Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Doing great this holiday season

Dear Family!
It was so good to hear all of your voices and talk to you for so long on Christmas! I'm glad we got the chance to talk to each other. It was really cool for me to hear what you have been up to and all the things you've gotten for Christmas. I'm sorry the snow isn't that great for snowboarding and skiing but I'm sure it will get a lot better soon. I'm also so glad I got to tell you all the cool experiences I've been having on my mission. I have seen miracles already and I know if I am obedient and try my hardest the Lord will pour many more miracles upon me. I'm also glad I got to talk to Grandma and Grandpa! Well I'm glad you had a good Christmas and I loved talking with you all of you. I'm so excited to see what happens in this upcoming new month. Me and Elder Sessions prayed and pondered about the goal for January. We have come up with 7 baptisms as our goal. We are going to focus on Romish (he has a baptism date for January the 2nd), The Boyde family (Shelly, Danelle, and Kiren), and the Simeon family. Sister Simeon is a less active that has decided to turn her life around, she has came to church twice in a row now! Her 3 children Sarah, Erica, and Morehu have not been baptised so we are going to focus on them. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us according to our faith. I will let you know all the experiences we will have and the amazing miracles the Lord will bless us with. Church yesterday was great. We only had 3 investigators out of the 13 that were supposed to show up so that's frustrating. But we had 4 less actives come so that was awesome. The investigator class after Sacrament went really good. I taught the lesson. It was on exaltation. The spirit was there and the people had some good questions we answered for them. Priesthood meeting was great too. We announced Romish's baptism to the ward and everyone is very excited for him. Romish has a very strong testimony and is really excited to make that commitment of baptism. President and Sister Porter put together a book of the miracles and experiences missionaries have had in the year 2009 in our mission. I have been reading them this morning and last night and they are incredible. The mission is a mission of many miracles. The Lords hand is truly in his great work. I'm am so excited and happy to be apart of it. I love New Zealand. It is a beautiful country and the people are so friendly. I'm very blessed to be here. Well Sister Porter sent us an E-mail and she told all the missionaries that we did it!! We beat the record for the most baptisms the New Zealand Auckland mission has EVER seen. The year 2009 was the best year this mission has had. They baptised 1094 people this year, that is amazing! We are building up the kingdom of God in this mission and I'm so glad to be apart of it this next year. Well I wont ever be in the United States for the year 2010! Crazy huh? I'm also turning 20 this year!! WOW I wont be a teenager anymore! Well I'm really excited about that!Well thanks again for everything! Thanks so much for the Christmas package! I love the tie mom!! I cant believe that you bought that! I was so pumped when I opened it. And I love the watch dad! Wow its really nice, it looks so fancy and hard to work but I will figure it out. The candy is great and all the letters. Let Susan and Uncle Jason know THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love the tie and gloves. The candy is awesome too. The letters were so fun the read and I loved them. Let them know I love them and that was extremely nice of them to send me a package and write me letters. I will write them a letter or e mail when I have time. I'm so busy. Well I love you all so much. I'm glad Ryan had a great birthday. I'm glad you all had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks again for everything. I feel your prayers. I have been praying for you every night. I know the lord will bless you. I love you. Happy NEW YEAR!!!~LOVE ELDER KITCHEN!


  1. I love Tyler! His letters are sooo amazing.. We need his address so we can write him. I love that you are posting these so we can stay updated on our favorite missionary.

  2. I am not sure who you are, let me know and I can send you his address :) Thanks

  3. Ha Ha! This is Paulette. Sincerely margie mei is the name of my blog:)

  4. Hey Paulette, sorry I didn't know it was you. Your blog is cute...lots of pictures. Tyler does write great letters, we look forward to them everyweek. He lifts our spirits up. Thanks for your great comments.


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