Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Dad, Mom, Ryan, Jami, and Kaylee

Hey guys! How is everyone doing? Sounds like your all staying busy with some fun exciting things this summer. I'm glad everyone is doing good. Its always nice to look forward to Monday to e mail my family every week. Well this week I'm doing so much better. Last week was kinda a hard week and I went through some trails but this week was much better. Oh before I forget President Porter called me a couple of days ago and told me that he is sending me back to New Zealand in a couple of weeks. Wow it came as a shock but yes I'm leaving the island after all these months. I have so many mixed feelings....I'm excited to go back to NZ for many reasons...but I'm also going to miss Niue so much. The people here especially...I'm so close with them. I love the people so much. But your right mom, I've had so many incredible unforgettable experiences here that I will never forget. I'm very lucky and blessed to have been able to come here!

Oh yeah tell Paulette just to e mail me a letter. I'm sure its okay. Mom you can probably also tell other family members just to e mail me. I'm pretty sure we can because they're family. But I'll ask though. Yeah we've done a ton of cement work out here on Niue. We did some this week too. I'm really good at it now and its because I learned it at building construction. And WOW 30 year high school reunion, your getting old dad hahaha just kidding. But that will be great if you go so you can see all the people to went to high school with 30 years later. I wonder if you'll recognize most of them.

I love my cousins and miss them too. Thank you mom for giving my blog spot to everyone, friends cousins and family. Its nice that they can read about my mission. Thank you so much for doing that mom. It was fun and interesting to read that I've been more west than a lot of people on earth...what do you mean about that...I think I know but I'm not sure?? Well I'm glad all your summers are going so great. Everyone is doing awesome and wonderful.

Well this week was incredible. We had many amazing things happen and we witnessed a mighty miracle from the hands of the Lord. Last Monday we went fishing again. We just sat on the wolf (the thing that goes out far into the water where boats dock onto), but it was fun to go fishing. This week we also did a ton of service to help out members and investigators. We worked really hard. We also had a lot of really good lessons. We got a new investigator also. We just prayed so much, fasted and just gave the Lord our best. We had some incredible lessons and had some wonderful experiences. We had some really good lessons and I bore my testimony so powerfully I know the Lord is pleased with my work. I can feel the spirit working through me. I just love it so much. We had a mighty miracle yesterday. Long story short one of our investigators wanted to be baptized but had a problem with a village minister. So we prayed so hard, fasted, and I know your prayers helped so much, but the Lord provided a powerful way and miracle. We found a way and we had a wonderful lesson with her and her parents last night. She agreed to be baptized this SATURDAY!! SO I will be able to see her get baptized before I leave!! I'm so grateful to the Lord. Wow it was just an amazing experience.

Well so much happened this week and I didn't go into very much detail about the experience we had but I don't have much time. I just wanna share one more cool experience I had this week. Well one of the members asked us if we could go help him. His friend had shot and killed a wild pig out in the bush over in another village on the other side of the island. So we went and helped him put into his truck and we took it to his house. WOW it was a huge wild pig. IT had huge curly teeth and it was kinda scary looking! It was crazy! Well he skinned it (cut off all the skin) and then we gutted it and cleaned all the insides out. Then we cut it up and Suni cooked the liver heart and insides for us to eat. It was actually pretty good. He also cooked wild pig steak and it was nice. It was a crazy experience haha.

Well I got to go now. Thanks for everything. Dad you asked if I need anything. I'm good I don't need anything no worries. Well I hope you all have a wonderful week. I sure do love you so much, I know you pray for me and I can feel the prayers and know they bless me. So thank you. Your a wonderful family. Please have a wonderful rest of the summer.

Love Elder Kitchen

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