Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Family!

How are all of you doing this week? It sounds like you just got back from cousin camp and it was a blast and now your chilling at home with all the cousins and family. I never received a letter from Dad but his e mail sent back an auto thing saying he was out of the office so I assume he is on a business trip or something. I'm doing pretty good but sometimes wish I was back in New Zealand just because a couple of reasons. I just keep my head held high and don't worry about it.

It was good to hear about cousin camp this past week. I hope all of you had a blast. I wish I could have been there but its alright there will be more I will be able to go to. Sounds like boating, visiting family, eating heaps of food, and doing random things was a blast. Heber is a beautiful place and I'm sure it was nice. I'm sure like you said mom it was different without me but I'm sure you all had a lot of fun. Did Kylie go to cousin camp? I remember her saying before I went on my mission that she wasn't going to go when I was on my mission. I'm sure she still went and had a blast. I bet you all had a great time telling everyone stories about my mission and things. Too bad I wasn't there to tell the stories because everyone loves my story telling haha. It was nice to read everyone says hello to me and is proud of me. I really wish I could write them all lots of letters...its just so hard because the mission rule is only write family and friends on P-days (that's only once a week on Monday) and we are usually so busy getting other things done or doing other things. But I am writing some friends today and when I'm finished writing them maybe next week or so I'll start to write some cousins and family members. Please just let them know I love them all so much and miss them like crazy.

Oh yeah I was going to ask you mom, have you given my blog spot address to my friends, cousins, family, and stuff. If you haven't that would be amazing if you could give it to them. Because its a great way for my friends to read how my mission has been and for cousins and family. I really do miss them and I'm sad I cant write them more. Tell Kylie if shes there at our house I'm so incredibly sorry for not writing her yet. I loved her letters and I've just been so busy. Tell her I miss her a lot and wish I was there chilling with her. How is she doing now? Well I'm glad Susan and Jason had a great time in Utah and its sad they had to leave. But I'm glad they are all safe and well. I wish I could see their kids because they're all so cute.

Mom I was so surprised when you told me you work on the yard 2-3 hours A DAY!! WOW it probably looks incredible. No wonder you wish I could see it. I can just imagine you guys in the evenings enjoying the nice weather and sitting on that new furniture enjoying the beautiful yard. That's great maybe take some pictures or something. Well like you said I'm sure your not excited for school. Sounds like your loving the relaxing and doing things you want. I love not worrying about school right now but yeah I bet I will have mixed emotions about it when I get back.

It's crazy as always to think James is going into the MTC this Wed! And Cam is leaving in 3 weeks!! When is his mission farewell? And Nicolas wow that's crazy about his call. I didn't know the general authorities go on vacations. I bet he's just dying to get his call. I'm so happy he decided to go on a mission...I remember when he was saying he didn't want to go. Wow he's lucky he's on a backpacking trip in Canada along the Pacific Coastline! Sounds like an adventure. I'm going to try to write him and Issac hopefully soon...ugh....But I still can't believe Issac is coming home in 3 weeks. It went fast and I'm sure he loved his mission. I did receive an e mail from him a while ago but I forgot to e mail him back. Maybe today I will send him an e mail.

So hows every ones summer been? What has Jami, Kaylee, and Ryan been up to? Anything new happening. I cant believe its summer there and no school. How are the Dogs? Have you guys done anything fun with the family? Any other trips planned or ones besides cousin camp? I hope you guys just enjoy every bit of your summer.

Well some about me now... my week was alright. We are just trying to teach, find new investigators, and do everything we can to save souls. Sometimes is frustrating and a little discouraging when so many lessons fall through, when people don't keep commitments, or when things don't work out. Niue is an extremely hard place to serve a mission. I've had kinda a hard week but we've still seen miracles and had spiritual experiences. Its just such a hard place to baptize. But I know we can still do it if we just put complete faith in the Lord. That's what I'm working extra hard on now is having more faith. We've done a lot of service as usual. I'm really good at concrete work (cement work) we do quite a bit on the island. We also gave our house a big cleaning job this past week. The Hekasi family took us to a restaurant on Thursday so that was good. We've done a lot of tracking, finding people to teach, and doing everything we can. We are working so hard and its exhausting sometimes. But I know the Lord gives me strength...and a lot of it is because of your prayers.

Its been hard to get a hold of investigators this week and we've had some problems with some of them. When we called President Porter yesterday (we call him every Sunday) he said he knows we are working so hard and doing our best. He said he was praying and knows we can still baptize. He told me that we really need to work on helping our investigators just get over their concerns and be baptized. To help us strengthen our faith and us it is a principal of power. I'm really trying to do that. Please I'm sure you do everyday but pray for our investigators that miracles will happen. Especially that Anne's village minister will let her be baptized or that Henry's mom will soften her heart and allow him to be baptized. I know it will help. Thank you so much.

Well everything is good with me its just a little hard sometimes but that's a mission. So don't worry, everything is great. Thanks for all the love, support, and for everything you do to help me through your prayers, words, and actions. It really does mean a lot. And mom everything you say to me every week really does help so much. I know you mean every word. I know I make a ton of mistakes but I'm trying my very best. And its so comforting to read all those things about my family which I love so much.

Well its time for me to get off. But just know I do love you with all my heart. I'm grateful for all of you so much. I miss you so much....its hard and my heart aches sometimes but I'm strong and the Lord helps me so much. My mission is the best thing I've ever done. I know this work is true. I know God blesses me and our family for my service. Your such a wonderful family and I could never ask for anyone better. Please have a great week. Be happy and keep enjoying your summer. Tell everyone hello for me. I hope all is well with Dad. I hope to get a letter from him next week. I can feel your prayers and I know God gives me blessings because of your prayers. I pray for our family everyday. I hope with all my heart you all stay safe, happy, healthily, and well. Its hard to say goodbye each week but until next week know I love you all.

Love your son, brother, and friend Elder Tyler Kitchen

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