Happy heart day

Happy heart day
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hey guys,                                                                                                                    February 3, 2014
Nooo way.....the broncos lost :( I don't know if you all remember, but I was a big broncos fan when I was in elementary school and jr. high. I'll admit I did start giving up on them. Also I've always been a Colts fan with Payton Manning and now that he is on the broncos it's even more of a reason. That's too bad. Well sounds like everyone is busy, but doing well. Thanks for letting me know how things are going. Mom thanks for letting me know the news about Ashley and Sean....wow that was fast!! HAHA. I remember when I got the wedding announcement not too long ago. Good for them. So would their kid be a niece or nephew of mine, or does that not count because she is my cousin? Tyler says he is finally seriously looking for the wife, so maybe someday I'll get some nieces or nephews. I'm glad to hear that Carson is doing well on his mission. Thanks for telling me that they said hi and tell em hi for me when you get a chance. That was weird news when you told me that Cassidy is already married. I guess that's the new thing huh?...getting married. It's about time someone went boarding this year. Tell the "flying red tomato" hi for me haha. I wish I was there to go with em. Next season should be good...let's hope. Well I did find out that the Winter Olympics start soon. You'll have to tape it for me or something. That's cool that Grandpa Smith is going to be a great great grandpa now! Is he going for the big 100 years yet? haha dad I can just picture you getting inpatient with a bunch of 5 year olds. It's your future as a grandpa coming up here pretty quick! I got a kick out of the picture with Kit. Jazzi is depressed in the background like she's been forgotten about hahaha. Wait so the stake pres already asked me to talk in other wards?? Isn't he going to be released before I get home? That's what bishop told me. Man I'm going to leave with a new mission pres. and get home to a new stake pres. 

Anyway this week went really well, and SUPER fast. We had two elders from a different zone at our house for a few days visiting the hospital. We did divisions in our area so that we could go to more appointments at the same time. On Thursday we had a all day long leadership meeting and the very next day on Friday we had a all day long mission council. We ended Friday and Saturday in divisions with elders from the zone. We were able to teach a bunch of investigators, 7 went to church yesterday, we found like 8 new ones, and yeah. It's going well. We just need to focus on putting baptismal dates with a bunch of them. We have at least made the invitation to most all of them so far. Tomorrow we have the zone meeting. I'm not sure if you guys know what a zone meeting is, but basically it's a training meeting that we do for the zone. We transmit all that we learned from Pres. in the council and we teach also according to the needs of the zone. Zone conference is different because pres. and his wife both train and teach along with us and it's longer. Anyway I hope that goes well. There are several families that we are teaching right now. Most a part member families. I really want to see them unite and make the decision to get baptized. 

Well after fasting on Sunday and before we went to eat lunch, I was studying my patriarchal blessing and my goals that I've made for this year. I was reflecting on the perspective on our Father in Heaven and when He wants me to achieve in this life. We all have divine potential and a divine destination. We determine our destiny as said by our dear Prophet. I know it's true. The world is constantly trying to gain our attention and to put us down making us feel like we don't have much worth or that we're just not good enough. You all need to read the first presidency message of the month of January with this thought in mind. PUT YOUR GOALS HIGH. We can't be conformists. "if we want to be great, we have to do the things that the greats do." Thanks for everything you all do. Remember through Christ all things are possible. Love you guys!

Elder Ryan Kitchen

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