Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

¡Mi Familia!                                                                                               October 22, 2012
Hey whats up everybody? Yes I am alive and well :) WOW I have so much to tell you, but I don´t think I will have enough time to tell you everything that has happened this week (the most different week of my whole life). So, as you know I landed okay in Puebla, but I wasn´t able to write you at the misson home. I had to wait until my P-day. We met the APs and Pres. Reeves and his wife in the airport when we finally arrived. Ha we flew in the smallest airplane I´ve ever been in. We then took the 45 min. journey out to the mission home (the most interesting drive of my life) where we talked and ate a quick meal with the Pres. and wife. By the time we got to bed it was like 12:45! Anyway in the morning almost the whole mission met at a chapel in the main city of Puebla for changes where the new missionaires (me) would meet our trainers. My trainer´s name is Elder Tinoco, a native from Durango, and he is awesome. Luckily he can speak english pretty dang good too. I don´t know what I´d do if you couldn´t speak english. I´m blessed because a couple of new Elders got put with trainers that can´t speak english only spanish. Anyway right after the change meeting we threw my bags in the back of the bishop´s truck from our area and we headed out. The mission is bigger then I thought. From the mission home our boundaries go 6 hours south and about 4 hours north! We made a 2 hour trip south of Puebla city to our area which is called Atexcac way up in the mountains of Puebla! Guys. hahaha it is nuts up here!! In a  good way though. It´s just so so so different from anything I´ve ever experienced or been to. They call areas like this the pueblos. It pretty much just means in the STICKS haha. Their way of live here is so crazy different. As you can see in the pictures we are way up by the volcano called Popo, its awesome and we live pretty close to it. The work is kinda slow up here, but we are working with a whole ward of about 100 people its awesome and I loved church. Our area is actually really small. This area we do a lot of service and member work. We actually have 4 investigators right now though. I´ll have to tell you more about them later because I don´t have any time left sorry. Well just a quick visual: people live in concrete huts with hardly nothing. Í have been so humbled already. There are millions of crazy dogs that run around. Ah I wish I had more time!! I have experiened so much this week already. Just two quick stories: One we went to teach a lesson to a recent convert named Bentura. When we got to his home he had to do some more work in his field so we helped. We got a wheelbarrow, a sickel, and a machette and went to town cutting down cornstalks. That was my second day ha. Another. Yesterday (sunday) we went for our usual lunch appt that we have everyday with a member and quess what it was? Its called mole de pansa which is cow intestine and cow stomach!! Awww it was crazy I can´t believe I ate it. The languge is really hard...The first couple of days I couln´t understand anything anyone was saying becuase they talk so dang fast! But its getting better and I have faith. I´m well and happy and I hope all of you are too. I love the gospel and I know it´s true. Don´t worry I will share more next week. Pictures: 1 popo 2 Atexcac 3 Mission home
I love you all so much!! Don´t worry about me I´m doing great
Con Amor
Elder Kitchen

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