Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Family!

Again like always I was so excited to get your e mails. I am very happy to hear some of the things you've been up and that your all safe, happy, and well. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for our wonderful family. What a blessing we have to have us as a family. Man I just love you guys very much. The weeks just come and go so fast sometimes. I'm excited because we have some fun things planned for todays P-day. Last P-day we weren't able to go fishing but we did go miniature golfing. It was an absolute Blast! We had so much fun and made it a big competition. We are planning on going again today but at another mini golf course. We also want to go fishing today if we can so I'm excited! My week was really good this week and things are just keep improving every week.

Dad it was fun to read that your out skiing away in Colorado. I miss snowboarding I will have to admit. Its just hard for me to think its snowing over there right now because its so hot here. I literally haven't felt or touched snow the whole time on my mission. I haven't even really seen it but once. It was when I went down to Tapo and clear off in the distance we could see this very big mountain that had some snow at the very top. Its a lot different then where we live. Wow we have to come back to New Zealand as a family and if we do we have to come to Rotorua...because I've served here for almost 6 months and also there is some really cool stuff to do here. I was looking at the brouchers and at the sites at this info place and there's HEAPS to do. Some members from America were also telling us that they went river rafting and it was the best river they've ever been down. Us as missionaries aren't allowed to do anything like that at all. I would love to come here again someday after my mission so I can just experience New Zealand not as a missionary.

James sent me some pictures of his mission and it looks like he has had some baptisms! It is amazing to read all his stories and experiences hes having on his mission. And I'm sure all my other friends are having similar experiences and miracles. Wow I just love hearing about the work of God cover the earth and we are bringing in Gods elect and prepared children to receive the fullness of the gospel. Right now we have 4 investigators set with a baptismal date for this month. We have been working extra hard and qualifying completely for the Lords miracles. I really do feel that my faith is increasing everyday. I've seen when we truly ask God something and we have faith that he will bless us with it then he will. Do you remember Pargat. Well the only reason why he wasn't getting baptized is because rejection from his family back in India. Well the spirit was so strong during our last lesson and we set him for baptism for this Friday! He said yes and he knows this is the right thing to do. Wow I know that that miracle was only possible because of Heavenly Father. Aroha and Helena are getting baptized this Saturday and Judy is getting baptized next Saturday. It is something extraordinary and priceless to watch our brother and sisters find, receive, and join the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well one of the elders in my District got chicken pox. Elder Afa from Tonga got it. I'm glad I've had it before because otherwise I would probably have them by now. President Porter is coming to Rotorua tomorrow for interviews and for our district meeting. And I'm the district leader....I'm kinda nervous because I'm doing district meeting. Not that much happened this week besides just working our butt off in missionary work.

Well Family I love each and everyone of you. I miss ya like crazy but I know your all doing great. We'll have to do some fun things when I get back and you'll have to update me on everything I missed. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for our family. Well have a great week.

Love Elder Kitchen

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