Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Family,

Hey guys! How is everyone doing?! Its crazy its been about 7 months since I've seen any of you.....but its a blessing each and every week we get to e mail to each other about everything going on in our lives. Well I'm sorry to hear the weather has been bad again, I really hope it gets better for you. I wish you could send me some cool air from Utah and I could send you some hot air from Niue. Well I'm doing really well right now. Just staying happy and I'm healthy. My week was also good. It sounds like your week was also a great week. I truly am so grateful your all so happy and doing great. I miss you all so much but I know the Lord is blessing our family for my service.

Well I'll let you know first off! I GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!! I got it last Tuesday June 8th! On dad's birthday!! Ohhhh my gosh hahahahaha!! I loved the package! Thank you so much! Really it was an awesome birthday package and I loved everything about it. So I was like what is this....I opened the Huge letter and I probably almost fell off my seat laughing so hard. The balloon pictures of you guys were absolutely hilarious! They looked so jacked up I'm sorry but they were so funny!! It was so funny cuz the card was playing some silly music and I looked at your pictures and just about died laughing hahahaha!! How did you guys do the pictures? Oh yeah my companion Elder Fanguna was laughing too. I loved the card and letters you wrote me. And the sandals are really nice, I love them thank you. OH and the FOOD!! I was SO happy!! I love Mexican food and theirs HEAPS of it!! I was laughing you even sent me everything to make a cake...your so sweet mom and everyone. The candy was also amazing too...none of that candy you can get here....well nothing in the package you can get here. Its all American and all stuff I love! I cant wait to have a Mexican fiesta! I looks like you all spent a lot of time and money on it....so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much and I loved it. It was awesome cuz you sang to me (the written song and notes), gave me balloons, and a cake! Your an incredible family!

Well my week was really good. We did a lot of service as usual, taught a lot of lessons (more than usual), and got some new investigators!! We have been helping a lot of less active members come back to church and some of them have children not baptized yet so that will be a miracle if we could baptize them. We had a branch activity with the Lakepa Toi branch this week. It was fun we played cricket (its a game we don't have in the states, its like baseball) and rugby. We had a really incredible lesson with our two new investigators. Their names are Tave and Micka, they are a Fijian couple. They were a referral from one of the members here. Saturday morning we cut their grass because they had no way to do it themselves. They called us angels sent from heaven and they were so grateful. They made us breakfast, and lunch. Later that evening we went back with the member Brother Posemani and they made us dinner. They are just amazing people. We then had a absolutely incredible spiritual lesson with them. We taught them the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith. The spirit was so strong. I could feel power and authority as I bore my testimony to them. We bore strong testimony about the savior and his atonement also. I hope and pray they will pray and ask if what we taught them is true. Church was great and we had 3 great lessons yesterday. This week was great. We are just trying so hard to find new people to teach. We are going to set Suta for baptism our next lesson with him!!

Well we found out today that Elder Fanguna will be leaving this Friday. So during my next e mail I will have a new companion. Man its weird to think I'm going to be the senior companion. I'm nervous a little but I know anything is possible with faith in the Lord. I'm going to miss Elder Fanguna...he was a great companion. Well that's pretty much everything I can think of what happened this week.

I'm glad your weeks were very good. I loved reading your e mails as always. Sounds like your enjoying life and having fun. I cant believe your planning to hike up Tim again!! That's funny I can just remember how you hated going down mom and were so scared at the top. Who is all going....when are you guys going? Guess what, today I received a birthday package and another letter from Kenzy! wow shes such a good friend. Yeah I miss Jazzi and Zoe....there is a lot of dogs just running around the island. They have no owner just stray dogs. So yeah all the yacht people are gone now. And no I'm not the only white person on the island. There is actually quite a few white people that live on Niue. And there are a lot of visitors and tourists.

Well I just want you all to know I'm so glad to hear your all doing great. It truly makes me so incredibly happy and its answers to my prayers. Satan is everywhere....and its so hard sometimes to do what is right. I pray for you all every day. I have had so many spiritual experiences on my mission. I have studied so much about the Saviors Atonement and I have come to know so much about his life. He truly is the son of God and we all have to put his atonement in the center of our lives. I love Jesus Christ so much. I am so thankful for what he did for us. He suffered and died so we could repent and have a chance to enter back into his presence and live an eternal life. I love my mission and I am truly grateful to be in his service.
Well I got to go now....but I just want to let you know that what you say to me during your e mails means a lot. I love hearing you bare your testimonies. I love reading all the nice and incredible things you say about me. It means more to me than you know. I love you all with all my heart. I'm grateful to call you my family. I miss you all so much. Have a great safe week.
Love your son and brother Elder Tyler Kitchen

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