Happy heart day

Happy heart day
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Letter continued

Well yeah I haven't tried anything that I haven't liked yet so far. The food is good. But we have only ate at one members house so far so we'll see. Well like I said I'm loving my mission and its really good. But there has been some trails already too. I guess the part of Hamilton is kind of prideful and a lot of white people here. Some of the people are extremely rude. We haven't gotten the door slammed in our faces but we have gotten really rude people. Like when we ride our bikes on the side of the road sometimes people yell out of their cars and swear at us or laugh or say really horrible things. Some people flip us off too. Its sometimes kind of hard but I have to remember what Joseph Smith went through. Its like nothing compared to that! I just kinda laugh now. But I have gotten a little discouraged but my companion has helped me. Its just hard to see people make fun of you and people hate you when I'm used to people liking me yeah know. But I'm doing fine no worries. I still love it here. Well its been really rainy here the first couple of days. It was kinda cold too. But yesterday and today are much better. The sun is out and its really warm. Its really humid here so a lot of my stuff is wet and wont dry sometimes. Well my district leader is named Elder King, he is really awesome. My Zone leaders names our Elder Davidson and Elder Nebiker. They both are really helpful and are really friendly. Elder Davidson is from Australia! He has a cool accent. Oh yeah the New Zealand Accent is really cool. I love listening to people talk. Sometimes its hard to understand some people but I can for the most part. Well it doesn't really feel like Christmas...but I guess the temple lights up all the tress and bushes around the grounds. We are going to go help set up and we'll be there helping with the visitor center and stuff. I haven't seen the temple yet, but I will soon. We already have dinner plans for Christmas and Christmas Eve! Oh yeah I can send you pictures if I had the camera cord. I cant remember if I brought it here. I don't have it with me right now so maybe you can see if I left it in my room. If I did maybe you could send it. Thanks for the Email and letters and everything. Yeah I bet it was really cold there. I cant believe how far away I am right now. Its crazy!! Well I miss you all so much! I'm loving NEW ZEALAND!! I cant believe I'm here on my mission its so crazy! I have already had some amazing experiences here. I know this is Gods work. I'm trying to do my part to help save our fellow brothers and sisters. The people here are kind for the most part. I'm grateful for my companion. We are getting along great. Well I don't know when I'll have time to get on again. Maybe not until next Monday. Just remember Sunday is Utah is my P day. Here its Monday! Well I hope you have a fun time getting ready for Christmas. I'm going to miss you especially during this season. I'm So excited to hear from you on Christmas! :) I'll let you know whether its mine or yours...I don't know yet. Well sorry if I didn't go into very good detail about my experiences so far. There's so much more I want to tell you but we are in some computer place that charges us. The District leader drove us here because we are in down town Hamilton. Well I have to go now I guess. I love you all so much. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Kitchen

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