Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hey guys,                                                                                                                January 6, 2013
Dad I thought it was funny when you told me about how Kit was licking your arm while you were trying to write me. I miss that dog. I feel like I wasn't really there that long when she was around. Sounds like you've all had a fun week and some good vacations. Mom, you seem sad that they are almost over. I remember that feeling. Ya mom we don't really know why my companion is going home in the middle of the transfer, but that's what's going to happen. He is going alone too, like he didn't come with any missionaries in the beginning. This transfer he is going to be in a trio with two others until Jan. 27th. That's cool that you guys got a new calling! Were you teachers for a year when you got the change? Haha mom you're probably right when you say that it's a prep for grand kids...hmm..that's a weird thought. I wonder who is going to pump out the first grand kid out of Tyler, Jami, Kaylee and I. I guess anything could happen at this point, obviously with Kaylee out of the mix, and hoping that Jami is out as well. WOW I was really happy to hear about Spencer's mission call. I'm glad that he made up his mind and is going. Germany should be interesting. That's cool that you guys fasted this week as a stake. Let's hope that your fast turns out to be a SUU or Snow for Jami, because Dixie seems to be a little sketchy haha. Yep dad I sure did say goodbye to Mr. Trunky. I really liked the transfer with him. We had a lot of success, and we became friends, but it's not too fun being some one's last comp. who is trunky. I'm excited for what's coming up. Yeah dad the girls have definitely brainwashed you...but it's a good thing that you are still golfing. Also something that worries me is that it seems like most of your letter this week was about the dogs. Before we know it you'll be talking to imaginary friends! hahaha I'm just playing with ya pops. You gave me a scare thinking that Zoe died...and wait..did you tell me that Jazzi died yet, or is she still kicking? Anyway thanks for the letters.

Well this week was really interesting. We slept 2 or 3 times in my comp's house in Valsequillo and about 4 or 5 here in my área. There were days when we had to travel and work in his área to go to appointments during part of the day, and then part of the day in my área. It was pretty crazy, but we were still able to get a few things done. Also, there was the misión council on Friday. It's the meeting with Pres. and his assistants with just us the Zone leaders. Sister Reeves makes us breakfast as we get there, and then as it ends around 4 pm we have an awesome dinner waiting for us. It's great. We call it Jedi Council haha well us missionaries anyway. I learned a lot in the meeting. From that meeting we learn about what we need to talk about in our zone meetings and zone conferences. It's my third misión council, and going to be my third zone meeting (we have it every month). Coming up on the 14 we will be having my first zone conference as Zone Leader (every 3 months we have zone conference). Also in the meeting I found out who was going to train and then tell them later...that's always fun :) Also I was advised that a new área is going to be opening in the zone, and it happens to be in our Ward. There will be 4 of us here now. So I had to go search for a house and revise it and everything. We found one, we are just going to see it here in a little bit. There is a whole lot more responsibilities as a ZL that's for sure. It's been good though, I'm learning a lot. This Sunday all 5 investigators were able to come to church and get confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost. It was awesome. Elder Ramírez had to go to his Ward because of confirmations as well, so he was with other elders from his zone and I was with two that share my same church in the zone. After I ended up being with our Ward misión leader after church until the night when me and Elder Ramirez met up again. It's been a quick week. Well tomorrow is the transfer meeting. I'm not going anywhere, which makes me happy. I don't want to leave. I will receive my new comp tomorrow and I hope he has less time than me haha. I have a lot of good feelings about this next transfer.

Well I've learned some good things this week. On the 1st I took some time and I made some new years resolutions or goals. As I thought about some of the small and simple things that I can change, I felt really good. It reminded me of the scripture in Alma 37: 6-7 you should all read it and think of the small things in your life that you can change this year. I know that great is the person who takes care of the small and simple things in life. I feel a greater desire to do every small thing that will help me be a better person, and missionary. Some might think that when the Savior walked among us, it wasn't all that important. The Savior always did the small and simple things that ended up ultimately changing the world. I love you guys!! May this year be yet another year of happiness and success.

Con amor

Elder Ryan Kitchen

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