Happy heart day

Happy heart day
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Monday, December 17, 2012

¿Que Hacen? (greeting unique to Atexcac...doesn´t make much sense literally)  December 3, 2012

Hey hey everybody! How´d the week go? We had a really good week! Looks like you guys are working hard and having fun too, so that´s good. So am I :) That´s cool you got to go hunting again Dad. Sounded like you and your girlfriend Kit had a good time with Nate and the guys. haha. To answer your question, no we haven´t had a zone conference yet, but we have had what is calling a zone meeting, which to me seems like the same thing. I have had a few experiences with my zone already. Also, my knee is doing really well. I make sure to do my hamstring workouts every morning when I work out, so it should be nice and strong to jump cliffs in Park City when I get home ;) Anyway Mom sounds like you guys had a good time up in Salt Lake at the Christmas Devotional. I enjoyed both the pictures that you sent. Keep ém comin. And yeah we didn´t get to see the Devotional here, and even if we did it would have been in Spanish, so it would have taken my full focus to understand it all. I feel like as long as I´m not distracted (like eating or something) and that I´m putting my full focus in to what people are saying, I can pretty much understand everything. Almost. There are times when I don´t, and it gets frustrating because I really want to be able to. As far as speaking, that is coming a little slower than the understanding (which is normal I´ve been told) but I´m pretty much able to roughly communicate anything that I want to say. It just depends on the context really. We have a new District Leader Elder Matt from Park City who has 21 months in the mission, and Elder Tinoco says that I have a better accent than him already. So that makes me feel good. Oh and as far as reading, if it´s in PMG I understand pretty much everything I´m reading. Scriptures...not as well, but I still understand. I´m almost done with 2 Nephi in B.O.M in Spanish. Yeah the Isiah chapters? Didn´t understand hardly anything in Spanish haha. Anyway...to answer your question Mom Nealtican is just like a bigger version of Atexcac. A pueblitio. It´s about 20 minutes away. We are in the Nealtican Norte stake, and some of our zone is there too. There is actually 2 stakes in Nealtican and Atexcac which is a ton of members. They call it a pueblito version of Utah haha because of all the members.

So I´ll tell you a bit about the work and how my week went. There is a ton that happened, so I probably won´t be able to write it all. As for our new investigator Christina, she isn´t progressing because we weren´t able to see her this week either. We´ll keep working with her. Our prayers are really starting to be answered though. We should be able to teach and get new investigators with some of the contacts I told you about last week. We set up appts. with a girl named Anita, her sister and cousin, and also with someone named Adrian. It didn´t work out this week, but they look promising. They are good references and their whole families aren´t members. Other than that we have 2 other investigators that we are working with. One is named Adán who is new from last night (Sundays are the best days here). We taught him and he wants to hear more. Also I´ve got to tell you about our progressing investigator Dolores. He is like 34 years old and works with sheep. He has totally been prepared by the Lord to receive the Restored Gospel. We have already taught him the first 2 lessons and he has a baptism date for the 15th of Dec! If it all works out then the confirmation will be on the birthday the 16th cool huh?! He is so willing and already has really strong beliefs. Here is a quick bio of his story: both his parents have died, one from alcohol related issues. He used to have a drinking problem too, but he had an experience (I don't know when) where he made a promise to God that he would never drink again. Very recently he had a dream of our church (don't know the details) so the very next Sunday, like a couple weeks ago he just showed up at church all by himself. Cool huh. He told us he already received an answer from God that the Book of Mormon is true and he already believes. He was talking about wanted to be baptized before we even committed him to a date haha he is awesome. We´re excited for him.

Well I better go. I hope this week goes really well for all of you. I hope that school is treating you all well, and that work is good for you Dad. Has Tyler moved back in yet? How is everything coming along for the BYU-H? I hope you are all enjoying the holidays. Tell all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that I miss em and happy holidays. Everything's is going good here. Until next week, Love you guys

Con Amor
Elder Kitchen

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