Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hey Dad, mom, Ryan, Jami, and Kaylee!! How are you all doing this great week?? I cant believe it is still snowing...I guess it makes sense because it is still pretty warm where I am but I think that its because I'm clear up north and its warmer up here. Its funny ehhh how I always get sent to the warmest part of our mission during winter. Niue last winter which is the hottest part of our mission and now up north which is the warmest part of the north island of New Zealand!! It was great to read all your e mails. Susan also wrote me an e mail and it was nice to hear from her! I was wondering can Krissy, Kylie, Issac, Mandy, and maybe Nick (if he can) write me an e mail. Like some of the cousins my age? Haha if they can't or whatever that's okay but I would love to hear from them. Samantha wrote me and it was great to hear from her. I want to hear from Ryan too! As always I LOVE Pictures!! I'll try and send some this week too...if I have time of course :) anyways....sounds like everyone is doing great!! I loved the picture of Ryan and his date. She is really good looking. What is her name again. Sounds like they had a blast at the dance. Wow that's really cool they went to some hot springs! There was so many of those around me in Rotorua but we couldn't get into any of them!! It's crazy to think that it's Ryan's very last date dance in high school....I can't believe how fast time is flying. Some times I miss those old times when we were younger when I was still in high school. I have so many wonderful memories of my life that I hold dear too. But in other ways its great that time is going forward. But we are all growing up so fast...especially me and Ryan. Its so weird to me that I'm on a mission and Ryan is gradating from high school, Jami is almost driving, and Kaylee is also just getting so old like almost in high school! WOW crazy!! Sometimes I wish I could be there to experience it all with you guys but its alright I'm where the Lord wants me to be. This past week and every week my desire to serve and save souls is increasing all the time. I just want to do everything I can to help other people receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! Oh yeah guess what dad, I met an elder named Elder Christiansen. I guess he know someone you work with and also Elizabeth. He just said hello. And I had another crazy experience too. Last night we were over eating at these members in our ward, they are a older couple. They live out in the beautiful country side of New Zealand. They drove us out to their house. They live on a ranch and stuff. They have an apple orchard and they had us pick a lot of apples off their tree so we could take them home to eat. Anyways we got talking and mom your going to think this is so cool. They know Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth!! They met them when they were on their missions in New Zealand. You should some how tell Grandma and Grandpa...or let me know how I can contact them. Their names are Harris and Jean Shortland. I guess during Christmas time a couple of years ago they lived in Tolaga Bay. Grandpa and Grandma were at the Tolaga Bay Chapel (Pres. Hindmarsh is the branch pres.) Brother and Sister Shortland asked grandma and grandpa if they wanted to spend Christmas with their family. But they said they had family in New Zealand who they were going with (Susan and Jason when they were visiting here) Cool ehhh! You should ask grandpa and grandma if they know them!! This past week was great! Leadership training was jut amazing in every way! Our district is just doing really good and we are saving a lot of souls. We went out to a little town we cover called Portland New Zealand. It was beautiful out there. We did some good missionary work. We had a really great lesson with this one investigator!! We have found 9 new investigators this week! What a miracle. We are excited to help them progress into the waters of baptism! I'm glad to hear Ryan is planning on going to college before he leaves that will be really good. I wish I could be there for his graduation. When is he graduating? It sounds like you and mom had a great time skiing and had a great dinner. Its so weird to think about snow..I haven't seen it in such a long time! I'm glad both of you get to have some fun and spend some time together. Good job Kaylee on your soccer game!! WOW that's awesome you score a goal! You're really good! Maybe if you keep playing you can play in high school, then college, then PRO!! haha. I'm glad to hear Jami made to golf team too. That's great! Thank you for all those experiences you wrote about your mission and all that good advice. It really helped and I will do some of the things you did, many, we do already and it's cool to know you were a leader too. I love reading stuff about your mission. Guess what I have to call each companionship in my district every single night! I have SO much to do that's why I'm so busy...I never have time to do anything...literally. Mom I loved your e mail, that's awesome you guys got to go to that young women's thing. I'm sure it was a great experience. I wish I could e mail more but I got to go pretty soon. When I get off my mission I want to go to SLC and do all the church things again, like temple square and everything. I want to go to all the temples around Utah too! I'm glad you finished your teaching and you did a good job. Congrats!! WOW everything is going to be different around there when I get home, with all of the construction and bridges! Well I love you so much everyone. Love Elder Kitchen

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