Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear Dad, Mom, Ryan, Jami, and Kaylee

Ahhh man I miss all your faces so much. I love seeing pictures of you and I also have a family photo of us on the wall by my desk. How have all of you been. Wow can you believe its been so long since I've seen you. I can still remember when we went to Ghandis for lunch and then you dropped me off at the MTC. As I reflect on my mission I truly have experienced so many wonderful things. I really miss Niue and all the people there. I miss Hamilton and all the people. I miss the missionaries and everyone I met. I also miss all our extended family and friends. But even though things change and time moves on. I'm grateful for the people, experiences, and places I've been blessed with now in my life. I am so truly grateful for everything the Lord has blessed us with. I feel so incredibly blessed by God and I love to express my love to him every time I pray. My heart is so full of love and gratitude for you as my family, for our Heavenly Father for everything I have, and for my Savior Jesus Christ for giving His life for us.

As my mission progresses and time goes on, my testimony of the Savior increases all the time. I learn more about Him and his perfect life. More of His love and extending hand of mercy for all of us. And most of all for his infinite Atoning sacrifice for all man kind. As I see the other side of the world and all the evil and bad things around us it just makes me so grateful to have the gospel in our lives. I couldn't imagine not knowing the things we know because of the restored gospel. I would just like to thank you mom and dad for raising me in the gospel. Even though we weren't perfect at everything I'm grateful for the righteous example you have set for us your children. I know I am here today because of both of you. I'm thankful for the sacrifice you both have made for me. I'm thankful for all the patience, love, support, and everything you've done for me. I could seriously never ask for better parents. I love you both with all my heart. You mean everything to me. Your wonderful role models and I hope I can one day become a great parent like you guys are. Thanks for all the hard work you've gone through to raise us. I hope and pray that I can at least come somewhere near repaying you both back from what you've done for me. All I have to ask is to please continue to be righteous, keep the commandments, repent everyday to God and continue to stay on the straight and narrow path. What a blessing it is for the knowledge that we can be a forever family. Because heaven wouldn't be heaven without any of you.

Again another week has passed by and I'm doing great. This past week I went up to Auckland for a leadership training. It was a really spiritual experience and I learned a lot. President Porter is sent from God to be our mission president. He is wonderful. I am going to be sad when he leaves. We have found a lot of new investigators this week. Right now Judy is still set for baptism for the 26 of Feb. Her daughter started to listen to us and we had a great lesson with her. Jessica our investigator just had her baby. we went to the hospital and visited her. The baby isn't doing that great and its a little sick, so we gave her a blessing. It was the first time I have ever gave an infant a blessing. It was a great experience. We would love your prayers to be with Jessica and the baby. Jessica is still set for baptism on the 26 of Feb. Anita is another 9 year old girl we set for baptism next Saturday! The mission is focused on baptizing weekly or at least 4 a month. It takes a lot of faith, obedience, and hard work for that to happen. I'm trying to improve and do everything I can to accomplish that.

So I was wondering if there are any updates on my friends, like those on a mission or ones from home? How about family?? How are the cousins, anything new? How about you guys anything new happen?? I was sad to hear about Ryan. I sent him an e mail. I hope he gets better soon. That's cool Matthew got baptized.
Well i have to get going now. I'm grateful to been able to e mail you every week. what a blessing. Well I love you, have a great week.

Love Elder Kitchen

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