Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

First letter from the mission field

Wow I cant believe I'm half way around the world writing you this e mail. Well today is my P day, its always going to be on Monday here so on Sunday in Utah. How are you family?! I love you very much and I miss you but the mission is going great. New Zealand is awesome and its a beautiful country! President Porter is really nice and a very spiritual man. We had dinner at his house the night we got here. He gave us a lesson about missionary work which was amazing. He told us the people in this mission are humble and that there is a lot of people that get baptised. He said that 80 percent was through the members. So he said to gain the trust of them and they will give you referrals! Well the first night I slept great, we slept in some motel in North Shore City. The next morning we when to the mission home again. The mission home is really cool and it has a gorgeous view. New Zealand is extremely green. We had a really good breakfast here and we talked a lot about missionary work again. Then they told us where we would be serving and who are companion is. My companion is ELDER SESSIONS! He is really nice and is way funny. We get a long very well and he has a extremely strong testimony of the gospel. He is from Mesa Arizona! crazy huh?? Guess what he has only been in the field for about 5 months and he is already a trainer. The mission President felt he was ready and so he assigned me and him as companions. So we are both fairly new. He is doing a great job though. I'm learning a lot from him. He is very good at teaching people and also good at remembering names. Its kinda hard for me to remember all these weird New Zealand and Maori names. Sometimes its way hard just to pronounce them. Well I got called so serve in the Hamilton Stake Mission!! Isn't that really cool?! Right now I'm serving in the Claudlands Hamilton Area. Claudlands is my ward name too. I was really excited when I got to called to serve in Hamilton! Well the drive from Auckland to Hamilton was extremely beautiful! It was really green and way cool looking. I saw some of my first sheep . It was about an hour and half drive. Oh yeah except yesterday and today its been raining NON stop here! It rains so much...I thought it was never going to stop . It rained the whole way down to Hamilton. Our bags got soaked. We got to our flat (that's what they call apartment) and unloaded all our stuff. Its kinda a run down place buts its nice. It has a kitchen, two bedrooms, family room, bath room, and a little laundry closet. Just me and my companion live in out flat. We live out of our area right now so we have to ride our bikes like 20 minutes just to get in our area. Yeah we've been riding our bikes A LOT. They are looking for a flat in our area right now. So it was crazy the second day I got here we hopped on our bikes and road a long way in the pouring rain. It was a cool experience. We live around the city of Hamilton so there's a lot of people here. Oh yeah I ate at subway Ryan! They call the vegetables salads here . It tasted almost the same but not exactly. Well we have already had some really cool experiences in Hamilton. We have met a lot of members from the ward. Brother Sunex is a really really awesome guy in the ward who is obsessed with missionary work. He is so funny. He comes with us a lot when we track and stuff. He gave us a ward list of non members and less actives. We have already gone around to less actives and talked to some and invited them to church. Brother Sunex is very funny and sometimes he talks so fast and laughs so much you cant even understand him. But he has a way strong testimony of missionary work. He is such a blessing. We knocked on this door and a guy from Nepal opened the door. He let us right in and we talked to him for a while. He is so nice and he's about 21. We talked to him about the gospel and I got to give away my first Book of Mormon away to him. Wow it was a amazing feeling! He told us we could come back and give him the discussions. It was so cool. We also have had many experiences already to give away pamphlets, share our testimony, and teach people about the gospel. We have a bunch of investigators already and many potential investigators, it is seriously a miracle, its a blessing from God! I love missionary work already. I have also got the opportunity to teach some lessons too! I have felt the spirit so strong as I teach people about the restored gospel. We had a amazing experience two days ago. We were tracking and knocking on doors of a apartment complex. A boy opened on of the doors. It turns out he is 15 years old, he and his family are from Fiji. They are Fiji Indians. Anyways we told him who we were and talked a little about the church and then asked if we could come in. Brother Sunex was with us. The boy asked his mom and she said yes!! We went in and started teaching the boy. His name is John and is extremely nice. The amazing part of this experience is we started teaching just him and then eventually the whole family was sitting around listening. The mom, dad, son, and daughter. There name is the Poa family. Well we taught them the first lesson, about Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon, Restoration, and the Church. I bore my testimony and got to teach a lot of the lesson. It was incredible. The spirit was so strong. We gave them a book of Mormon and challenged them to read it and ask God themselves if it was true. I cant wait to find out if they did. Well we have had amazing experiences already, we have had success and have taught a lot of people. I'm learning a lot already. I'm studying really good and I'm obeying all the rules. The Food is great here! I have already ate at a members house. The members here are really nice and have strong testimonies. 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