Happy heart day

Happy heart day
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kia Ora! Whanau! Kei te pehea koe?

Haha it means Hello family! How are you? In Maori language.
Well first things first because I know how you guys are about worrying....I heard about the earth quake in Japan....its very sad. Its pretty scary all the natural disasters happening throughout the world..there is SO many that have happened since I've been on my mission. It definitely is the signs of the times. Its so important for us to be righteous in keeping the commandments. We did have a Tsunami watch in NZ and I think the very tip of the north island got hit a tiny bit but nothing bad at all. I am doing very good and safe. But guess what?!?! I got transferred!! YAY!! President Porter sent me right past Auckland and UP NORTH to WHANGAREI !!! it is clear up north in the country past Auckland. Whangarei is pronounced (Fang-arei), the wh in Maori makes the sound of an F. Haha Cool eh? I'm very excited to be up here and experience the beautiful country of northern New Zealand. The funny thing is I cant believe I've still never served in Auckland. That is very unusual for the amount of time I've been on my mission. Most missionaries serve a lot or at least some of their mission in the city. I don't really mind...I would like to serve there someday and experience serving in the big city but I love the country. President Porter said I'm a very powerful missionary out in the country and that's where the Lord wants me to be. It is very nice up here and I'm enjoying being here. I got here last Thursday. This is my first P day here. My companion's name is Elder Daniels! He is from Elko Nevada in the U.S. He has been out for about 5 months on his mission. He is really nice, cool, and we get a long SO well. He is a hard worker and he is a great missionary. He is tall and skinny just like me. I'm excited to work with him. My zone leaders are Elder Aldridge and Elder Wingenton. I am still the District Leader up here. I have 5 companion ships in my district including our companionship. There are two more companion ships than in my last district. There is me and my companion Elder Daniels, then Elder Atkin and Elder Tokay, and then Elder Davis and Elder Hussain, and then there is a companionship of sister missionaries in my district. They are so nice and it is a blessing to be able to work around sister missionaries. There names are sister Hafoka and sister Mouata. And then the last companionship in my district are the zone leaders. WOW I have a huge district to supervise, help, lift, and encourage. I feel very blessed by the Lord to do so but I'm a little nervous. The Elders and sisters in my district are from around the world. Only one other elder and myself are from Utah. The rest are from different parts of the world. Elder Daniels is from Nevada, Elder Atkin is from Oaklahoma, Elder Toka is from Vanautu (island in Pacific), Elder Davis is from Utah, Elder Hussian was born in Fiji but lives is Australia, Sister Hafoka is from Hawaii, Sister Mouata is from the islands of Kitibus (spelling is wrong in a lot of these) Elder Alridge is from Virginia and elder Wingenton is from California. I am so excited to work around these wonderful elders and sisters. I love it here. There is miracles happening all the time and the district is doing SO good. We are baptizing a lot of people and miracles are happening.

Well I'm serving in the Whangarei 3rd ward. Guess what I am on a bike again.... :( so I lost my car....ugh, its alright though). And guess what we have SUCH a hilly area! Our area is basically on two huge hills. So we have to bike up and down hills all day long. I get so tired at the end of the day. I know the Lord gives me strength because I cannot do it without Him. My legs are going to be big and strong by the time I leave here. We live right next to some members. The ward seems really cool. I only met some of them at church last Sunday. The flat is nice and an average size. There is an apple tree right outside our flat...oh guess what mom, I absolutely LOVE eating fruit now!! Almost any kind of fruit, it doesn't matter what it is, I'll eat it. I love it! I love eating the apples right outside our flat. Its like a treat for me. I cant believe I never ate our apples from out tree. I'm so dumb for not doing that. when I get home I'll eat a lot of apples. I'm telling ya guys you'll be surprised how I'm not a picky eater at all anymore! We are in downtown Whangarei now emailing. Its in the other elders area and they pick us up with there car. Its nice to work around other missionaries. I'm grateful I am starting to get to know a lot more missionaries. I love our investigators in this area too. We have two investigators set for baptism. Kevin and Haden. They are both in the upper 20's and they are awesome. We would more than love it if you pray for them and that all their concerns will go away so they can be baptized at the end of this month. Whangarei is really close the ocean. I can sometimes see it when we are up on the hills. I guess we cover another town outside the city and its right next to the ocean so that'll be cool to go to. The district has a lot of baptisms coming up and I will be the one to interview them all. This leadership position is making me stretch and become a better person. Aww I absolutely love the Lord Jesus Christ and I'm so thankful for everything He has done for me. Transfers were so great. I got to see a lot of my old companions including Elder Sessions. He is down in Hamilton again but this time is he a zone leader. It was also cool to see all the new missionaries come in and have to stand in the middle of the huge circle of missionaries and shot where they were from, who their companion is and where they are going. I remember when I did that...it brings back memories.

It was sad to say goodbye to all the members and people in Rotorua and I'm going to miss that place. But I'm grateful that I was transferred...I was there for too long. It was really good though because I was able to say goodbye to a lot of the investigators, members, recent converts and everyone. The Bishop of the Tarawera ward (Bishop Wilson) said some very nice words to me and thanked me for all the hard work and things I've done for their ward. A lot of people said way nice things to me, we took photos, and said goodbye. I got emotional because I love the people. I just love the New Zealand people so very much. I'm going to and already do miss everyone that I've met on my mission. I really miss the people from Niue too. One experience that was really cool was the night before I left (when I was saying goodbye to everyone) I went up to the chapel and the first ward I was in (the Fairy Springs Ward) was having a ward council. I went inside the bishops office to say goodbye. There was a lot of people and it was so nice to see them again and say goodbye to all those members. We got to take a picture too.

Thank you for the pictures you sent last time. I liked them. Next Monday you should send more. Also you should tell some of the cousins and family to e mail me because it will be easier if I email some of them. I am going to try and do better and writing people here. Mom you were wondering if we got to see real kiwi birds. Yes that was what i was talking about. You can't see them very often over here because they are endangered. How are Jazzi and Zoe doing? I miss those dogs. Our member neighbors have a dog that always comes over and we pet her and shes so cute. Her name is Molly. Well I'm about really to go now. Thanks for everything family. I love you all so very much. Your the best and I miss everyone of you so much. I'll pray for you everyday. Tell everyone in the family I love them all to death and miss each and everyone of them. I miss all my family and friends so much. Take care and God bless everyone.

Love your son and brother, Elder Kitchen! :)

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