Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I posted his last two letters today....enjoy!

Dear Family, October 16, 2011
Thank you for all your prayers and everything you! The Missionary work is doing great! We as a mission are doing amazing things and there is many of Heavenly Fathers Children who are coming into the restored Gospel. Our goal is still 204 and we will be able to do it with the Lords help! I’m doing great just even more busy now. We have a lot of new things happening now because President Lekias is adding some new things so we are helping our zone know everything. Just so you know I wont have a lot of time to e-mail today...I’m sorry.
This last week was really great. We had a lot of trainings and meetings but we were still able to do some incredible work. Right now we have 4 investigators preparing for baptism. Patu, Sarah, Nazereth, and Linoa. They are all great and are doing well. But there are things that are keeping them from being baptized. Some of them are Law of Chastity concerns, like not being married. We are praying very hard and trying to do everything we can for them. Tuesday we went on a trade off with one of the companionships in our zone. I love going with elders and seeing their strengths and helping them with things they could improve. On Wednesday we had Zone Leader Council. It was great....I always love going to those. It’s great to be with all the zone leaders in the mission and get to be at the Mission Home. We had some really good food. And we learned so much and the spirit was very strong. On Thursday we had Leadership Training. Saturday we were able to bring our investigators to a baptism of another companionship in the zone. Yesterday we were able to do some baptism interviews for another companionship in our zone. We also had a Come and See Fireside we went to. It was awesome to see all the investigators and Listen to our leaders speak and listen to recent converts bear their testimonies.
Wow seriously when you told me Jami was 16 years it hit me! That is crazy! Wow Happy Birthday Jami!! :D Congrats on being 16! What an awesome age and I’m sure you had a great Birthday! Sounds like you did some really fun things. Just like me you went to Park City and got to have a hotel room. That is really cool. Jami I cant wait to see you drive....man that’s going to be weird. How do you like driving so far? I know mom they are probably going to look a lot older when I see them in real life! Mom I’m sure your very busy, I hope you can have some rest.....I know how it is to be very tired. On a mission there is absolutely no time to rest, no time to nap, the only rest or sleep you get is from 10:30-6:30...its more like 11-6:30 because your having your companionship and personal prayers. I know the Lord blessings us missionaries with extra strength from on High...its a miracle.
I’m so glad that you’re reading the Book of Mormon together as a family and that’s really cool how you were reading the story in Alma. What a blessing it would be to know our mission The New Zealand Auckland Mission saved 204 souls in one month. It is very possible but we must have the Lords help and that comes from qualifying and praying a lot.
Say hello to the family for me! I miss all of them so much. Haha Dad you asked if my companion skis or snowboards. He said he doesn’t do either. He said he doesn’t like the snow!! HAHA he lives in Park City though....that’s all it is!!
About the New Zealand Trip, I was able to look over the schedule and it looks great! I will try and think of some other things to do, probably next week. I’m pretty busy this week. It will be such a blessing for you all to come to New Zealand. The main thing for me is to see all the people again, the members, recent converts, investigators, and just to see and be where I served! I’m sure when we are at all the places I will want to do certain things haha.
I love you all very much.
Love Elder Kitchen

Dear Family! October 23, 2011
Thanks for the e-mails this week. I always love to read them. Sounds like everyone is doing great and your all loving being in St George. Hope everyone is having a lot of fun. I’m sure its nice down there to see everyone. That is really cool that you are still with Grandpa and Grandma even though they are on their mission. And that’s cool that Zach loved his mission so much and was a AP and everything. I’m sure he already misses his mission. Tell Maddie congrats for getting married for me. Also if you could tell the Pugmire’s and Grandma and Grandpa hello and let them know I love them all so much. Also I’m so grateful they set such a good example to us by serving 3 missions. They are so faithful and incredible people to serve the Lord. That will always affect us for them to serve missions and I know we are all extremely blessed because of them.
This week was another great week. We went on three different trade offs with our missionaries. We talked to A TON of people! We shared the gospel to so many people and it was so amazing to do that. We had interviews with our mission president too. Last Monday we went to a really cool site seeing place by the shoreline in west cost of Auckland. It was beautiful. New Zealand is so incredibly amazing! You are all going to love it so much.
I’m sure your all very excited to come here....I would talk more about it but I’m still staying focused on the work and I don’t want to get that distracted....but don’t worry you talking about it doesn’t really get me distracted. haha. I wish I could write more....I’m sure your sad when I don’t write as much but we are planning on going to another cool place by the ocean to see and we have to leave soon and we had some other things to do too.
I love you all very much and I’m so grateful for everything you've done for me.
Until Next week! Love Elder Kitchen

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