Happy heart day

Happy heart day
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Querida Familia,                                                                                                 February 25, 2013
Wow! This is another one of those letters that I have a TON to tell you all about! As you already know, I had transfers this week. One Tuesday morning we packed up, said some final good-byes, and headed out to downtown Puebla. I had some mixed emotions leaving, but I'm sure that's how it always is when you leave an area that you've been serving in for a long time. We arrived at the chapel which is located on the street called Valsequillo in Puebla. My life has changed 180 degrees! I am know serving in downtown Puebla...in the City! The ward is called Agua Azul. Our church building is actually the one that everybody meets at for transfer meetings. It is so much different, but I love it already. We have everything in our area! We have two plazas with huge malls, Wal-mart, tons of restaurants, the mission offices, and we actually have El Centro De Puebla which is the very center of Puebla! It is the coolest area. I'm here with Elder Knowlton from Springville Utah and he has 15 months on the mission (my first American comp.) and he is really cool and a great missionary. I already know that I'm going to learn a lot from him. As for the Spanish, don't worry, because we have a goal to speak in Spanish all the time except for nights after planning. We've actually done well with that already. Elder Knowlton is the Leader of our District which consists of us and the Assistants to the President haha. The mission home is in the area right next to ours, but not too far. Also, the missionary couple and secretary of the mission Elder and Sister De La Rosa are in our ward. It's been a big change for me haha. We live in an apartment on Juan Pablo II (street) which is one of the buiser streets in the area. Well that's where I am now! I'm sure you have some questions, so I'll try to answer them next P-day.

Okay so I'm going to attempt to share as much as I can with what we've been up to here in downtown Puebla. On Tuesday afternoon we dropped off my bags and got straight to work. We had an evening full of appointments. right from the start. I'm had to adjust a little bit with my Spanish and we just interacting in general because the people are a lot different in the City, but equally as nice and awesome. Some people call this area the rich area because we have quite a bit of rich people in our ward and in the area. As far as the work, we have a ton of investigators that we are working with and about 4 right now that are progressing really well. We have a lot more work here as far as investigators. I'll have to tell you more about our investigators next week. Wow I just don't know how to explain it. Hmm well we take a whole lot of buses to get from place to place because the area is pretty big. This week we taught a few people for the first time as well which was a new and good experience for me. Well I'll tell you about two more things we were able to do this week and then I've got to wrap it up. President Reeves did give us permission to go to the baptism in Atexcac, so on Saturday we took a little trip back up there for the baptism. On Friday Elder Olvera and his new comp called me and told me that Ennis wanted me to baptize him...so I packed up all the white clothes and we headed out there on a bus. The baptism went really well, and shortly after I said bye to a few more people there and we headed back. It was about an all day trip. It was a great experience! Well today after dropping off our clothes with a member (they wash, dry, and fold all our clothes for us every week!!!! Wooo!) and visiting the mission office for a few minutes, we decided to head over to the Center of Puebla. Whoa. I thought I left the country and I was in Spain or Rome or something. It is such a cool city here we've got to come back to visit. There are huge old churches everywhere. The center has the famous catholic church, and it's massive! So cool. The center is really nice with trees, fountains, cool stores, everything. I saw a ton of foreign people there too. After that we went to what is called Plaza Dorada (golden plaza) and we browsed around the mall because we had some extra time. It's been a way cool P-day. 

I've gotta wrap it up. I hope you like the pictures I sent you all. I think I'm going to send another email with more pictures as well. Oh and before I forget...Dad you're going to be really jealous...but we ate at a taco stand across the street from our house on Juan Pablo II and.....Wow....The BEST tacos I've ever had in my entire life!!! They were incredible. They are called Tacos Árabes which are unique to Puebla only. They cost 14 peso for two huge tacos (that's like a little more than 1 dollar). Anyway don't worry bout me we are doing really well out here. I love getting to chance to teach investigators a lot more. I've already had multiple spiritual experiences here in the new area. I LOVE my mission. It is the best experience ever. One interesting thing to tell you before I get off is that we've found out that there is suppose to be 42 new missionaries arriving in 3 weeks at the end of this shortened transfer. 42! That means that there is going to be a ton of new trainers, so President is really stressing that we all prepare ourselves so that if we are asked to train we are ready. Just in case Elder Knowlton is going to start helping me a lot with my teaching and contacting skills, so that if I'm called to train I'll be ready. Wow I don't feel ready yet, but who knows with all these new missionaries coming. Well I love all of you so much. Keep up the good work in Utah and remind me to share some of the spiritual experiences I've had here already with you next week. Love you! 

Con Amor,
Elder Kitchen

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