Happy heart day

Happy heart day
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kia Ora Family!

How are the Kitchen Family all doing?! Wow it is crazy it is almost Christmas again! I remember last year I was on my mission and I was a brand new missionary! I cant believe time has gone SO fast since then. Well here in New Zealand it doesn't really feel all that much like Christmas. They don't put a big deal in it like we do. But we are singing Christmas songs for our investigators when we have lessons with them. We are also doing this media referral campaign called Joy to the World. Its a free Christmas DVD that people order from watching an ad on TV and then we go deliver it to them and try to enter in so we can teach them the message of the Restoration.

I got your Christmas package already but I haven't opened some of it. I did open the box though. Oh man that picture was something else. I laughed my head off. What the heck me and Cameron looked absolutely crazy! I showed my companion and some other missionaries and they just bust up laughing! Wow I'm sure Jami had a fun time doing that...I can just imagine her laughing her head off as she did that. I also just wanted to say Thank you so much for all the stuff. I loved it. I am going to wait until opening the wrapped stuff until Christmas! But one thing I laughed was that Mom I think you forgot and only put one of the shoes inside the package. I only have one of the shoes!

Mom it sounds like your really busy doing your school and field work. That's going to be great when you get a job as a full time teacher. Your always such a great worker. I enjoyed hearing you bore your testimony. I love bearing my testimony now...I like always go up when its fast and testimony week. I'm so glad I can be serving the Lord so you guys can receive blessings and be able to be happy. It makes me so happy to know your all so strong in the gospel and that your all happy, healthy and well.

My week went really good. Last P-day was really fun. We got to go mountain biking through the red wood forest. There is this really awesome red wood forest in Rotorua and there are these Huge trees and beautiful mountain sides. Our district went up the mountain path and then went on some mountain bike trails. It was a blast! It was so fun to go down the mountain and go on the cool trails. I was going hard out that I fell off my bike one time. I decided to slow up a lot because I'm a missionary. But it was really fun and beautiful to see of the great scenery. Dad we have to go sometime because its so fun and they have some really great trails to go on.

Ive been traveling a lot this week. I went to Tokoroa for a district meeting this past week. And then I went up to Auckland for a leadership training. It was just wonderful. I worked in Auckland on Wednesday with some missionaries up there while the zone leaders went to their training with the mission President. Then on Thursday we had leadership training with all the District leaders, zone leaders, and trainers in the mission. It was really good and I learned SO much. Wow the spirit is always just so strong and your testimony always increases every time. On Saturday we had a baptism. Corban decided he wanted to be baptized this past weekend. He asked me to baptize him. Wow it was an amazing experience I'll never forget. He was so happy after he came out of the water. It was a great baptism. Church was also great and we saw a lot of miracles this week. We found 5 new investigators and people to start teaching the gospel too. Phillipa and Pargat are ready to get baptized next week. They are both amazing and they have such strong testimonies of the gospel. My experience as a district leader is very rewarding but a lot of hard work. It is sometimes a little stressful but I just ask the Lord to help me have complete faith. My testimony has strengthened so much and I've learned a lot since I've been a district leader.

Wow I cant believe you guys went snowboarding that is awesome. I guess its that time of year again. That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad that Nicolas is enjoying the MTC that makes me really happy. I can still remember when I was in there. I loved the MTC. Wow that really seems like a long time ago. I'm glad Grandpa and Grandma are serving another mission I know I will be blessed because of their service. I got a letter from Grandpa Kitchen. It was really nice and I loved reading it.

I was excited to read the missionaries asked you to do missionary work. We have been working with the members to do their missionary work also. Really just pray to Heavenly Father and ask who you can share the gospel with. I know there is a lot of people that you can. And yes that sounds like a great idea to invite the Ver Steegs to my homecoming...I was surprised to read Taylor Judd and Cade Hill are already home from their missions. WOW time went by SO fast! Tell them hello for me! And I was surprised to hear Ryan maybe is thinking about going to College. That's awesome. When is he thinking about serving his mission??

Dad you asked me how the ward is. They are really nice and I love them. I always love every ward I serve in. That's one of the things I will miss so much about my mission, the people. I absolutely love the Maori people so much. And the Niuean people. I'm sure you loved the people of your mission too. My companion is great. I know when your doing the Lords work you just show Christ-like love to them.

Well I'm going to try and send some pictures to you guys. I just want you to know Mom that I absolutely love you so much. Your an incredible person and I admire you so much. Thank you for everything you've done for me. I truly miss you heaps and heaps. Please just let me know if there's anything I can do for you. Dad I also just love ya so much and I'm so excited someday we will be chillin' again going golfing fishing hunting and just all the other fun stuff. I'm grateful for your faithful example to me. I'm so thankful for how you raised me and supported me in everything I did. Your a wonderful dad and I couldn't ask for anyone better. I love all our family. May Heavenly Father bless you all so much. Please be safe this winter. Until next week...

Love Elder Kitchen

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