Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I got behind posting letters, this one was written April 3

Dear Kitchen Family!

Well how are you all doing this fine April Day!! Can you believe its already April....wow crazy!! Next month I turn 21 years old!! Wow I'm getting older and older....its weird. And its weird to think that all you guys are getting even older...including you dad hahaha just kidding! But the pictures you sent me were really good! I liked them and all of you look really nice! Kaylee and Jami are growing up so fast and they are no longer little annoying girls anymore. I'm excited to see them in person. I miss you guys a lot. Ryan looks like he's having a blast doing the house. I cant wait to go to the house when I get home. That's cool ehh that we both did that class. I miss it. it was really fun. Wow I really try not to think about life before my mission and stuff. Well at times I just love remembering everything but other times it just gets me really sad because I miss things. But life moves on and greater things are ahead of us.

That is awesome you guys already get to watch general conference. Because we live clear in New Zealand we don't get to watch it until this weekend! I'm really excited though. Man that made me think of some really good memories when you talked about conference at Grandpas church dad. That makes me feel very good and happy that Grandpa prayed for me. I love them so very much. I miss Grandpa and Grandma so much and cant wait to be able to see them again. Wow its snowing Still WOW crazy!! its starting to get a little chilly just at nights and in the mornings and stuff. But yeah it rains all the time and we get soaked while riding our bikes everywhere. I'm really sad to hear about Kaylee's arm and stuff. And mom that you cut your leg really bad. Man I'm so sorry that happened and I cant believe you had to get stitches...wow everyone is getting hurt...I'm going to have to pray for you guys more! haha :)

St George will be fun for you guys to go down too. I loved reading the letters from Krissy, Jessie, Ryan, and Kaylee! I cant e mail all of them back. I will try and find some time to do that next week. For some reason they all left really early and I'm going to have to get off soon. Sorry about that. But wow I have to say that is SO weird to think that Lynn Anderson and Paulette are dating!! HAHA wow I would have never thought of that one! What if he becomes my uncle hahahaha!! That's hilarious!! Sounds like you'll all had a blast skiing and doing all of that! Sorry this letter was really short and boring....Hopefully it will be better next week. I miss and love all of you so very much! My week was great and we're just working really hard. We have been able to witness a lot of miracles again and see the hand of the Lord in his work. I know this is Gods work and not ours. I see so many miracles and experiences where I just know it. I love you all so very much and think and pray for you all the time!! Until next week be safe and please everyone be careful and get better from all your injuries. haha

Love Elder Kitchen

PS. This morning we made pancakes...awww it was SO good. I haven't had those in a long time! I miss your pancakes mom...awe I miss So much of your food and cooking and I miss a lot of Americas food! Oh yeah a couple of days ago I had Captain Crunch (a missionary got it sent from home) and oh boy I absolutely LOVED it! The cereal over here is not good compared to American. I cant wait to eat your food again mom! Love ya!!

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