Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Elder Kitchen dances for money!

Hello family!!
How are you guys?! Man sometimes it feels like the weeks fly by and its already time to email you again....and others feel like it will never end. My mission really is a once in a life time opportunity. Its changed my life and I'm learning so much. I really miss all of you so much though and I miss my friends and everyone. You know how social and loving person I was and its hard not to be with any of the people I loved before my mission. But I keep going forward and I just love my mission. I'm sorry again for taking another day to email you guys. Hopefully next week the Internet will be fixed so we will be able to e mail on Monday and have more time. I know you don't love when I do this but its so crazy here and today we aren't really supposed to email so I don't have a lot of time.

First of all I'm so glad you all got my letters and pictures. I truly meant everything I said in the letters. I'm sorry its been a while since I wrote each of you a hand written letter. I'm glad now I have its just so crazy on a mission. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I loved all the experiences behind each one. I wish I could be there and tell you about them. And about the videos I have a lot more and better ones than those. I didn't send them because I thought I would watch them with you when I get home. The ones you watched weren't supposed to be there. But the old guy and lady are a long story, they are just really funny nice old members. Me and my companion just had a really funny time the last dinner before I left to Niue. Mom, the lady is the one that called you, her name is sister Chote, and the old guy is the one I was telling you about named Raymond. He is awesome and so funny you need to meet him someday.

Thanks so much mom for all you do about updating me on my friends. I really love to hear about them too because I have been really bad at writing them. I have finished a letter to Devan and right now I'm writing one to James. I'm trying to do better now. Thanks for all the pictures too they were awesome. I cant believe Devan already had his farewell....man its crazy. And I wonder about Sam....I really wanna know if she got my letter....I sent her one and she never replied. I hope shes all right with Dustin going on a mission.

Well for you family it seems like everything is going great. I bet your all excited for summer to come around the corner, and also for some vacations and things. It sounds like Ryan had a great time at prom. I remember all my fun experiences at prom. Tell Ryan just to love every second of high school because it ends fast. I'm glad grandma and grandpa and Paulette could look at my pictures. That's so awesome. You should invite other family and some of my friends to come see. I bet you all just loved the pictures. I should have taken more in New Zealand....I didn't take much but I will when I go back there.

Well I've heard from members all the bad things happening around the world. So many natural disasters. Wow its the signs of the times for sure. But luckily Niue is fine and we haven't experienced that bad of weather. Hurricane season is almost over so that's good. Its also cooling down a little here....I'm so glad because its too hot here. Wow, I've heard just a bunch of cool things have been happening. Sometimes you think because you went on a mission the whole world stops. But it doesn't. I just have to not think about it to much. Whats new with you guys? Sounds like a lot has happened. That's so sad about the Rippy family. That's horrible.....I feel so bad.....I can't believe all the bad stuff has happened to them. I will for sure keep them in my prayers. They are so wonderful people...its sad to see bad things happen to good people....but we know the Lord is in it no matter what. I'm sure Heavenly Father has a reason why he took the little boy back to him.

Well for me this last week was alright again. I'm going through some trials on my mission here in Niue. Its so hard to teach and help investigators with their concerns. I'm trying just to increase my faith and trust in God. Following the spirit to exactness is what I'm trying to do. I just pray so much to help me overcome my trails. The missionary work is going alright but we found out some of our investigators have been lying to us....ugh. Oh well I'm trying to do my best. This week we did a ton of service. We taught less lessons then we usually do. We had a really cool family home evening with some less active Tongan boys. They killed another pig and roasted it for the family night. The spirit was strong...I couldn't understand hardly any of it though because it was in Tongan. Last Sunday was great...we watched Saturday morning and afternoon sessions on conference. Oh yeah on Saturday evening we watched the priesthood session also. We are going to watch the Sunday sessions probably next week or the next. I love watching general conference on my mission. I not only stayed awake the whole time but I payed serious attention and took notes. I learned so much and felt the spirit so strong. I love listening the the prophets and apostles.

Saturday was the main day I wanted to focus on. Well guess what during the week we had been teaching these Niuean boys this dance so they could dance in their village show day on Saturday. Well Elder Fanguna was teaching them,and he said I was going to learn it to so we could perform in it. It was the same Figian war dance we performed before and another new dance I've never done before. Okay so we prepared for the dance and got all ready Saturday morning. We went to the show day and let me tell you, the islander show days are crazy!! There is so many people at them....there is stands everywhere and people are selling food, arts and crafts, and teaching people how to do cultural things. There is also a lot of cool islander music and entertainment. Its really cool and offers a ton of cultural experiences. Well we got all dressed up in our customs, we had black paint on our faces, a lava lava on, a pig tooth necklace, banana leaves around our legs, and some cool black shirts on. We all looked sweet. There was 8 of us all together. We went back stage and waited for our turn to perform on stage. I could see the stage and was watching all the other performances. Wow it was awesome to watch all the different islander culture dances. All the customs were awesome. There were so many people there watching, and they were video taping the whole thing. At this point I was nervous because we didn't even practice that much, I'm not good at the islander dancing because I'm not an islander, and there were so many people. I just thought, whatever this is a cool experience and just have fun. So it was time for us to go. We all started walking out the go to the stage. Everyone was cheering so loud. Elder Fanguna and the other boys were yelling out these islander calls. Then we went on stage. The music started playing! I started dancing the first song. Everyone was cheering and laughing and having a good time. I was just smiling and I didn't do that good. But it was just so fun. It was such a cool experience. Then guess what?! its a part of islander culture to go up and put money either in a basket at the front of the dancers or just go and stick it somewhere on the dancer. So as I was dancing people stated sticking money on me!!!! HAHAHA!! it was so funny. Well then we did the other Figian war dance. It was awesome. I had so much fun and just didn't care what people thought of me. I can't even describe my feelings. Well long story short everyone loved the dance, and people took a lot of pictures. I guess what I got 80 dollars!! Well the only bad thing was I forgot my camera in the car. I wanted to go back but we didn't have time. But luckily this TV station in Niue recorded the whole thing so I'm going to buy a DVD so we can watch me dance and remember that experience.

Wow I've taken more time than I can. I have to go now. I hope you like this e mail. Well thanks so much for all you do. I love you all more than anything. Your the best family. I'm so excited to talk to you on Mothers Day. What day is it exactly....I don't know whats going on about that but ill find out and tel you next Monday. I'm glad I got to e mail you...I thought maybe I wasn't going to be able to.
Well have a great week. Keep being who you are. I love you so much. Thanks for everything. Until next week. Be safe and have a good week. I love ya
Love Elder Kitchen
*PS-I added more photos on the previous 3 posts, scroll down to see more photos!

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