Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I just posted the letter Tyler wrote before this a few hours ago, so if you didn't already read that one, you might want to read it first. :)

Dear Family!! May 22, 2011
Wow my heart is so full of joy and happiness right now! I am forever grateful for everything in my life. I can’t stop thanking Heavenly Father for all the incredible blessings I’ve received. I am so truly blessed to have you all as my family. I love each and every one of you more than you know. I’m so thankful to hear that everyone is doing so good. I loved the emails and I loved reading what everyone has been up to and all the amazing things happening in your lives. The greatest joy in life is with your family and just thinking about all the memories we've had and the absolute love I have for you....my heart just pours out to God in gratitude! Thank you for everything you all have done in my life. I seriously could never tell you or show you....any of you how much you mean to me. Thank you.

Thank you so much for wishing me a Happy Birthday!! Wow it’s so crazy to think that I am 21 years old!! Time just goes by way too fast....like Dad said I can remember when I was younger and when I was a young teenager like it was just yesterday...and now I am an adult...Me and my companion were talking about how when we are young we always say "when I grow up" I want to do this or that. But it’s weird to think....but it’s already here for me. I am grown up and my life will just continue to increase. My birthday was pretty good...its wasn’t anything that special or out of the ordinary....it was mainly a normal day in serving the Lord. This is one of the greatest birthday gifts I can have is to serve the Lord. Another gift I had received is we had a baptism on Saturday!! I was able to baptize Naina and then yesterday on my birthday, I was able to confirm him a member of the church. It was just indescribable. The look of his face and the joy he has now being a member is priceless. He is doing great and I know his life will be so much more happier because he is a member of the church! We went and saw Bridget in the hospital yesterday and she is doing a lot better...thank you for your prayers! Holly our other investigator (Bridget’s friend) was there too. They both sang happy birthday to me. They are both so amazing and I just am so grateful to know both of them. Ohhh yeahh!! Guess what...we set Bridget for baptism!! She was agreed to be baptized on June the 15th!! She has had a serious change of her heart and life and wants to follow God! I am so happy for her. We go see her almost every day up at the hospital! Church was great yesterday! A lot of people said happy birthday because my companion told some of them! :) haha. Then what made my day really great is that the Roger Family (Caleb’s family) made a really nice birthday dinner for me. Then they made me a birthday cake and sang to me! They are so awesome and I love that family so much. We had a lesson afterwards with the whole family. The mother and two sisters are non members. The dad is a less active...I know they will come to church soon!! Yesterday was a great day and I know today is my kind of real birthday...so thank you. I haven’t received my package yet but I’ll let you know when I do! President and Sister Porter called me yesterday and sang happy birthday to me! haha I’m going to miss them....

Well on a sadder note...I got my bike stolen! Uh.....someone came and grabbed it in the middle of the night....that’s no good eh....well I am going to go to the police and report it. Right now one of the members is letting me use their bike, so it’s okay you don’t have to worry at all about it. I don’t want to buy a new one because I don’t have that much time left. I will just figure out something. On a happier note...haha we are teaching this guy named Thomas. He also wants to change his life and guess what..we set him for baptism too on June 25!! Yay! Miracles and miracles!! I love this area. Tuesday was our zone conference. It was wonderful. President and Sister Porter gave powerful trainings and we learned so much. The spirit was very strong. The APs also gave some really good trainings. The lunch we had was so good too. This month the mission is doing so good. We have a possibility of baptizing 200 people in the mission! That’s really good for 1 month! Lyric is all set for his baptism this Thursday! We are excited for him. And also on Saturday we will be having another baptism. Sheridyn will be getting baptized!!

Oh yeah.. I did get the letter from Grandpa Kitchen! I loved it....he is so funny! It made me feel so good! I wish I could write him back! I will try and email them next week. Ohhh grandpa he is the coolest. He told me a lot and I was laughing because he said something about my shotgun hahaha he is a crack up! I miss them a lot.

Oh man I loved the pictures you sent me! Ryan's house looks so good!! Wow it’s beautiful and I’m sure it’s so nice. Ahh man I wish I could go in it and see the amazing work that he did. Good job buddy it looks really good. And mom I was so happy to hear about your race!! Congrats!! You did such a good job! I’m sure it was very hard and tiring but you did an incredible job! I’m so proud of you....thanks for sending some pictures. Also that’s so cool to hear about all your job interviews....you are so blessed to receive a lot of job interviews. I know Heavenly Father is blessing our family! I will be praying that you get a job soon! Wow so many things are happening with the family right now! Jazzi and Zoe! Awe I miss them so much. I wonder if they even remember me or if they think that I died! haha....we'll have to see what happens when I get home.

WOW Ryan graduated from Seminary!! Yay! I’m so happy for him! Good job man that’s amazing. And then he’s going on Heritage Tours....you'll love is so much. And Kaylee gave a talk....Good job I’m sure it was a little scary but I’m sure you did amazing. I wish I could have been there to hear you give it. Tell all the family hi for me and tell them I love them all!! I can’t believe Ryan is graduating from high school so soon! You'll have to take a lot of pictures so I can see! This is the one of the sad things...I miss all the moments like this...oh well.

Dad I loved reading about when me and Ryan were younger and did all those funny things. I felt so good reading those and just taking in all the memories. I’m sure it’s sometimes hard to watch us grow up so fast but really cool to see where our life is taking us. I love life so much.

Well Jami and Kaylee I love you both. Have a great week okay!
I love you all mom, dad, and Ryan!
I will keep you all in my prayers every night! I hope you do the same!
Thank you for everything....
Your son, and brother....
Elder Tyler Paul Kitchen

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  1. To Elder Kitchen.... I know you will receive this because your heart is in the right place. I hope you are doing well, and thank you for sending somebody to see my Aunt, I am truly grateful and miss you heaps. Arohanui Maata Edwards


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