Happy heart day

Happy heart day
We love you too!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Elder Kitchen has been called to serve in NIUE!!!

Hello family! I hope you all are having a happy valentines day!! Yesterday was mine and it was great! I sure did get your package you sent me for Valentines Day! President Porter and his wife came to Hamilton on Friday and they gave it to me! Thank you SO much for sending me it. I was so excited to get the package, I wasn't expecting anything for Valentines Day so it was an awesome surprise! Mom you picked out really good candy!! They are my favorite flavors in both the skittles and star burst, and I love reeses and they don't have them here. Thanks for the gum and especially the letters. I loved reading each one of them. That was so sweet of you guys to write me individual letters and cards from each of you. Mom the card you and dad wrote me was very nice and it was sweet. Thank you so much. I love you all so much and I'm grateful I can be in the mission field and that the Lord is blessing you at this time. It seems around every holiday I get kinda home sick but I just have to remember its only two years and this is definitely where I'm supposed to be. I still miss home very much and I miss you guys the most and my friends.
Well I hope your having a blast in St.George!! That's awesome your down there enjoying the weather. I bet its a lot nicer than where we live. Well tell Grandpa and Grandma hello for me. I miss them a lot and I'm so glad I'm serving in the same place they got to serve. If they don't already know tell them I met the Loesi's son in Hamilton. He is so awesome and we are really close. I was going to meet his parents (Viliami and Vicki) but I guess they went on a mission to Tonga or Samoa (sorry I cant remember). And tell the Pugmires I love them all so much and miss them like crazy! I wish I could be there with you guys having fun with them, their family is crazy and they are the best. I miss them a lot. Tell Kylie I love her and miss her so much. Tell her sorry I haven't wrote her yet, I've been incredibly busy, she needs to write me to tell me all the things she has been up to.
Well I'm doing so good right now, this week has been So awesome!! First of all we didn't have the baptism because we postponed it to this Saturday! February 20, so I'm so excited because Shelly, Danielle, and Kiren are getting baptized. It is my first family to baptize. Its amazing and they are really excited. Oh yeah and we also set Graham for baptism on March 6!! Wow so we have 4 people set for baptism right now. We really are getting so many blessings its crazy. We had a lot of lessons as usual and we talked to 100 people on the street this week. We call them "preach by the ways." That's a lot considering we are always busy having lessons and everything. I had trade offs with one of the zone leaders on Tuesday! It was so awesome. I learned so much from him and we had some really cool experiences that day.
And yes Wednesday we finally moved into our new flat, it took us 3 hours to pack, clean, and organize everything to be ready to move, then we moved everything into the new flat. The whole moving process took us about 7 hours. The new flat is so much nicer!! It is way bigger than our old one and a lot nicer. We finally moved in all the way and we cleaned and organized all our furniture and stuff so the new flat looks really good. I love how it is actually in our area and we don't have to ride forever just to get to our area. Its really nice.
This week was really awesome and I had some amazing experiences but I have some REALLY AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!During my interview with President Porter he told me I am getting transferred!! AND GUESS WHAT?!?!
Can you believe that?! When he told me I was so incredibly shocked out of my mind and I was blown off my seat because I was so surprised!! There are like 230 missionaries in the New Zealand Auckland mission and only 2 at a time go to Niue island! He said my companion is already there and so I got picked out of 230 missionaries to go to Niue Island!!WOW I cant believe it, all the other missionaries told me it is their dream to go there and that I'm so lucky!! My mission president told me he was sending me there because he knows I'm exactly obedient and that he can trust me. He said he prayed really hard about this decision and this is where the Lord wants me to go. He told me that my companion is going to be a Tongan! He also said that I'm probably going to be out there for about 6 to 7 months!!!Can you believe this I'M GOING TO TO BE SERVING ON A TROPICAL ISLAND PARADISE OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN WITH JUST ME AND ONE OTHER MISSIONARY FOR 6 MONTHS!!!!!
Well let me tell you some things I know about Niue. It is really hot there!! It is right next to Tonga and close to Samoa!! He said I am probably going to get to wear grass skirts and sandals. It is a full on tropical island paradise. Its not very big at all and there are only like 1000 people on the whole island. Niue means coconut so there is A TON of coconut trees there. They said there is naturally grown pineapple, coconut, bananas, and all other kinds of tropical fruit there. They said you can just pick it off the tree and eat it. They said it is absolutely beautiful there and is extremely green. The food is so good. The people are extremely nice and full on islander people. I am probably going to be like the only white person there!!!
Wow my mission president said it is going to be a experience of a lifetime. It said it is going to be a completely culture shock and that I'm going to get more culture than I've ever had in my life. I'm going to live just like the islanders and probably going to do heaps of service. President Porter said they are going to love my bubbly personality and that is one of the reasons why he is sending me there. HE said I'm the perfect missionary to be going there and he knows exactly why Heavenly Father wants me to go there.
I seriously cant believe I'm going there! I am so excited!! It really is going to be a once and a life time opportunity!! Wow this is crazy! I know I will be able to e mail there. I'm going to take heaps of pictures and write A TON in my journal! He said he is planning on me flying out on Saturday February 27! It is like a 3 hour plan ride I heard but we'll see. Wow this is insane...he also said its going to be just like the movie the Other Side of Heaven!! You should watch that and think of me. That movie the missionary goes to Tonga I think and Niue is the island right next to it.
Wow I feel like I got another mission call. I wish I could talk to you guys on the phone about it. I'm so excited. This is seriously always been my dream to live on a tropical island paradise and just eat naturally grown tropical fruit right off the tree,and now I get to. I'm going to be there for a while. He said its different because we have no missionary leaders, no zone conference, no nothing, its just me and my companion in the middle of the pacific island. Well I wish I could type forever about this!!!
Well I'm going to send this e mail because I don't want it to get erased on accident. Okay. I will probably send other one. well I cant wait to hear what you guys think, Love Elder Kitchen

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