Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear Family,

Faka Lofa Atu from the Rock of Polynesia, Niue!! How is everyone doing today?! It was great to get your e mails today! It sounded like everything is going great with our family, extended family, and friends. I'm so glad to hear your all happy well and safe. I cant believe school is almost about to start for all of you. Summer went so fast its crazy! By the time I get back Ryan will be graduated from high school...crazy!

Well I leave the island this Friday, so this is the last time I will e mail you on the island. Its really weird....at times I'm really sad and others I just know this is where the Lord wants me to go. It will be a shock to go to the cold weather of New Zealand from this hot tropical humid weather. I'm really sad to leave the island people and experiences here but I have taken a lot of pictures and written a lot in my journal to remember all these experiences. I will never forget Niue. I bet your all going to be excited to hear but I found out where I am going to be serving in New Zealand. President Porter told me yesterday on the phone. I don't know how to spell it...but I will try. Its in Rotorua New Zealand. Its down south past Hamilton. Its in beautiful country side of New Zealand. Its going to be awesome and they said its so pretty down there. I guess its one of New Zealand most touristy towns. The only bad thing is it is probably going to be really cold. Its pretty much the most south you can go in our mission. My companion is going to be a Tonga from Australia! I forgot his name but I'll tell you when I get there. Its weird to think but by this time next week when I e mail you I will be in New Zealand.

Well they have done some farewell parties and dinners for me. Our branch had a huge volleyball island party for me. There was a lot of people, food, and games. It was really fun. They all said some really nice things about me and had me go up and give a speech. Man I almost cried but I forced myself not to. They are going to do another thing for me to I think. Mom you asked where the new companion is from that's coming to replace me. He is from Australia. I know I haven't said much about Elder Havea, but he is a great companion, very obedient. We get along so well, he is really funny, happy, and nice. He laughs a lot...like more than me. People call him Elder Giggles haha. I'm going to miss him he's a good missionary. He will do great being the senior companion of the island. I feel like I've trained him really good.

Wow that was so cool to hear about your Bear Lake trip!! I'm glad you all had so much fun and got to do some really cool things. I'm sure it was beautiful up there and the cabin sounds really nice. We always stay in really nice cabins. It's cool you got to golf a lot, eat heaps, relax, and go to the lake. I'm sure wave running was a blast!! I can't believe grandma Kitchen got on it HAHAHA! Wow tell her I think that's really awesome. You better have taken pictures of her! Hopefully we will get to go back someday. Mom you asked if I remember the last time we went...I don't really, just a couple of things....but I remember throwing up in the car. I'm sure everyone said hi to me, I miss all of them so much. I bet it was still just a blast. It was amazing to hear about that experience when grandpa prayed for me. That touches my heart and makes me so happy. Thank him so much and let them know I receive blessings and protection because of their prayers. I can feel all their love for me. Tell all the family I missed them and wished I could have been there.

Yeah maybe some day we can go fishing in Cabo Mexico Dad. Guess what we went again today. I caught a fish! It was a small reef fish but it was nice and colorful well kinda. It was really fun to go again. We'll have to go deep sea fishing some day. Well its still crazy there is only one more full week of summer left. Good luck everyone getting back to school. You'll have to let me know how school is and all your classes and teachers and stuff. Ryan sounds like is he busy doing his golf. I also cant believe Issac is coming home today!! THAT is insane!! WOW tell him hello and congrats for me. Tell him I'm so proud of him and I love him. I miss him and I can't wait someday to see him again.

Thank you for all the kind things you always say and all the blessings. Tell everyone I love and am grateful for everything they do for me. That's so nice to hear all the good things grandma and grandpa Kitchen said about me. I'm truly grateful to be in this incredible family. Tell all your family mom when you see them when Isaac comes home that I love them so much and miss them. I cant believe he's already coming home. Well it makes me so happy to hear you loved my testimony. Its so strong and words on a computer screen cant fully describe what I know to be true. I hope it touches others hearts and helps them gain a stronger testimony. Some time I would love to maybe hear my families testimony if you could do that.

That is nice that your going to visit Cam today. I wish I could have been there during his farewell. Time flies...I cant believe it was yesterday. I thought of that yesterday...I'm very proud of him. I bet he did a great job and I'm sure there was a ton of family and friends there. I haven't received a letter from him so maybe you could just ask if he has sent it. Its weird to think he is going into the MTC this Wednesday. Tell him I love him and I miss him. I'm very proud of him and that I'm so excited he is going into the MTC this Wed. He will love his mission and its the best thing he could be doing. Tell him good job and I wish I could have been there for him yesterday. But I'm praying for him and thinking about him leaving on his mission.

Well my 2nd to last week on the island was great. I did some really fun things and also had some great missionary experiences. We did our usual service and teaching things. Just tons of missionary work. It will be weird not having service anymore in NZ. We had some very spiritual experiences and we got one of our investigators to kneel down with us to ask weather the Book of Mormon was true. She felt the spirit and it was just incredible. My last time at church was great. I will miss this small faithful branch here. I love these people....Church was great. Awe my week was just awesome.

Well I'm going to leave now....I'm sorry it wasn't as long...but we have some other things we want to do today since its my last P day here. I want to go around the island one last time. Don't worry I will take lots of pictures! Wow its just crazy! Well thanks for everything family. I can feel your love and prayers. I am doing well very happy and safe. I'm excited to return back to NZ this week. I'll e mail you and tell you about my experience there. I love you all so very much. I know you all miss me but please don't be too sad...I'm alright and will see each other sooner than we know it, just be happy. smile and know I'm doing the right thing out here. Everyone have a wonderful great last week of summer. Be safe and just love life. Do the right thing and just keep being who you are.

Love Elder Kitchen

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