Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Family!

Kia Ora Fano!! It means Hello Family! How are you all doing this week? I’m glad we got to e mail. Sorry it took so long today. It’s a holiday today so the shops were closed and didn’t open until later today. We went and explored some really cool sties in Whangarei this morning and afternoon. We went to a cave!! Wow it was SO cool. We went deep down inside of this cave and we walked pretty far into it. It was pitch black and you couldn’t see a thing. We had lights though. There was some water in it too. It was so cool because when you turned off all the lights and looked up you could see all these glow worms!! It was beautiful...it looked like glowing stars!! It was a really cool experience. We then got to a huge room in the cave and we started singing church hymns and stuff and it echoed and sounded really cool!! It just keeps on raining and raining today. I have a feeling it’s going to rain a lot up here during winter...I’m not excited because we're on the bike. Ohhhh boy!! hahaha

Thanks for forwarding that letter from the sister in my last ward. She is a recent convert.... (I didn’t baptize her) she moved into my last ward in Rotorua. She is a really cool lady...I’ll make sure someone goes and visits her aunt! Maybe you could reply somehow and tell her I will make sure I do that...I don’t know how though. You also said something like she wrote that before I knew I was going to Whangarei....how does that work?? Weird! Oh and I wrote Jami. Tell her I’m so sorry...I was meaning to write her back and then just spaced it...sometimes I forget. But I did this week.

Happy Easter everyone!! I’m sure you had a great holiday. What a wonderful time to remember our saviors life, atonement, resurrection, and give thanks to our Heavenly Father. Oh and I loved the package!! I got it so thank you so very much. Wow it was a wonderful package....mom seriously your such an incredible person. You do so much and spend so much time I’m sure making it special. The thing I love about it the most is it came from you. I love the cereal too!! I’ve already eaten a lot of them! And the chips and all the yummy candy. I love the mini chocolate eggs....there my favorite!! And I’m so glad there were peeps in there. I love them...thanks again I love it. It’s crazy how much I miss the American stuff sometimes. They don’t have the same kind of stuff here. What did you all do for Easter? Sounds fun that our cousins are up here. Tell them all hi for me! :) did Kylie come up? Are you doing anything special?

Yup so we had transfers last Thursday. Elder Daniels got transferred to North Auckland. My new companion is Elder Naicker!!! He was in my last district down in Rotorua. He is from Fiji and is a Fijian Indian!! He is really really awesome. I was so happy when I heard he was going to be my companion. It was great to see him again. He is a great missionary and works really hard. We have already seen a lot of success. He is a convert to the church and has a very strong testimony. His big brother also served a mission and just got married in the Fiji Temple. We laugh a lot together....he is very funny. Guess what....some of my district got transferred too. Elder Atkin left and then elder Gonda came from Reno Nevada. And then sister Mouata left and then sister Sididomrong (I think that’s how you spell it) came. GUESS WHAT?! She is from Thailand!! Cool eh?! The same place where the Pugmires foreign exchange student is from and the convert in our ward. She is also a convert to the church. She is great and I’ll have to tell you more about her later.

Well a little about our week. We ended up not having the baptism of Naina. It’s a long story.... but we should have a lot of baptisms coming up in May! I’m excited. We have 4 people set for May so far. We had this really cool Stake musical Easter program. The church members sang in a beautiful choir and sang all about Jesus' last week and his resurrection. It was so powerful and brought the spirit very strong. It was a missionary thing...they invited a lot of non members and we had a lot of investigators there. After the program we had pamphlets and answered peoples questions and did our missionary work. We got some referrals it was great!

That is so cool about Tyler downing and Megan Stucki....I knew they would get married!! And that’s really cool mom about the Thai land kid and girl. I hope she gets interested and wants to learn about the gospel. I’m so glad he wants to serve a mission too that’s awesome. I wish I could have met her too....tell her there’s a girl from Thai land that I’m serving with her in New Zealand. OH my!! Dad I absolutely loved your e mail you sent me!! I was laughing my head off!! I showed all my district and missionaries and they were laughing too. That’s hilarious....wow the experiences you have on your mission. I loved reading those stories...you should send more. I thought the one about the dishes was funny too. I wish I could write more about it but I got to go....Thanks so much dad for your e mail. I loved reading about your experiences on your mission.

I love you all so very much. And I hope you have a great Easter! May God bless you all!
Love Elder Kitchen

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