Happy heart day

Happy heart day
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Faka Lofa Lahi Atu!

July 24, 2011

Heeeeeyyy!! How is everyone doing?! Sounds like everyone had a really great time at the trip to Bear Lake! I’m glad everyone is doing great! Thanks for the e mail. I’m glad that Ryan loved my letter I wrote him. Everything what I said I meant it a lot. I also took some time today to write Ashley a letter. Well I had just an incredible week! Wow the life of a zone leader is a lot different than a normal missionary....well not that much but a little.

We have a lot more responsibility. We also have to account to the Assistants to the President about how well the Zone is doing. That is one thing I would love if all of you could add in your prayers. To pray for the Harbour/Henderson Zone, all the missionaries and people that are set for baptism this month. We have so much potential and we are so close to saving a lot of souls but we need all the help from Heavenly Father that we can get. This week I have been relying on the Lord so much. We as Zone Leaders go on a lot of trade offs with the other missionaries in our zone. And I know I need the Lords help to help us have many miracles. We did have so many miracles from the Lord this week!

I will tell you a little about the zone: So there is me and my companion Elder Chandler (ZL) and there are two districts. They cover Henderson (Which is west Auckland) and the North Shore and Walkworth. (which is North Auckland.) So they are pretty big areas with a lot of people! In the Henderson Zone there are 5 companionships including us. And in the other zone there are 4 companionships including the Assistants to the President, but they don’t report to us really. They are in the mission office a lot and are extremely busy. The missionaries in the Zone are just wonderful. They all work really hard and know how to exercise their faith in Jesus Christ. The District Leader in Henderson is named Elder Espino (from Australia) and his companion Elder Tomasi (from Australia). Then there is Elder Middleton (from Oregon he is a very recent convert, got baptized about a year and half ago. He got baptized and then had to wait one year and then he is on a mission!) His companion is named Elder Finau (from Lehi Utah he came out the same time as me). Then there is Elder Uthi from Samoa and his companion Elder Whipple from Nevada. Then there is Sister Mahas from Utah and her companion is Sister Mouata (from Kitibas islands) She was in my district in Whangarei. And then they just got another companion because they are in a 3 some right now. She is Sister Sitthidomrong from Thai land. She was also in my last district. In the Harbour District there is Elder Ales from California (District Leader). He was in my district in Rotorua. Then Elder Pohahou from Tonga. Then there is Elder Valupe from Tonga and his companion Elder Tokealau (from Australia). And then Elder Abegg from Utah and his companion Elder Ji from China. They are in the Chinese Speaking program! Well that is the Zone!

Well a little about last week: We played Rugby Touch last Monday. Wednesday and Thursday I went on tradeoffs with some Elders. We worked so hard and we witnessed so many miracles. We were able to set investigators with a baptism date both days. We have been working with this investigator named Jerry. He is so cool. He is 19 years old and he is getting baptized this Saturday! He is totally changing his life. We also were led by a member referral to this really nice Maori lady and we had an incredible lesson on the Restoration. We set her for baptism on the very first lesson and she came to church too! Her goal is to get baptized on the 13 of August. We also were lead to this choice family from the Solomon Islands. We had a lesson with her whole family, her and her children. We taught a very powerful restoration lesson and we asked them to be baptized. They said they would if they found out the Book of Mormon was true. We have been blessed so much this week. I have felt the spirit so much and I just love it. We were able to attend a baptism of some elders in our district and it was amazing!

Well we have a car and we have to drive around a lot sometimes to help all the missionaries in our zone. We get to go to the mission office sometimes to get supplies and we have a lot more interaction with President Lekias!

Well I wanted to write more and also answer some things to your e mail but I got to go now....I’m sorry. You’re the best! I love you all so much.
Love ELDER Kitchen

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