Happy heart day

Happy heart day
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Los Kitchens, (Cocinas)                                                                                            March 4, 2013
Buenos tardes from Puebla! ¿Cómo le ha ido familia? Well another week has come and gone (week 2 in ward Agua Azul).  That means that the transfer is already half-way over.   It's half-way over because this transfer is only 4 weeks instead of 6 weeks.  I'm pretty sure because of some of the changes in the MTC.  I'm guessing that in 2 weeks, Elder Knowlton and I will stay together here in Puebla without any changes, but I guess you never know out here in the mission. Sounds like things are going well back at home. I hope you all had a great week.  I'm glad that you all liked all those pictures that you sent you last week. Unfortunately, I don't have the means to send you pictures this week...sorry! Thanks Mom for sharing some experiences from you calling, and the things that you've both been learning from teaching others. Even if the kids don't listen real good, you're right Mom, the teacher often times learns more than the student. I find that to be a truth out here all the time. I really enjoyed the quotes that you sent me about the Atonement, and the testimony that you shared with me mamma :) It's true though, through the atonement we are able to progress and grow to our fullest potential. Haha Dad yeah my shoes got really dirty out in Atexcac just about every day because we would have to walk on dusty dirt paths.  For example, in the picture with Dolores, we were helping him with his sheep and we were walking in dirt fields a lot. Here in Puebla my shoes are nice and shiny, literally it has been a 180 degree change.  Mom have fun up there at Clear Creek, I remember still when I went way back when...it's weird how time flies by right? Also, to answer you question about the package, I really think that it would get here just fine if you sent it like normal. I see missionaries getting packages all the time without any problems. Maybe just a tip to make it even safer: Tape a picture of the Virgen of Guadelupe to the package and nobody will mess with it hahaha it's true. People worship the virgen Guadelupe here in Mexico...like literally. 

Well we had a really busy and interesting week. It started last Monday with a first lesson from a kid named Alberto (16 years old) that Elder Knowlton contacted at a members house. We taught some of the 1st lesson, and taught a whole lot about Jesus Christ. I had a really cool experience with the scriptural promise in D&C when it says that if you treasure the word of God, in the very moment as needed, the spirit will bring it back to remembrance. Alberto had the question of why Jesus Christ had to be hit, bruised, lashed, and smitten; in that very moment the Spirit directed me to Isaiah 53: 3-5. As he read it the Spirit touched his heart and he was moved to believe in the Atonement of the Savior. That same first lesson he accepted the invitation to be baptized! It was a great experience. We also gained 3 new investigators the following day on Tuesday, a small family with the mother and two kids. We didn't have a great lesson with them, but they accepted another visit, so we are excited to continue teaching them as well. We actually had 2 really good investigators (Raymundo y Nadine) and they for going to get baptized for sure, but sadly for us they moved to a different house just outside our area, which is just outside the south mission as well :( Oh well, it's not our baptism, rather the Lord's right? I am blessed to have gotten the chance to teach them a few times. Other days of the week we made visits to less active members and also had a couple of rough days when the appointments fell through one after the other. Elder Knowlton is the District Leader for the Assistants, so we went to their area so that Elder Knowlton could interview one of their investigators. While he did that, I got to go teach some investigators with the Elder Lavato (Assistante [I can't spell in english anymore] who is from Wyoming). Wow I learned a lot from the way that he teaches. We also had a meeting with two zones on Friday and Elder Johnson from the 70 came and talked with us. I learned a lot from him too. It's been a good week, and I'm excited for this week to get going. As for the spanish, I can understand everything now, only a word here and there that I don't know. I'm also speaking well without much trouble at all. I can communicate anything I want now. I have a goal to learn at least 5 new Spanish words every single day (except for P-day) Well that's what is going on out here in Ward Agua Azul (blue water haha).

I better get off now. I love and miss ya'll so much. Keep it up with all the good hard work. Like I always say, do the small and simple things that bring the spirit into your lives. It makes all the difference in the world. I hope that you all enjoy this coming week! Remember this: "Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use words." I love that quote! May God bless each and every one of you. Thank you so much for the continued love and support. Until next week,

Con Amor
Elder Kitchen  

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