'm glad you had a good time. Thanks for that knife, I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled a sweet Benchmade out of my package. Thank you Mom for the goodies and the card reader, I always love the things you send me! Sounds like school is going good. That's cool that you saw Trevor's mom. Tell her that me and Trevor have been keeping in touch. I got a letter from him the other day, and I just sent one back today. Also, I'm starting to get in contact with my other friends who are out on their missions, so that's fun. If you could look in the phone book or something and get Chandler's mailing address that would be way cool because I want to hear from him. Also if you could get me Spencer Neilson's address so I can send him a "you better wake up and serve a mission" letter (in a nice and encouraging way). Oh and I want Tyler, Jami, and Kaylee to know that the letters I sent them weren't meant to be  ONE-WAY letters ;) I'm joking. I can't believe Tyler is working two jobs and going to school, that's crazy. Tell him good luck and I hope he is doing well. Tell Jami and Kaylee I love em' to death, and to be good girls.

Well I'll tell you a little bit about what is going on with me. I won't lie, I'm way over the food. Mom, I miss your cookin'. Tell Tyler that I've already been here longer than him, and that I still have double the amount of time to go haha. For the most part though, I still love it here! I love my district and zone and teachers so much (as I've mentioned). I love the spirit that I feel here on a regular basis. I love being a missionary for the Lord I can't express how much I love it. We study all day long, but I know it's so we can be better missionaries and so we can speak the language. Yesterday we had a "zone conference" (MTC style) and it was so good. A group of missionaries and I from our zone put together a musical number "Ye Elders of Isreal" it was fun to be apart of it. We got a chance to hear testimonies and listen to words from prophets. I spirit was so strong in the room the air was thick. I want you to watch something on Mormon Messages called "Patterns of Light" its a 3-part series with Elder David E. Bednar on the Light of Christ. They are only like 2 minutes a piece, but they are so good! Watch them! That reminds me...has that Mormon Message with all of us in it come out yet? Anyway I'm about running out of time. A meaningful quote I heard this week goes like this: "Be the kind of person that others will see and want to get to know Christ because they know you." I love each and every one of you and I'm so grateful for all the support. Don't worry about me for a second, because I'm doing great out here! I love it. I'm so grateful for everything I have. We are all so blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. Recently, I was thinking back on our family trip to New Zealand. That was the best trip of my life. I think the thing that made it so good is being together as a family. I came closer to each one of you guys on that trip. I'm so grateful to have the knowledge that family can be together forever through God's merciful plan. I know that God does live and he knows each of us. I know that the Jesus is the Christ; the literal Son of the Living God. He lived and died for each and every one of us. I'm humbled to have the responsibility to bring these simple truths to the people of Puebla. The Gospel has changed my life, and continues to change it everyday. Let it change yours as well :)
May God bless
With love,
Elder Kitchen

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