Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Faka Lofa Lahi Atu Kitchen Family!!

Things are great out here on the Rock of Polynesia (that's what they call Niue) because I don't know if I told you but its like a huge rock shooting straight out of the ocean. My week has been another great week. I've been trying to do better with the language. Some members have been helping with it. Malolo a koe? (it means how are you?) I've know that every since I've been here but I don't really know how to spell the Niuean language...just speak some of it. Otherwise I would type a lot more Niuean.

It sounds like all six of you are doing great!! Dad and Ryan just chilling at home enjoying golfing, eating out, and just being guys I'm sure. And mom and the girls had a incredible time in California and St. George. It sounds like Disneyland was really fun and also relaxing on the beach. I'm sure you were glad to get out of the snow finally. There is a lot of people here that have never even seen snow in their lives crazy huh?! Well I hope Kaylee and mom both had amazing birthdays! I'm glad you were able to do some fun things. It sounds like both of your birthdays were great! :) I thought of you both a lot on your birthdays. I wish I could have been there to give ya a big hug. And yeah mom I can still remember when we went to Disneyland and ate those really good frozen lemonade things. Its weird to think its summer there and everyone is out of school. I hope you guys LOVE your summer vacation.

Ugh I really don't want to tell you this but I haven't received your package yet. I'm really confused why I haven't gotten it. Today we went around again to the DHL, Post office, and even this other place looking for it. We also called the mission office and they said that the area office said they already sent it to Niue. She is going to call me back because they are going to track it and see where it is. Maybe its still in Auckland Airport and will come this Friday. But please don't worry and be sad. Its really okay I know its coming and I'm just so grateful you sent me one.

Well this week was good. Elder Fanguna is still here and we don't know exactly when he will be leaving. We helped some members set up and decorate this restaurant for a wedding on Tuesday. Wednesday we taught and visited people all day. Oh yeah we received a good potential investigator. He's from the Philippines, we haven't had a chance to teach him but hopefully this week. We have been helping some less active members come back to church too. Its hard because Niue is such a small place and not a lot of people. We have had the same investigators for a while. And some have stopped progressing...its sad. But we have gotten a couple potential ones so we will pray for miracles. Suta is still doing good and we hope to set him for baptism during our next lesson with him. I still see the Lords hand in our work everyday. I see miracles and I feel the Holy Ghost working through me a lot. I love my mission, it has strengthened my testimony so much. I love sharing my testimony with others, teaching them about the gospel, and saving souls. We truly are bringing our Heavenly Fathers children back to him.

Saturday night we had a cool Niuean Party. There are a bunch of Yachts (really nice boats) here at Niue. They are people from mainly Europe that are traveling the world in Yachts. Cool huh and right now they are in Niue. So Saturday night the people here threw them a big party. There was great food and a lot of Niuean dancing. On Sunday I gave a talk in Church, so I gave a talk on your birthday mom. It was on baring your testimony. Its crazy where I am now since I've been on my mission....I'm not nervous at all now. I almost looked up at them the whole time. I feel very comfortable up on the stand. I know the spirit directed my talking. It was a cool experience.

Well your all amazing. I love you all. Thanks again for everything. I hope you all have another great week. Niue is great and I'm loving it. Just remember your always in my prayers.
Love Elder Kitchen

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